Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra

Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra

Insertion of dildos or odd objects in pleasure holes is nothing new.

There have been strange oddities inserted into orifices for pleasure as we have seen, many need to be extracted by medical professionals. This oral exhibitionist took his 6 inch buddy for a journey in his peehole. At what point does the extreme pleasure turn into tremendous pain? Only catheters dare travel the road less traveled. The ironic part of the ordeal is the toothbrush undoubtedly scarred his urethra, which can cause plaque to build up.

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      1. @westlos – can I just say you are 100% wrong about this video being ‘felatio down under style’. As a very heterosexual Australian male, who on much more than the odd occasion enjoys kicking back and being ‘felatio’d by some drunk slut at the pub (who has heard about my big cock and wants to see / feel / taste what all the fuss is about) this video doesn’t demonstrate what us Aussies believe a blow job is…………

    1. When i finally get some friends to watch bestgore, i found out that castration videos and other such videos showing genitals being mutilated disgusts them the most. I did, though, have a friend still complaining to this day about having nightmares from watching the cop’s son being flayed alive. That’s definately one of the favorites

      1. The cop’s son being flayed alive is bad that I had to pause for a second but it wasn’t really life changing in fact I don’t think about it that much. But there’s something in genitals especially cocks and balls which really hit us hard. Perhaps maybe because we look at them like a friend who has feelings. And we know how much it hurts when you get hit in the groin. The pain is intensified. Even an ant biting your cock is extremely unpleasant.

          1. Oh yeah, I see him. I’d shake his hand if he had one… if you piss him off, you don’t have to worry about getting punched or kicked but look out for the headbutt.

          1. Hey Sweetie, we’re just fuckin’ around. Us Gorians gotta learn quickly to take one on the chin n’ chilla out… Hey, where you from? Just curious…

          2. @sweetiecandy
            “…..take what on my chin?”
            Ok, now THAT was funny. You’re getting there.
            Btw, gorians are the testicle balls on a gorgoroth. A gorgoroth looks like your rabbit but never turn your back on it.

        1. Ouch, that’s one hell of a cumshock. She ain’t gonna know what to think when she wipes it off and looks at the tissue paper…
          “No wonder that was the loudest moaning ejaculation I’ve ever heard.”

  1. Fuck the AIDS. Faggots need to worry about keeping the gingivitis out of their dick holes.

    Allow me to explain. You see, homosexual faggots suck each others dicks with their infected homo mouth, transmitting gum disease into their faggot lovers dick hole. This also may explain your urge to jam an Oral-B up in your dick.
    You’re welcome.

          1. @sweetiecandy, this I do know. Have actually looked it up in the past. That is why I always add an extra keke to it to differentiate myself from them. I do though make the same noise when I snidely laugh at something, irl… woo, Sweetie, always keepin’ me on my toes, gotta love it. 😀

      1. Mothefucker shoved a toothbrush up his dick because it felt good? No fuckin way. I’ve been catheterized twice and neither time did I feel turned on. I pissed out a 4mm stone once, and it was like pissing napalm.
        A fucking toothbrush, bristles first? There’s gonna be a lot of broken, shattered bodies laying around before somebody shoves a toothbrush up in Old Blue.

  2. This was the same guy I bet that had the cucumber in his ass. I mean hell he survived that he wanted to play the lottery again and this time his urethra was up for the lotto drawing. I know they didn’t teach this in school but they might have to start teaching a part in Health Class “What not put in there or down there” I hope this idiot gets a Darwin Award.

  3. There is absolutely no way this is pleasurable. I had mine swabbed to test for chlamydia during a big outbreak during my college years and it was terribly painful. Just a small cue tip much much smaller than the bristled end of a toothbrush.

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