The Caption This Photo Contest #36

Necrophilia - Sex with a Corpse

Give me your best necrophiliac caption for this photo…

Best Caption:

Of corpse I’ll have sex with you silly – squee


I think I dated her… And I see she is still the same in bed. – Graugeist

Jeffrey Dahmer on Prom night – kopterkid76

Necrophelia! Putting a whole new spin on “cracking open a cold one” – SamDJ

Would it KILL you to move at least a little bit? – Tetragrammaton

Come mate, she’s Dead…. At least stick it in her ass!! – quagmireisgod

I guess God needed a cum dripping whore. – noel5175

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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169 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #36”

  1. I’ll stick to the clichés for starters…

    1) FAKE! Looks ‘shopped to me, because of the uniform body coloration (and exaggerated color of the male), but the mismatched discoloration of the “dead” face is more obvious.

    2) More in the spirit of the original post, how about:

    “Dude! The last-ball at last-call was FUCKING AWFUL last night!”


  2. Some Like ‘Em Hot I Like ‘Em Dead Better In A Coffin Than In A Bed I Don’t Need Her For Her Brains Pleasure from the dead, complete satisfaction I open the coffin Sick thoughts run through my head as I stare At the dead, over and over, I can’t escape I begin the dead sex, licking her young, rotted orifice I cum in her cold cunt, shivering with ecstasy for nine days straight I do the same She becomes by dead, decayed child sex slave her neck I hack, cutting through the back I use her mouth to eject … heilz cps


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