The Definition of Lousy

Looks Like What PennyWise Turned Into

As soon as I began research for this article I started scratching and fidgeting at the repulsion of these disgusting parasites. We play host to a multitude of passengers who live on, in and off us, from bacteria to demodex. And really, for the most part, what you can’t see doesn’t hurt you.

But lice are different. They are visible to the naked eye and scamper around like they own the joint, and unlike other skin borne parasites that feed on dead skin cells and secreted oils, lice suck your blood.

To feel lousy literally means to feel the way a person feels who is infested with lice. They are uncomfortable, distressed and often become ill. Lice readily transmit disease from host to host. The Black Death is commonly blamed on rats but they were merely hosts to the same louse and same bacterium responsible for the plague. Infected blood was carried by the lice and spread between rat and human hosts through biting.

There are three groups of lice found on humans. Head lice, body lice and pubic lice. Interestingly, body lice are a relatively new species and evolved from head lice when humans began to wear clothes. In fact, by tracking divergence of the species through their relative genetic drift, it is possible to determine that humans have been wearing clothing in some form or another for at least 100,000 years.

Pubic lice are unrelated to head and body lice, with only one close relative being a louse that infests gorillas. Again, dating divergence between the related species suggests humans had a common ancestor with the gorilla some 3.2 – 3.3 million years ago.

Following are a range of uncomfortable images of lice and their effects on their hosts.

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    1. Actually all I could do was imagine African Angel in a circle with her 30 siblings picking and eating them off each other.

      We white folk could learn a thing or two from their traditional bonding techniques.

      1. I think it was just that that helped control the typhus pandemic. 😆 Their natural parasite extermination techniques and their lice farming by making braids with their hairs can actually save many lifes against pandemic spreading of the parasite population… 😆

      2. @McT…
        “We white folk could learn a thing or two…” Maybe learn to make a better trail mix packed with protein from lice but that’s all.
        We learned to bathe and keep clean and avoid the infestation rather than group lice picking.

        Trivia bit. The females in some African tribes intentionally encrust their hair in animal shit in order to attract those big shiny green blow flies. The flies are decoration for ritual ceremonies.
        “Learning is Power!” Haha

          1. Glad you straightened that out!!! I have reading and rereading post trying to figure it out!
            You know, us ignorant, good for one thing females…lol

          2. I don’t get that on here? Why are some guys so hateful? I work 40+ hours a week, midnights, supervisor over some great guys. Come home be domestic. Keep the house perfect. Raise a kid (a boy I love madly & would stab a bitch for), pay the bills, now the yard, take the trash out..whatever needs done. Just like the majority of ladies now days. No respect? I’m not down on men.
            Please, come save the day. I’d gladly go back to the 50’s and be pretty & drunk all day and do half this shit. I’m not a career woman, I’m a middle class chick getting fucked over. Just like the guys.

          1. Good for you Rosebud. You seem like a good mother. The effin slobs i see all the time with there kids half disheveled, with 4 day old sauce stains on there clothes, its sad. Most are fat coal burning mothers everywhere i go, it’s repulsive. Hearing testimonys from people like you help to restore my faith in humanity.

          2. @Rosebud,
            I like your story. I can relate to your situation. Years ago I was married and the wife and I raised two boys together. I worked, she stayed home.
            Now years later and single, I’m raising a boy alone and there is a huge difference.
            You work at a job and manage the home while raising a child and still find the time to maintain a bald schmoo. That commands respect no matter who you are.

          1. You must be a very strong woman to do what you do on a daily basis. New found respect for you Rosebud.
            Your little boy is lucky to have such a great mom.

  1. So gross! I remember back in elementary school when a classmate had it and everyone thought it was really bad dandruff but she passed it on to the rest of us.

    I had read somewhere that lice prefer clean hair because it’s easier to move around the scalp…no clue if that’s actually true though.

        1. I had heard that too. Being a nurse, I’ve not seen too many african americans with lice. I was once told because their hair is too greasy that the lice can’t get to the scalp, or if they do then they suffocate. Don’t know if there’s any truth to that theory, but in my experience it seems to fit.

          1. I wonder if the coarseness of their hair has anything to do with it? I also wonder if this myth about clean hair started because most people associate lice with being dirty so by saying that they prefer clean hair people realize that just because they bathe regularly doesn’t mean they’re safe.

          2. Lice don’t care if the hair is clean or dirty, basically if you come into contact with someone that has lice, you can get it. You can go to see a movie and sit in a chair that someone sat in hours before you and get it.
            If you do get it, it’s a total pain in the ass to get rid of them, yea need to scrap the eggs (hopefully they haven’t hatched yet) off the hair usually behind the ears, disinfect every single thing you own, place pillow etc in bags to suffocate them etc..
            I’m a hairstylist and I’ve had to close my shop down for a few hours to disinfect after some one came in with it, we asked them to leave immediately (it’s a law) but you don’t feel the itching until the lice hatch. The eggs are off white in color and hang onto the hair shaft.
            Also just to clear up “black hair” question, black hair isn’t coarse at all it’s actually VERY fine, that’s one of the reasons it so difficult for them to grow their hair long, in fact the shaft is flat unlike caucasian hair which is more coarse and the shaft is round.
            I remember back in the day when people would put baby oil in their kids hair to “protect” them from getting lice at school.

        1. Exactly. I have two daughters and they caught it years ago from another classmate in school. It was awful. I have them bathe daily and those little critters had a field day in their hair. It took 3 separate treatments to get rid of them, and I kept them home for a week so they didn’t spread it or get reinfected. Their classmate who they got it from had to be suspended from school because their parents didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t treat them. Such a shame.

  2. Now I think I’m getting psychosomatic sensations of lice crawling in my scalp hahaha

    My cousin worked as a dermatologist and eventually quit because she had to deal with cases like this on a daily basis where lice just keep jumping off a person’s head. And there’s an abundance of people with lice. They say that it spreads faster during the summer or in much warmer climates.

    Whenever I pass by slum/depressed areas, I see girls picking on each other’s hair in search of lice. Kind of like…you know, what monkeys do lol. Not really a pretty sight and that happens a lot during summer and it’s summertime! 😀

    Great gen info article, McTreblar! You are one smashing writer. 🙂

      1. Yeah lol. She mentioned it was one of the most disgusting jobs there is. Aside from the lice, dermatologists also handke cases of severe skin diseases, especially those infectious and communicable ones. Uck. Lol.

      1. Me too! I love that gross shit! I saw a man this morning with a huge bandage wrapped around d his thumb,, I asked what happened and he said “you don’t want to know” and of course, I was like, YEAH I do!! I want to see it!! He said the evil table saw got him. He did NOT unwrap it for me…..

        1. Haha I’m glad I’m not alone! I like to pick at stuff, it’s a weird habit. Whenever someone has a splinter or a tick I whip out my needle and my tweezers and I’m eager to get started. I also love watching ear cleaning videos. That would be my other career choice is digging ear wax out of people.

  3. Reminds me of one particular girl back in school days. I swear I used to itch just looking at her matted hair and filthy clothes. She was a walking louse colony.
    Felt sorry for her though, she had no friends and seldom uttered a single word. Her parents were obviously totally useless and had never heard of a Derbac Comb.

    1. Did you ever notice how those quiet unkempt disheveled girls don’t stay quiet forever and always seem to turn into the horniest sluts and needless to say become very popular around town……..

  4. ?As soon as I began research for this article I started scratching and fidgeting at the repulsion of these disgusting parasites?.

    I know what you mean, it happens to me every time a general election takes place or when I see a news article about the port at Calais, France.

      1. They’re all the same, but if Labour gain power we are well and truly shagged. I dread to think what will happen over the next 5 years if Milliband and Co get their way.
        Talking politics is never a good idea though, as I found out again last week while discussing the election. Many a friend or family member have fallen out after clashing heads on political issues.
        Best to keep ones preference under ones hat.

    1. Politicians are all the same, just in it for what they can get whilst fucking everybody else over.

      I would never vote for the Tories under any circumstances and Labour can fuck right off after what they did to us with mass uncontrolled immigration so I guess that just leaves ukip.

      Whoever gets into power though will continue to do the same as the last party because the entire game is rigged to begin with.

      We merely get to choose the image, not the actions.

      1. I spent a good half hour a couple of nights ago, out with my step ladders and scissors. I refuse to have ” I am Voting Labour ” posters on the lampposts on my street.
        The presumptuous pricks thought it right to put ’em up, so I thought it right to take ’em down.
        And if they return I shall do the same again.
        Labour can kiss my hairy arse hole.

          1. Yes, the fight’s tonight for you guys there, @Gnat. 😀 This country is a ghost town already hahaha. No one’s out in the streets anymore. Lol.

            I hope Pacquiao wins too! 😀

  5. Imagine putting the work in, getting the girl and then laying the pipe, one would feel good about himself, gets home and finds out he has pubic lice, no such thing as safe sex, bags up and still catches something, serious times people, by the way, the girl was hot :)!

  6. My stepdaughter caught these little fuckers at school last year. It’s absolutely disgusting to have to watch these things crawl across a child’s scalp. She ended up spreading them to my daughter, who at the time was 1, which was horrible to have to see. Apparently the schools around where I live no longer warn parents of an outbreak due to the fear of singling out the child who started the spread. I remember when I was in kindergarten a kid came to school and the teachers and staff went to defcon 1 and sent out letters to all the parents. Anyway tea tree oil will prevent and kill them quickly and without exposing kids to pyrethrin which is actually linked to causing leukemia in small children. The oil does something to effect the reproduction hormones in the individual louse, and also prevents the knits from sticking to the hair. Hours of picking every single knit out of a child’s hair will definitely make you buy a bottle of tea tree oil shampoo and wash your kids hair with it during the warm spring months when they are most common in schools. Fun fact: The term knit picking someone or something came from the act of picking louse knits from the hair.

  7. Fun fact: during the American Revolutionary War, lice infestations were so prevalent that it became a standard insult to wish the enemies of America “perpetual itching without the benefit of scratching.”
    Your tidbit of weird history for today.

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