The Caption This Photo Contest #14

Penis and Balls Spaghetti

Well… Umm… Try to caption this one.

Best Caption:

Allergy warning: May contain nuts! – billyboy


dinner at lorena bobbits – desertfoxspecialopps

new meaning to noodle dick! – Jessica Alba

Here is your order of Cock-u-cini Alfredo. – Kariion

There once was a man named Chang
He had a very big wang
They took him out back
And showed him the shack
He went out with a bang. – Indecisive

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #14”

  1. “Wow, I’m loving the sauce and I’ve never tasted sausage this great! I’d like to know where I could find it. Me and my wife have been looking for a great recipe we can enjoy for our little honey-moon… -Hey, wait a minute, this isn’t alfredo sauce. Hey! This isn’t pork sausage either!”

  2. This is the most disgusting pic on this site. By far. I dry heave every time I come across it. seriously. I’d rather watch videos of puss oozing from someone’s infected skull….oh god..never mind.

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