Vasectomy Aftermath Photos – Surgery to Sterilize a Man Permanently

Vasectomy Aftermath Photos - Surgery to Sterilize a Man Permanently

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @TheDonutAvenger, who recently underwent vasectomy – a surgical procedure that involves cutting and sealing the Vas Deferens (tubes through which sperm is delivered into the ejaculate from the testicles), resulting in permanent sterilization of the man:

Hey Best Gore. I’ve been a lurker here for the past 5 years and decided to finally send in something a tiny bit gory.

I got a vasectomy today and what you see here is the little “stringy thing” under the base of my penis and top of my balls.

Took some Valium and painkillers but my balls still hurt. I already have two kids but can’t really have more due to being pretty broke. Anyways I thought I’d share it with everyone here!

Thanks for the pics of both the part that was removed, and the aftermath scar on your body. Hopefully you can return to having sex with your lady soon, and enjoy it until the end, without the need to spoil it with a condom, or by pulling out.

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    1. @Der Kopfsammler: Women can take birth control pills, or there are many other ways to avoid pregnancy…But one that will always fail, and makes me totally understand him: women lie when they want a baby. It’s very well known, and there’s almost NOTHING a guy can do against it. You should know…They will go to unbelievable extremes in order to get pregnant (pretend they’re under birth control, lying, even killing lol…just kidding). Unless going for a vasectomy, just like @TheDonutAvenger, you can never be sure πŸ™‚
      Now, he can sleep tight…

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  2. I’ve been trying to build up the courage to do his for a while now! The thought of something going wrong just really scares the bejesus out of me! What if my dick never worked again or something crazy like that? It takes some balls to go through this procedure!

    1. [email protected] a finger at the ready and a watchful I do when I’m watching porn on my phone in the same room with my girl..while she watches TV..ahh shit here she comes.. ” click” fuck!!! Now I can’t remember the badass porn site I was just on….faaaaaawk.!

  3. @thedonutavenger after my ex got a vasectomy, his nuts (or his nut actually, it would be only one at a time, and it usually went back and forth) would start to swell. You could feel a small lump that would get larger and larger Everytime he ejaculated. He went back to the Dr and was told that a small percentage of men get a semenal fluid buildup that would have to be drained. Every few months he’d have to go to the dr and get a shot to numb his balls and then get an 18 gauge needle inserted to withdraw the fluid. It was pretty painful from the looks of it and his behavior. Of course he’d need a kiss to make it all better. πŸ˜‰ Just be careful and keep an eye out for those symptoms. Best of luck and happy healing! πŸ™‚

  4. His surgical procedure has left his nuts looking stung by a snake bite
    That stubble looks awful though .
    and the way those testes have been pulled up both his nuts look pretty breathless. and choked up around his groin area .
    C’mon man let them be free they too wanna breathe life .

    Stay on ! with your Hard-on is all I can wish lastly for ya.

  5. Knew a family…after 6 kids she had her tubes tied. She got pregnant again. He had a vasectomy…then they had twins. She had a complete hysterectomy after that…

    I hope it works for you! I decided to have my tubes tied after pregnancy number 8 (I have 6 children). I couldn’t take the pill and I wasn’t about to take any chances with my fertile self.

  6. That’s a very sensible decision. I appreciate the trait in a man. I had my tubes tied right after I had my son. It was the best decision I ever made. The sex is better, too, because you don’t have worry hanging over you like a cloud. You can be yourself without condoms, too. She would relax, too, because she won’t have to worry about any little surprises. Wise choice.

  7. I am serious i want and need this to happen to my un wanted un needed testicles.
    I’m a transgender man with a stable mind also i can come to any U.K destination so a osteotomy operation done and come back with my testicles in a jar i can look at when alone.
    I will log back in a week from now to see if there has been any truthful comments so i can move forward with my operation
    Thanks for your help in what is a big part of my transition

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