Wife Cheats on Husband in China, Lover Falls Off Sill Outside Window

Wife Cheats on Husband in China, Lover Falls Off Sill Outside Window

A monkey branching female in China cheats on her husband. Her lover is not as experienced swinging from branch to branch and loses grip on window sill outside apartment.

One could assume the desperate man was stricken with fear when husband came home early. The one-hundred percent naked Chinaman has little to minute [mīˈn(y)o͞ot] shame with his correspondent woman cheater.

After dangling outside, he makes his grand escape from side of building; not as graceful as Spider-Man and catches leg on cable that flips him upside down. The garbage pail on street directly below him is filled with trash – how fitting. He almost makes a perfect landing inside trash bin but makes a backbreaking landing that tips it over instead.

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    1. He had a moment of meditation while hanging on that window, as he lost his grasp felt like all his life was a waste of oxygen and resources then finally he disposed himself along with his fellow mount of trash as a human garbage he was.

    1. Or maybe they had a nice calm conversation about the fact her man can’t satisfy her with his acorn dick ( see attached pictures ) and then they decide that she can bone other men while he watches whilst Sat in the corner fingering his chocolate starfish and they also decide that they should seek marriage guidance but deep down he knows he should of just slapped her silly and launched her and all her shit off that balcony

  1. If he had manned up and excepted his fate he wouldn’t be where he is. How can the author point fingers at the woman? Both people are involved. He chose to put his dick into a married cunt she opened her legs and allowed it. Both people are equally responsible for cheating, enough slut shaming yallllllll

    1. If he manned up then he would have been out the window with his clothes on. The author is a woman hater & he regularly trashes them & blames them for everything. Not once have I seen him taking pity on a woman & blaming the actions of a man.

      Mark reminds me of the Green River Killer, I do feel sorry for him though because he is also a nice guy but he does posses this one negative trait.

      Sieg Heil,
      A. Hitler.

      1. SS is doing a wonderful job! He may have some tendencies…:P but there is nothing wrong with this particular article.
        @acidicly, maybe you should have save your criticism to another post, it clearly shows you like to protect women like kids or disable people 🙁

    1. That’s how you name little bastards in China….Mamasan names them after the man climbs out the window and falls onto a garbage can…the sound it makes….you get where this is going.
      Or 9 mos from now their kid ends up in that same can…we get a lot of that kinda stuff from them folks.

      1. @rayf
        That was Fucking Funny Dude. Actually Ray,,, it was Fucking Hilarious Man. The only reason why I Think You Can,t Hear Me Laugh Out Loud, is because it Hurts The Back Of my Noggin Way too much to do so. And Yes It Was from heavy drinking for almost 2 full days except for the + or- four hours, that i just slept. But That Was *Only* after Spewing Chunks, or,,, More Precisely,,, Puking My Fucking Guts Right-Out first!

        And, that,s probably why it took me the better part of 15 minutes to write, and to spell check this reply, lol. But Enough About Myself my man,,, How have You, & Yours Been my Good Veteran B G Brother,,, all good I Hope??? And I Say This Only as it,s been awhile since we last Took A Minute To Chat My Veteran B G Brother. 🙂

  2. I hope the husband took her over his knee and spanked her really really good and/or forced her to assume the position and take a whipping or caning and if she refused any and all punishment then he would threaten to tell family and dishonor her father and mother. Yeah take this spanking!!!

  3. What an undignified way to go. Butt naked, guilty of adultery, and so suddenly.
    Imagine what the husband thinks when a naked dead guy is found outside. My guess is that the wife pretends it’s a complete stranger.

  4. Lmao dumb cunt….unless the husband was the incredible hulk why he didnt he just say hey im sorry dude your wife is a slut and then fight the cunt if he had too instead of thinking hes fucking spiderman and almost killing himself by hanging out the window like a little bitch…idiot

  5. The married couple is from England, the husband got a job as a language tutor in China. On that day he came home earlier from work while his Caucasian wife was having sex with the local Chinese courier man. According to news report the cheating wife is young beautiful European woman, she had an affair with the local Chinese courier man. Eventually the courier man was just slightly injured and sent to the hospital, the affair continues

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