The Caption This Photo Contest #14

Penis and Balls Spaghetti

Well… Umm… Try to caption this one.

Best Caption:

Allergy warning: May contain nuts! – billyboy


dinner at lorena bobbits – desertfoxspecialopps

new meaning to noodle dick! – Jessica Alba

Here is your order of Cock-u-cini Alfredo. – Kariion

There once was a man named Chang
He had a very big wang
They took him out back
And showed him the shack
He went out with a bang. – Indecisive

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #14”

    1. Campbells proudly presents the new Thick and hearty line of quality,nutritional soups ……We at campbells strive to acieve the ut-most quality that progresso simply can not match. introducing “cream of penis&noodle”Nothing satisfies a roaring appitite like a bowl of dick! enriched with b vitamines and minerals this is one can of hunger destroying soup.

      1. I havent laughed this hard in years! Im talkin gut cramping,almost piss your self laughter!!!!!!!!!! I mean what’s the custommer supposed to say? “I only see 3 dicks here and its supposed to be 5! or maybe the guy ordered a steak&potato dinner and just placed that in front of him just to fuck with him? any way..Thanks bog for the posts that still get me cracking up out of nowere !! Some dude said he dry heaves when he sees this and i immagine someone dry heaving looking at it! Whats really fucked up to me is it looks like the customer is really going to dig in…look at tha hand on fork action!

  1. Just the new sensation of my restaurant. Instead of a waste, is a taste! Ah, and don’t forget to try the exquisite “chinese-one-eyed” purple mushroom; it’s a special-effect food! Don’t worry for the white thing inside; is not poison, it’s just a sweet and gelatinous sauce

  2. Fertility soup?

    Looking at heads that are blown apart with their brains all over the floor is one thing, but this just makes me nauseous.

    This is probably some sort of self mutilation thing that I just don’t understand: I’d fight, kill and die to protect that part of my anatomy.

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