Self Castration by Guy Transitioning to Female

Detesticulation on Public Bathroom Complete

Self Castration by Guy Transitioning to Female

Another edition of today’s Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore @blowupass, who cut off his ball to get on the path of benefiting from female privilege:

This is my castration. I am transitioning to female so I performed castration myself to save some money. I was wearing a diaper so I wouldn’t bleed all over my clothes. The orange part on the testicle is a hydrocele. I castrated myself in a public park bathroom in Tallahassee in the middle of the night when no one was around.

The results was they welded the bathroom doors shut and removed the electrical socket so no one would hang around the bathroom charging there phones. They didn’t want any body else getting a smart idea to do something stupid.

If you’re not harming anybody else, then to each their own, I guess. If this keeps your boat afloat, then so be it. Though it’s a bit of a drastic way to transition from utility to a princess:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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194 thoughts on “Self Castration by Guy Transitioning to Female”

          1. Congrats! now (s)he’ll make it up the MeToo ladder without sweat…
            The false victim (fictimhood) industry is the fastest growing in north america, so there is a bright future in losing balls

    1. @JadedCunt
      Exactly. I Just wish that i was there cause i could save It Even more money by using a 12 inch butcher knife to cut out a Cunt. I Would simply stab It Deep, and Hard where the Cunt-Hole Would Be, and then fuck-it Repeatedly with with a Billy-Bat for good measure. No Charge For Female Privileged.

    2. You sick bastardO,..,….b you’re cutting in the wrong spot dumbass ,
      Start 3″ below your right ear & GI down to your collarbone/& then back up to your other ear.!¡!!!!!, suicide is “Painless” just bleeping die already sfb (shit 4 brains))

          1. Last week I was working for a 75 year old women. It was 90° and 70% humidity. I said to my partner, “I’m sweating my balls off”. A second later, I heard the lady call up to me, “I didn’t know you had balls! ” I returned with, “not anymore, I sweated them off!” Cracked me up.

    1. I’ve tried this before although I didnt succeed in cutting my balls off… listen it doesnt hurt it’s a lie…you only think it does because of the area and you wouldnt try it…tell me pinch down on your balls, is it really that unbearable after a few seconds? No, its doable unless you’re a completely bitch

  1. Everything about this “guy’s” story us just so wrong. DIY surgery to save money? A public restroom? Florida? Everyone knows that if you are going to cut off your nuts, you do it in the panhandle, not the actual dick part of the U.S.

    1. Yeah, it seems odd to me too. The DIY surgery seems like a valid enough option for this type of procedure. From what I can gather, the eunoch and “nullo” community in the U.S. frequently uses questionable surgical procedures because they lack better options. I guess there are professionals that can legally help you cut your balls off if you think it’ll make you a woman, but there’s no help for the men who realize that they’ll still be men but for whatever reason will be happier men without balls.
      This though seems a little different. Why in a public restroom in the middle of the night? Why not in a relatively clean private restroom, spare room, kitchen, or anywhere else really? I (s)he just trying not to implicate the surgeon? If so, that’s very admirable.

      1. So she iced his balls down and castrated him and he laid there quietly like that?

        I had a vasectomy 20 years ago and I had to wait a week and not take any aspirin products because there are so many blood vessels down there the bleeding could be profuse on aspirin. Yeah, I get it’s a movie but an ill equipped young girl reading out of a book how to de-ball a man and he’s fine afterwards? I highly doubt it. Creepy shit though!! I’m getting divorced, makes me wanna never fucking date again!

          1. @illegalsmile55

            I have been single for like 8 years. Two unfaithful whores was enough for me. I can satisfy myself just fine and I don’t talk back. 😉

            I left the house at 6am yesterday and there was frost all over my car… I love the cooler weather. Last winter I put a pair of pants on one time… I’m always in shorts. 🙂

            How do you like the cooler weather?

  2. You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope – “Someday, my son will grow to be a man.” Well look at you now; a nutless crossdresser. I am sure this is going to go over well at christmas with the family. Freaks

  3. Question is did you take them home and sautee them up with some mushrooms and onions to save some more money from the grocery bill? I think so. Nothing like wounding yourself in a nasty public space. Balls already mentioned!

        1. He’s expanding to accommodate an array of festive cookie cutters in his asshole. He’ll be a hit at the faggot parade when he can shit out a snowman shaped sperm turd.

          1. Why would you want to be incontinent? I’m confused. I pee myself laughing at some comments here, it’s pain in the ass to have to go change my panties.
            Good luck with your endeavors, I don’t get it, but I don’t have to…. I guess.

          1. I know this comment, @blowupass you most likely won’t see as it’s been 4 mos since you’ve been here.

            My son is transgender (female to male), and as a mom, I feel so much pain and anguish knowing what you’ve had to endure just to make the body look like the woman you are. It may make me liberal in a more radical conservative site, but fuck it. I decided to comment anyway. My heart goes out to you.

        1. Since he’s weird I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it into something like a fucking amulet or talisman or some sort of lucky charm. I think the odds of him just discarding that is extremely low. It’s like giving birth. It’s his baby. He wants it out but it is still his. By the way, if I am not mistaken, he only took one testicle so one is left. What a fucking nutjob. Having no balls is weird but having one left is worse.

  4. It seems somebody fell for the liberal-feminist gender equality paradox.

    In the above, A man can never be equal to a woman but a woman can always be equal to a man hence why losing the balls and putting on a dress will not remove the male privilege they have assigned to you.

    To society and to the feminist you will always be a male without balls.

  5. Hate to tell you this man. You are NOT “transitioning” into being a female. You are a man. Still and forever will be. It’s just that you have cut your own bollocks off.
    If I cut my arms and legs off it does NOT mean I am “transitioning” into becoming a snake.
    Never confuse where you think you are… with where you actually are.
    Oh my.

      1. my link was brutal death metal from indonesia, its sick as fuck…

        job for a cowboy is deathcore… its alright but ive got about 500 BDM cds and 0 deathcore cds, to me its just a weaker version of the real thing…

        but, each to their own!

  6. I only approve of this because now this mans defective genes and insanity wont be passed down to any innocent children. Good on ya.

    Oh, and chopping off your balls doesnt make you a woman, just like dressing feminine doesnt make you a woman either, sorry to break it to you. Stay out of my gender, you have your own.

    Seek therapy, you obviously need it.

  7. I wonder what plan of action he has in case of infection. At some point, he’s going to have to see a doctor. I wonder what they’re going to say when they find out he did this himself. Seems a bit too risky to do this by yourself. If he goes to the doctor to finish transition and has any complications, they’re going to refer back to his decision to do this himself and possibly deny coverage of some treatments, if he has any. Whoever he is, he should post updates on his progress in the forums section.

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