Sexual Abuse of Female Corpses in Morgue

Sexual Abuse of Female Corpses in Morgue

Here’s a collection of alleged real morgue images of real female corpses getting some loving post mortem.

The pics show women being fucked anal as well as in the vagina, doing blow jobs, getting jizzed on and having objects inserted up their orifices.

It looks to me like most, if not all pics are of Asian women.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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304 thoughts on “Sexual Abuse of Female Corpses in Morgue”

    1. What I always thought about with boning a dead corpse is rigor mortis. Wouldn’t it be rough to gain access to the fun box?

      This mortician is dead set on raping the dead cause the living ones just give him that dead stare, like eww he is eye fucking my dead fun box

          1. @Doc Undy Nah, I’m just not used to seeing necrophilia on this website so this is kind of new not the concept of necrophilia, but you know I guess dead girls need love from the living I should know better.

      1. Timing is everything. Rigor begins to set in from roughly one hour after the moment of death, beginning with the body’s smallest muscles and progresses to the larger ones, such as on the limbs. The greatest degree of stiffening occurs around 6 hours after death.

        Eventually though, relaxation of the muscles begins, commencing in the smallest muscles up to the larger ones again. Depending on many factors, this can last up to several days and is commonly used to estimate time of death.

        To answer your particular query then, as the vagina is a muscular organ, it does indeed undergo stiffening. So taking those factors that I mentioned into account, will determine your degree of success. Good luck with your mission Jim if you should choose to accept it. As always, should you get caught doing this though, the agency will disavow any knowledge of you actions.

        1. Doc: Given your expertise , at what post mortem time would it be best to do cunnilingus? … Coitus? Personally, I am not into necrophilia, but my psycho cousin wants to know.
          P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day.

          1. In my learned professional opinion, your question involves certain mission critical components with auxiliary confounding variables. I’d suggest the optimal time to dine at the ‘Dead Y’ to be immediately post-surgical removal of your cousin’s cerebral cortex. . Naturally the olfactory bulb must be removed to prevent any sudden unwanted emesis spoiling the procedure. This would be my best estimate, to enable a certain amount of cerebral blood flow to oxygenate the residual neural tissue. To be able to perform coitus, he’d need a minimal level of motor functioning from the basal ganglia located in his brain stem.

            By following these simple steps, your cousin should be able to satisfactorily enjoy a romantic interlude with his chosen partner.

            p.s. Happy Valentines day to you and your crazy motherfucker cousin.

      2. rigor mortis actualy only lasts about 2-4 days ( depends on refridgeration) until the muscles are starting to slowly decompose. So it will be back to its old dead flimsy self again and easy to move. You can also massage the muscle to loosen it. Where is a will ,there is a way

    2. Something tells me this is Brazil. I lived in that shithole for years and my Brazil detector is strong, I saw many things , experienced a lot so these photos don’t surprise me. Quite a few snowflakes commenting ,maybe they forgot they came to a gore site and that necrophilia is real. Smh.

    1. @brokeback

      You are right! But it is not only limited to female cadavers that are brutally abused, sodomized, fellatioed (skull-fucked to be exact); there is a female morgue worker who had been arrested for literally fucking male cadavers, and on top of that, she got pregnant by one of the male corpses. @brokeback (you might already know that, since you are a well-informed person)

      BTW, here you go:

      1. Hahaha that’s very funny, but unfortunately a very fake news story. World News Daily Report has to be the biggest parody news site out there. This story is one of the better know hoaxes. Sorry, but erections and the urge to jizz requires a warm, very alive nut sack and associated junk.

        1. @doc-undy

          Gosh damn it doc-undy….! Did you really have to elaborate that crap??? Seriously??? Damn it boy, I wanted to see some “OH SHEEEIIIITT” kind of reactions from some others (other than brokeback and you of course)…!

    2. My question to this is, How do they get away with it? Is there no tests? Of DNA? I know things are done before but why not after?

      But that looking too deep into I think, I knew stuff like this happened, Because anything that can happen, Has Happened

  1. “I Love The Dead”

    I love the dead before they’re cold
    Their bluing flesh for me to hold
    Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing
    I love the dead before they rise
    No farewells, no goodbyes
    I never knew your rotting face
    While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave
    I have other uses for you, Darling
    We love the dead
    We love the dead, Yeah

    ~ Alice Cooper ~

  2. If that was my sister or my daughter, yeah you see where I’m going. I’m always the killer of buzz. But that’s wrong. There has to be terrible karma for this shit. If y’all are into it, cool. But I think it’s all kinds of wrong.

    1. Agreed they are bottom feeders and not just on the corpses.
      Yea I made a funny but You are correct, where I am from they would not survive the discovery process of their deeds to see a jail cell.

    2. Oh, bullshit! She had no problem taking loads to the face when she was alive, so what’s the difference now that she’s dead? Are we supposed to respect her more now that she’s just an empty shell instead of a living, breathing human being?

    1. Ok sure I agree but how would you get that dead limp scabby dick in and out of his ass 300 times without touching it or helping with your hands somehow? Do you want scabby AIDS hands? Someone has to touch that dead scabbby AIDS dick to make this happen because that dick aint fuckin jack shit. You would need to cover it in plaster, concrete or something to keep it hard but then it isnt a dead scabby AIDS dick anymore. Does anybody know how we can fuck this morgue doctor with a dead scabby AIDS dick? I honestly can’t think of a method….

          1. Ronnie, mate, I was kinda edging towards a chemical solution rather than resorting to crude mechanical props. Besides, our good friend the Sphinx can relate to embalming fluids. His Mummy would agree.

          2. I see. If the scientific method doesn’t work out, hit me up. I got popsicle sticks for days! -Don’t ask-

      1. Use one of those urethral sounding rods. Ram it in mentioned floppy pecker. Maybe give it a couple sharpened barbs like a fishing hook so it dosnt come dislodged during forced intercourse. Preferably a cadaver of an emaciated dead body so it’s easier to pick up and set down repetitively to facilitate the humping motion.

  3. How can you get stiff over a stiff …Busting your nut in a dead woman’s face ha this dude has been at it for years now he is real comfortable sticking house hold items up dead arse notice how he opens there eyes to watch him while he wanks sick fuck

      1. really though, a ‘dead’ body is still alive, it just hasnt got a human life powering it.

        it still exists, its still alive, its still is fuckable.

        its still a bundle of atoms and its still a human body.

    1. Bro @thedre I must say that’s necrophilia at its worst .

      This sick fucking moron must realize in times to come ; he too is gonna be a dead corpse decaying somewhere with either vultures or the hyenas eating in to his dead flesh with no one to claim his body .
      .At least this woman was brought to the morgue and she is gonna be given final rites as for a dead corpse .
      The bastard knows she can’t resist nor can she reject .Were she to be alive she would have kicked his nut case to kingdom come .
      Nowhere else but the hell beckons this dirty scum bag.

    2. Thought this was kind of gross to I am not a fan of necrophilia I mean each to their own I guess but still I shouldn’t judge because those of us watch this or looked at the images of this website I still don’t like some of the content so it is what it is.

  4. Lol you guys are hilarious. Laughing at dead people but when someone is fucking them, no no. I can see where you’re coming from, but honestly when I die I don’t care if someone fucks my corpse, it’s better it has a use to someone than rotting in the ground.

  5. We need to start a necrophiles graveyard where digging up and fucking corpses is not only legal but encouraged for those who are so inclined. Just please rebury the body and leave a tip so the dead’s relatives can buy new flowers you undoubtedly destroyed.

    1. youre just assuming this dude cant get laid by a live woman, maybe he does both, probably got bored of fucking his bitch wife and finds it cathartic to fuck a dead cunt.

      who fucking cares.

  6. Well that forensic examiner must be really brave and/or plain stupid. Wouldn’t this involve triple risk of being falsely accused as the murderer, rapist and getting infected from the corpses?. It’s just a matter of identifying him residual fluids.

      1. i think its all destiny. so abused animals or children are destined to get it. or not as the case may be. i dont think anyone can stop what is going to happen. in fact i know its impossible to stop whats going to happen. so i really couldnt give a fuck.

  7. Even the most primitive blow dart weapon carrying society knows you got to at least handle the dead with palm leaves…FFS!!!
    I just know this is how the fuckin zombie apocalypse gets started.
    *Removes dart from neck and grabs wifes oven mitts.

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