Russian Exhibitionist Standing Naked in the Median Shot At with Airsoft Gun from Car

Russian Exhibitionist Standing Naked in the Median Shot At with Airsoft Gun from Car

It just wouldn’t quite be Russia without some weirdness happening there.

This video shows an apparent exhibitionist standing naked in the median strip between opposing lanes of traffic on a divided highway at night. Don’t ask me why someone would walk all the way to a busy road and take all their clothes off just to stand there and stare at the shocked faces of the passing drivers, cause I really don’t know.

Obviously, the people filming the video took big time objection to his dangling penis and clenching ass crack, and decided to ruin his sexy moment. They took what I presume to be an airsoft gun (non-lethal sport gun used in games similar to paintball) and shot at the naked man from their car. Although non lethal, getting shot with those pellets hurts like a bitch, especially if you wear no clothes to soften the hits.

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  1. It’s a good job Kyle Reese didn’t land in Russia when he came through the time machine naked in the Terminator because they would have shot him in the cock and balls with an air rifle, leaving him unable to impregnate Sarah Connor and thus preventing his birth in the first place.

  2. PCP…..It’s one hell of a drug!!! As far as the airguns go, just like salsa…you’ve got your mild, medium, and Oh shit, that’s fucking hot!! mild airguns hurt just a little bit on bare skin, – medium gets your attention, the spicy hot will piss you off and will either pock mark your skin or break it.

  3. Just watched it again. Yep, either a high velocity paintball gun, or a higher velocity airgun. The time it took from sqeezing one off to the time he got hit says he got nailed with the good stuff….no rinky dink $20 airgun or paintball gun used there.

        1. German V2 here, outdated and inacurate, but with a sufficient payload and the people still tremble like a leaf in the presence of such might and glory…
          Btw the japs dont only censor their noodle, no, they also put final fantasy music in the porn, while the girl is taking a monsun of cum on her face. Horrifying.

  4. He just stood there like a statue of Stalin. It could have been worse he could have done the Harlem Shake or even worse started Twerking. Butt for arguments sake what are the chances his Butties let him out of the car did a U-turn came back and shot his ass to make a prank video ?

  5. What do Russian hooligans do when someone breaks the law? Do they call the police? No, they take a gun and use violence, breaking the law themselves. I don’t understand how anyone can live in evil Russia these days. Russians seem to have little soul.

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