Woman Humiliates Pickpocket and Forces Him to Strip Naked on Street

Woman Humiliates Pickpocket and Forces Him to Strip Naked on Street

According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Colombia. It shows a dominant woman humiliating an alleged pickpocket out in an open street. The thief is forced by the woman to strip completely naked, and takes off utterly humiliated, covering his dick with hands.

I absolutely support what this woman did. If the info I got is correct, then she did not choose to fuck anybody up on the street that day. To the contrary, it was the thief who chose to go out in search of someone who would be too exhausted earning an honest living with actual work, so he can steal their limited possessions. I have no sympathy for scumbag thieves.


Although not confirmed, I was hinted that the woman is a gold digger who sucks local mafia boss’ dick, which is why nobody dared do shit to her.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Woman Humiliates Pickpocket and Forces Him to Strip Naked on Street”

      1. yep, she; looks like a bonafide cunt, he picked a pocket not fucked her mum, I don’t get why he did not hook the bitch? she would not survive a swift hook or kick to her face, she needs it,

  1. Laughing my fucking ass off!

    The only way to express my current state is to spell out that acronym. That dog was like, “Get the fuck out of here!”

    True to form, yeah, I’d hit them both. The guy AND that bitch.

      1. Well you have to factor in the “event” that if she was sucking the dicks of mafia boss’ dicks, he just may have been aware of the fact that she had connections. He could have just picked the wrong bitch at the right time to be humiliated. I like the fact that a man would lower himself to pick pocket. To have no morals and yet keep his pride by hiding his junk. Run away! Run away! I hope he had to traverse a long distance to get home.

          1. And if you’re affected by what you call my “trolling”, what does that say about YOUR life?

            “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
            (Elliot Carver, Tomorrow Never Dies)

      1. I used to want to be a professional Dominatrix, haha. Where I live prostitution is very clearly defined and you can do this legally as a job without any prostitution – no sex, no oral, no handjob for man and no touching the female.

          1. Matthew – It’s not meant to be escorting. There are men who get off on being told what to do. They want to clean your house dressed as a sissy boy and other unusual things. It’s a fetish and not robbery.

          2. @matthew @wallabeast It’s a fetish; a fantasy some men have. Craigslist is full of men offering to lick your high-heels and do your dishes. They want to be submissive and denied sex to a point. Being dominated by a woman is their kink. Of course, they know the rules ahead of time. This isn’t men looking for a hooker. They want to live out their kink. You guys don’t understand because it’s not your fetish. You keep thinking “prostitution” when it’s not that. You’d just have to have that kink to get it. Just like people turned on my feet or wearing diapers, etc. It’s a fetish. And it’s not at all your thing.
            And she does work for it – just not like you like.

          3. @papasinister I get you don’t understand. Ignorance is fine. Stupidity; not as cool. I described a real fetish. Jesus has nobody here heard of femdom? Those chicks don’t let dudes even get off sometimes or it’s a dud(ruined orgasm.) The main partakers are CEOs and men of power. The way you guys react is a little “too manly.” Sometimes it’s best to go “Oh that’s not my thing” otherwise you sound really insecure. Nobody is going to steal your dick and run off with it if you don’t vehemently disagree with something. lol Good grief

          1. Right at the very end of the video after the dog had chased him off, Idk why it seemed kind of fun to run naked like that…
            I pix myself doing it and I imagine it not that bad…..

          2. I get you guys don’t understand that particular kink. I don’t get people wearing diapers but it’s their thing. But I think real men can have a submissive fetish. Another time, they might the aggressor; pretend home invader. It’s called fantasy. Wow, I have watched way more varieties of porn than y’all. :p

          1. Wallabear, there’s a demand for kink. I say we throw Curry and Bella in this picture. she has to give him shit for being Hindu – that would sell. maybe he can do that ear-holding squat thing. We could market it to Hindus. haha

    1. It did have a bit of a staged feel to it. “Been Caught Stealin'” or not, what man would be that embarrassed to hang his hog leg in front of people that he will likely never see again?

  2. Captured by a woman who is set on punishing you for a bad deed and she has the support of the crowd? I would take a different approach instead of pleading for pardon. I’d strip naked as fast as I possibly could (deliberately making sure to tear a few pieces of clothing in the process for added dramatic effect), then proceed to defecate into my hands and rub it across my body, making sure to save a small amount in one hand for later use.
    First, the woman is definitely going to release her grip. The smeared shit will deter most other people from trying to apprehend me. The rare one who does try, well, there was a reason for that little bit of shit reserved in my hand. Once he or she is close enough, I will swing around with full force and deliver a stinging, stinking, fecal-finger, open-palm snuff to the full front of their face. Then run away as fast as I can and jump into the nearest community pool to wash off.

    If you live on the wrong side of the law, you’ll have to be ready to go from zero to a thousand in a blink. “No such thing as halfway crooks.” You eighties babies know the reference.

      1. Maybe she was just looking for a new dick to suck….
        I mean can you picture a mafia boss who just sits all fucking day in his limo’s back seat barking orders at his workers and sniffing coke for years, his sexual energy will eventually get depleted and he might not even get decent boners no more…

  3. ‘Cause I wonder where you are
    And I wonder what you do’
    I think the man she marries would have to be a real man to handle her.
    What a woman. Maybe a mafia type as reported. Anyway I wouldn’t want to mess with her lest I get the same treatment.

  4. Given what happens to criminals in 3rd world countries…. the thief “knew” very well to submit to the humiliation on pain of a brutal beat down (with possible death) by spectators.
    Note the guy leaning on the post at the start of the video. He has the woman’s back and will take care of business if the thief resists. In this scenario, the thief knows that in the code of the street it would be stupid to try and run away.

    Lesson, On pain of death, “Don’t fuck with poor people’s stuff!”

  5. She’s a mob bosses whore? It’s ok, she’ll be on BG with your head split and brains blown out in the near future πŸ™‚ and we’ll most likely see an upskirt of her corpse too like all the other dead whores on here

    1. @hyde

      “…she’ll be on BG with your head split and brains blown out in the near future.”

      I’m all for being on BG when I go, but what did I do to tick her off so badly that she’s coming after MY head?!?

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  6. A decent woman (no matter how tough) would not do this to a man who only tried to “steal” some item / cash from her. This kind of punishment suggests the boy may have made some sexual assault advances on her as well (perhaps groped her in the process), arousing her bitchy side.

    However this guy is lucky to get off with this kind of humiliation in a region where people are most likely to be lynched and burned alive for the same kind of crime / accusation

    1. The situation of Colombia at the moment is very dangerous in some areas, she is just desperate because here police does nothing and every day your life is on a line, there is always some thug who could kill you and leave your body there and no one would do nothing, thats why she took justice by her hand I would too if I could, you need something to defend yourself if you want to survive as a Colombian in those areas, foreigns are safe they don`t get the attention we locals get specially northamericans(excuse my mistakes I`m not a native English speaker)

  7. A drug baron’s even fugly woman don’t walk on the street alone
    (Who’s crazy???)…..Meaning she’s got her few ” gardes du
    Corps” right there ……Guaranteed.
    One move from the thief and he’ll be dead….He knows.!
    So bottom line, the cunt was probably in need of offering
    Herself as spectacle.
    In other words that’s an attention whore.!!!
    Now all thieves are shitbags…..So it’s a good thing it’s happening to him.

  8. I love how, shortly after a robbery attempt, she just drops her purse on the ground behind her. This video would have been even better if another thief had come sprinting down the sidewalk and nabbed it. Well, either that or the dog bit down on the strap and high-tailed it out of there.

  9. The thief probably had no idea that it would lead to a strip tease ,beside it was easy losing erection because of all the commotion going on in the backdrop
    The pooch chasing him at the end of the video was the best part .

    The video would have been a great fun if the woman had gone topless with her hooters jiggling for the crowd to get their hard-on.

          1. Dear Bro @thedre Thanks for pouring in all the love and affection.
            And yes especially for your sake I am gonna make it a point to browse by more often to say warm hello to all my chums of the good old BG days . Thanks for being a good soul that you have always been .
            Here on this site you are one of the strongest pillar .

  10. These fucking women thinking they are hard asses lately. I have been seeing a ton of videos with women trying to fight men and act like they are shit. It usually does not end so well for them. Myself, I would not hesitate to put a bitch down either. I am all about equality.

  11. If it was up to me, I probably kill the bitch by slitting her throat and then setting off suicide bomb into the mafia’s office or building. There is no way I would allow a spic colombian skank to humiliate me like that in public.

    That bitch deserves to be beheaded very slowly. I hope ISIS takes over South America. Fuck these spics.

  12. Shit, in today’s world you have to drop some serious cash to have that kind of action. Sexy dominatrix? Check. Public humiliation? Check. Pain fetish? Check. We’re talking 500 at least. If you want the sexy part at least. A toothless crackwhore will do this to you for like a nickel.

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