The Caption This Photo Contest #38

I'm Cut, Wanna See?

Do you still think your sex life sucks?

Caption this one if you can 😉

Best Caption:

For God’s sake woman – it’s only CALLED a blow job. You don’t really blow! – billyboy


warning: turn off the hydraulic penis pump if you feel sleepy – cut

boy the fuck this man does makes charlie sheen a priest – anarchal

This is not the balloon animal you would want to give to your kids. – Butters

so THATS what happens when you swallow a watermelon seed! – chrisashe96

Then Bubba said: “Hey watch me light this here rocket outta my shorts.” – Graugeist

You think YOU’RE blue-balled? Ya. Try being Mormon. – DaJoka

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #38”

    1. sunburn? wtf, who intentionally bakes their balls in the sun and covers everything else? sunburn.. haha! more like the fucking guy fried his manhood within a shit load of sulphuric acid! or he boiled them… what evers up with him, it’s fucked up and it aint sunburn haha!.

        1. nope, from the birth of the internet i’ve been interested in this, 3 guys one hammer i know is the worst, then probably the executions of them russians in dagestan, and that one where some guy in a clown mask amputates that ladies limbs in the bathtub, looks at the camera, picks up her head and stabs her in her eye, laughing along with a few others from the background, i’m not new to it, i’m not saying this is outrageous, i’m saying its not fucking sunburn.

  1. With such an epic STD,
    is it right to brag,
    no one has balls quite as big as me?
    My balls were always bouncing,
    to the left and to the right,
    but when they turned purple,
    it gave me such a fright.
    soon upon the doctors slab,
    here i think; “gee, i should have listened to dad”
    with cock-rot now ensued,
    from prostitutes and hookers,
    Karmas made me pay a hefty due.
    and so dear children,
    this lesson i bring to you,
    with a burning in my pants,
    I’ve learned it past due;
    “don’t be a fool, and wrap your tool”

    1. if being clever was a gift, you’d be a curse just like his dick.
      now add his balls into the mix, still more appalled by what you writ.
      you are a prick in nanometers, put your peter on the fritz.
      if you were to whip it out before a chick she’s shriek and scream: “is that a clit?”
      please quit the game rhymes, cuz next to mines, you’re sounding shit.
      just a bit of wisdom from the derp, and what you’v heard is what it is…

      1. well “Derp” in case you didn’t read the name, its Natasha. thats a female name. as for my “poetry” i know it sucks, but hey, thanks for replying, at least i know it grabbed someones attention. keep on being an ignorant androgynous looking jackass 🙂

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