Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India

Video of Scrotum Abscess Drainage in India

Video from India shows a doctor surgically draining scrotum abscess. The procedure almost looks like something you would do at home with disposable razors. Handle on that scalpel must have fallen off or something…

The patient’s testes looked painfully swollen and remain swollen after drainage. Doctor fingered the excision to scrape out all available abscess but not enough came out. Not least not in relation to the swelling. The skin of the scrotum itself seemed to be half an inch thick!

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    1. What kind of equipment does your crotch have that would hurt from a ginormous ball sack being finger fucked? Never mind I don’t wanna know. If you glance at your post its like you named him “Dr finger fuck” lol

  3. Holy smeg. That was hard to watch. I was waiting for maggots or wriggling worms to pop out.

    India isn’t known for good hygiene, and shit like this is bound to happen when you discard your dead in your drinking water. Remember guys, roll back and wash.

  4. probably got that nasty infection from the public shitters in india which amount to nothing more than a 3×3 cinder block three wall stall with about thirty other stalls all lined up and you just shit on the ground. It is weird seeing the untouchables clean it for like pennies.

  5. EWWW!!! That is possibly the most nausea inducing video ever….I showed my fiance it and he thinks there’s something wrong with me for scoping out the bg website! But then again Iv’e always been a little ( a lot?) Morbid….

  6. Seriously I could have done that procedure in a fraction of the time it took these doctors. I would have dealt this dude a swift hard kick to those most likely untouched nuts and apart from a huge mess to clean up he’d be cured and incidentally no longer a virgin thanks to my kick.

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