Woman Sexually Assaulted by Crowd of Men During Protests at Tahrir Square, Egypt

Woman Sexually Assaulted by Crowd of Men During Protests at Tahrir Square, Egypt

Outcomes of the Arab Spring are working out great for Egypt. Sexual assaults are a daily occurrence as is violence of all sorts. In other words, nothing new in the torture capital of the world.

This video captures what an Egyptian Anti-Sexual Harassment group of pro single mothers whiners calls a sexual assault on a 29 year old woman. A group of male protesters allegedly overwhelmed the woman and groped at her at will. The group reported there have been 25 sexual assaults on women during the Tahrir Square protests rallies over the past week.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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102 thoughts on “Woman Sexually Assaulted by Crowd of Men During Protests at Tahrir Square, Egypt”

  1. Fucking hard to make out what’s going on in thi video but whatever it is, it doesn’t look pleasant. That dude with the propane tank he’s using as a flamethrower scares the crap out of me.

  2. I dislike the Muslim religion and therefore would love to say that this sort of thing is a Muslim problem however my desire for reality based thinking tells me that, human beings are for the most part egotistical and hedonistic in their approach to life, some chain themselves down with constraints such as morality and notions of behavioural patterns for the stability and safety of continued life whilst others allow themselves to act upon every desire regardless of consequence.

    What happens when society and all of its laws and best practices start to crumble, people revert back to type, they become more like their true selves, murder, rape and pillage will become the game of life.

    Therefore make no mistake, all of these countries that we have destabilised will be filled with rape, murder and pillage, the strong will rule and the weak will perish, human nature is truly ugly when you strip away the facade of society.

      1. The US economy isn’t “going down,” and while it isn’t in the best of ways presently, compared to the Mideast it is a utopia. The US is a democracy, whether you believe it or not that is the truth. The majority of citizens will elect those who are in office, with the exception of very high level officials who don’t represent the people, ie the supreme court, treasury secretary and such. Because the majority chose who runs the government, it would be extremely unlikely that the majority would go against the government they chose. Were there potential for revolution, the views between the uprisers, when you consider the diverse and tremendous size of the US’s population, would be so polarizing that it would be impossible to form a united front against the administrative bodies and cause the gov’t to crumble. I’m not certain if this website is viewed by folks internationally, but if you are a native citizen do your best to become knowledgeable about how things work before you associate the 2008 economic downturn, that we have since been recovering from, to a society crumbling.

        1. There is no, and probably won’t be, a “recovery”. That’s left-wing media propaganda. The unemployed might finally get, most likely, some lower paying jobs at slightly above poverty, but there is not economic boom any time soon, if ever.

          1. Yes, I agree Pumpkin. The U.S. has been sold out since the cronyism of Bush Sr. I am certain the U.S. will never regain its economic status. Militarily the U.S. is without a doubt a second-hand bitch to China.

          1. how the fuck did we get on the U.S. economy topic,,,??? I thought we were suppose to be talking about some smelly paki broad getting raped..!!! come on guys,,get with the program..!!!!!

    1. hey > firstl? you can hate what you want . but you cant say that it is aproblem for muslims . our riligion is the peace riligion . and it orders us not to do that things . the prophit told many quotes about treating women well like he said . take good care of women and other many . and about the murder and violence he also told us not to do that . even though if some people did that thats dont mean that the hole religion is wrong it only the people dont obey the orders from god

      finally you can look in internet sites to know the numbers of raped women not just sexual harrasmen . amd number of muredered in america . and we dont say that all american are bad but every where there are bads and goods

      Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

    1. i Didn’t see that but it sounds hilarious. If theres’ one country that would appiont an entire day to the celebration of the freedom to sexual harass it would be eygpt. A day where nothing is off limits no man, woman, child or livestock

  3. Muslims love doing this type of shit ganging up on women for a feel and if shes white forget about it they’ll tear that bitch up…no wonder their women gotta walk around covered up from head to toe. Muslim are some horny bastards.

    1. Back around 1940-41 during the 2nd Sino-Japanese war the Japanese created a chemical weapon which was a bomb made of clay that housed a special payload…they filled these clay bombs with swarms of fleas (approx 30,000) infected with the bubonic plague, they then filled them with oxygen so that the infected fleas would survive at high altitudes. Once the clay bomb was released and it reached a certain altitude it would burst releasing its payload of infected fleas over a large concentrated area. The reason they used clay is because it explodes easily without causing to much heat and that way the infected fleas would survive the altitude burst that would disperse them in the air…another reason why they used clay is because after it would burst it would leave no evidence and therefore could not be linked to the Japanese. The Japanese Army Air Service released these clay bombs on a couple of Chinese cities and many villages causing some of those villages to be completely wiped out within 2 months. What do you think senior? Should we prepare some clay bombs for the Mideast? My dogs are covered in fleas just say the word lol.

      1. Sounds like a great idea. Could we fit a couple of mexican whores in those clay bombs for a crotch crab infestation? Or maybe we can just have the whores parachute in. I never heard of the flea bombs, but I did hear of this plan the USA was working on during world war II. The plan was to strap little napalm bombs on bat colonies and drop them on Japan. There was a small set back when the Lab base burned up. The plan was eventually abandoned when the atomic bombs were completed. OK back to the Mexican whores. I think we can cram about 5 or 6 of the little indian skanks in the trunk of my Honda. Then we can crazy glue blonde wigs on them and drop them hog tied into Cairo.

  4. I’m a big fan of bestgore.com and check it out every day, although internet connection for some reason oftenly denies my comments here so usually I remain silent observer. But this time I want to tell You something. I work in Egypt. I have been working here for 7 months in tourism, on the very upper side (southern Egypt) which paradoxically cosidered as most radical and ortodox part of the country – the safest though. I need to disagree with some opinions about how bad the state is. What’s seen on media is not the only part of this place. I’ve traveled also to Kairo, Alexandria (hottest spots at this time) and I know what the life is there. Here on the video you obviously see a bunch of animals hungry for violence. But this is actually scientifically proven that the intelligence of crowd is much poorer than single man’s (even Gustave Le Bon described that as first in his “Crowd’s psychology”) so I’m not surprised they act wild this way because of their fucked up tradition (do not confuse with Islam only!). I hardly understand what that bitch was doing in the middle of them there, because I tell you that even my egyptian bad ass friends would not be that stupid to get involved in these protests and nor would anyone who does not have much appreciation for their lives. What I disagree with is that what You see is not the whole country – it is the lower Egypt, and as they call it “handicaped side” because of those desperate retards. Have you ever asked yourselves why media do not show what’s happening on the southern side but Kairo? Why do they not show what’s on in Asuan (big city) or in Luxor (biggest city on the south)? Because those people are NICE and life is going slowly. I can tell you from my own experience. I work with them, travel with them and most of them are extremely helpfull and stand up dudes. Before I came here I was told many bad stories but I was suprised how the things are in reality. Especially in tourism sides of the country. They all know and understand that this is their lives and try to care about these areas. No politic cases are involved in tourism, this is completely safe. I hate when somebody does not verify the facts and only source of raising opinion comes from TV bullshit. I am the european man from Poland, travelling whole my life around the world because this is my work and I tell you things are different than what you’ve been told. I agree that Kairo may not be safest place in the world right now, but why only show the picture of this hot place on TV’s so everybody says “ok, Egypt is totally bad and dangerous”. If it was dangerous, people would be advised not to go there as It was during the revolution 2 years ago, that however was not not even justified, because apart from Kairo, It is all nice and safe place.

      1. What’s wrong with the Polish?

        I know Brits have an issue with them because they’ve become so numerous in their Country.. Which makes a little sense and no sense to me at the same time.

        At least they are European and aren’t running around rioting, burning down parts of their Cities, forcing their nonsense religion on the indigenous.

        1. Hi Silenced, As a Brit, I can say that I have a love/hate relationship with the Polish.

          They are only trying to better themselves but they are numerous in my country and undercut all the British workers in the employment stakes.

          This means that I as a white man accept them but at the same time despise them, I realise that with the large numbers of black and Arab immigrants that the Polish keep our country white but they drive down the wages and living conditions.

          The real enemy is our traitorous government who allowed it to happen, they are to blame, not the Polish, for they only wish to have a better life.

          The Polish however live in a fantasy world for they do not realise that whilst they are here taking British jobs that Poland will have to fill the void somehow and therefore when Britain becomes a sinking ship, and it most definitely will, that when they return to Poland with all their wages that Poland will be a place much like Britain with immigrant labour much preferred over the indigenous population.

          The Polish will then become second class citizens in their own country as the Romanian and Bulgarians take all their jobs, and thus the cycle continues.

          The end result is that greed, the pursuit of profit, becomes the most desired result in life regardless of suffering and poverty.

          1. Well, at least some constructive comment here. Tell you the truth, I was born and raised in Poland south side. When I was a teenager I emigrated by myself to Ireland, where I learnt English and it was there where I started to feel I’m belonging to the wider world. I graduated from French philology, so I happened to succeed in learning 3 foreign languages on a very fluent level. This gave me an opportunity to understand the differences between Us-People, no matter where We come from. I sadly need to agree with some comments about Poles mentality. What you wrote above is truth. I personally saw myself many idiots in Ireland and England. They mostly go there because they seek for better conditions in life.I do not think Polish people are to be blamed for the opportunity taken, in opposition to English gov. I can tell you that unfortunately there are a lot of polish scumbags that emigrated with the first wave many years ago. Thank God jobs are over in many cases so most of them already came back, but it’s far away from ending yet. I love my country, I love Ireland for those who teaught me some good lessons of life, I love the world but I don’t want to be ashamed for people from my country. Same shit everywhere. I know many desent English guys in Poland whom I have a close relation with, but also some of them I would rather stay away from. What really matters is We should look wider and open up our eyes. I like what You wrote, because You see the whole context of stuff.

        1. Obli,
          only an ingnoramous thinks that a Roma gypsy from Poland is a Pole. We have a lot of Poles where I live and they are decent, have a strong work ethic and have strong family values. They take care of thier elderly etc.
          If I was walking down a quiet street at night and there was a couple of Polish guys on the other side of the road I would cross the road to walk behind them as I would feel safer.

          What is shocking though is that the Polish authorities seem to be trying to palm thier criminals off on us. I posted a link about a Polish prison putting up posters encouraging prisoners to move to Bognor Regis. A small coastal town which has a large retirement communiity. Crime has skyrocketed, mostly burglaries etc, perpetrated on an elderly community by Poles.

          1. i’ve read the link…i see, Polish criminals making a bad name for Poles abroad. Polish should stay in Poland and work on their own country, i’d hate to see it invaded or partitioned again 🙁

        1. Hi trevorek7, I have nothing against the Polish people personally and as a race they are decent and for the most part law abiding, my only argument is against our government and greedy companies who have used and abused the Polish labour force to make more profit.

          It is no secret that in Britain the Polish have more or less dominated the building, farming and retail trade, forcing many of our own British people into unemployment.

          This is because the Polish can work for lower wages and still make a profit due to the exchange rate between the British pound and the Polish Zloty. They also share accommodation and food expenses between large groups further increasing their gross profit.

          The British workers however cannot do this because they want to start a family and have their own homes therefore these jobs will always be given to the Polish workers.

          Our government keep saying that all the British are unemployed because they are lazy and the Polish only take the jobs that we do not want, this is obviously a lie. the greedy companies have used the Polish people to lower the wage levels across the board and in doing so have made sure that the British cannot live on these wages.

          Once again, I have nothing against the Polish for they have only taken an opportunity for gain, I would have done the same if the situation was reversed, but lets look at it the other way.

          How would the Polish have responded if it was the British who came over to Poland in massive numbers and took all the Polish jobs away, the Polish would have reacted the same no doubt.

          The Romanians and Bulgarians will be coming to Britain soon and they will work for even less than the Polish therefore all the Polish currently here will be made unemployed due to the never ending greed of companies and when the Polish move back home will there be any jobs for them left in Poland, I doubt it because the Romanians and Bulgarians will have taken the available jobs and the Polish will end up like the British.

          We are all destined for hardship in the future I am sorry to say.

          1. Hi Empty Soul. Thanks for comment. I mostly agree with your point of view but there is one thing I’m not so sure about. As I do not know exactly the real statistics that could prove the data on how many % of Poles take the jobs from English, but I saw few doccumentaries about that situation and there were a lot young English lads complaining to the journalist about those jobs taken away by Poles. Meanwhile, the doccumentary was about one middle age polish man, who worked hard on the farm and was happy he could manage to survive in his life. So the journalist asked these random youths if they wanted to work on that farm (they had few vacancies available then) but in response you could only hear a laugh with saying like “C’mon man, what do you think I am?”. Does this not show what the real problem may be? Now, I’m not saying that this is the only side of the situation. But from my own experience, I used to work in McDonald’s in Ireland. As I was a shift manager there, I had an access to data application for the jobs. Irish recently started to complain about the same “jobs taken away by Poles problem” like English. In this small town there were a lot unemployed people. As I was reviewing CV’s applied to McD’s, 95% of them were from foreigners, not locals. I happened to reach the level now that I have the job that I absolutely love, but I used to work in different places. I know McD’s is not the dream job, but at least makes you earn money and save your dignity, instead of burgling people. After that I saw how hard it is sometimes for certain people to move their lazy asses and get the job, even though it may be frustrating, but it’s easier to be unemployed on social benefits, isn’t it? My best regards from Egypt, where people work for less than 100$ a month, twice as hard as Us – Europeans, and they are happy they have a job going.

          2. Hi trevorek7, Thanks for the reply. I agree that there are lazy people here who see certain jobs as beneath them but since we have an unemployment level of over two million (government statistics) the real statistics is at least twice this much, that they cannot all be lazy.

            I work for a large recruitment company and have access to real employment based figures and it is quite shocking just however many jobs are given to non British people despite the fact that all were qualified and experienced in their chosen field.

            The Polish, for the most part, are very hard workers and deserve their wages however so are the majority of British, because if we believe the myth that all British workers are lazy and incompetent then how does it explain how Britain did all right up until the turn of 2000 when immigration was fast tracked.

            The real truth is that all building contracts are always given to the lowest bidder and therefore low skilled jobs are always going to go to those willing to work for the lowest wages and it is unfair to demand that the British who have fought for hundreds of years for a fair wage to work for these wages particularly when the cost of living in Britain in very high.

            Anyway, it was nice talking to you trevorek7, it is always a good thing when people despite their differences can meet in the middle and debate in an adult and intelligent way, thank you.

  5. anyone who participates in mass gatherings of fleshy virus should not be surprised when shit hit the fan and raping/stealing/murder occurs. THAT is true fv nature. i avoid crowds like the plague for just this reason. off topic i just uploaded a bikini bike wash vid on my yt arnold 84500 and my facebook. there is so much motorcycle gore on this site i thought it’d be good to portray bikers as something other than organ donors. i sent the vid to Mark and i hope he posts it as well. it’s pretty cool. i attended the wash on 24 June 2012 but only just now got my hands on the footage. ENJOY!

  6. Just saw on the news that the five men responsible for raping a woman on a bus in India were found not guilty. A judge found that there was no way penetration could have ocurred after seeing the size of their penises.
    (Is that even the right plural for penis?…penis’, peni?)

    1. they would have us believe its to do with size??? wtf….if, he’s too big or small he can not rape…..well what do you expect from a patriarcal society,and besides whoever heard of an indian with a huge pork sword ffsx1,000…am sure this will sit well with those calling for even just a little bit of justice

    1. not all the egyptian like this .. its an odd act ..cause of absece of police .. please try to imagin how many women will raped and number of murdurs if american police doesnt exist in an area !!

    1. the translation is .. agirl speaking about that action . and said that the people in this area holding the woman and want to touch her over her body . then some people try to prtect her like the man with propan tank . some one take of his pants to give it to her and cover her legs

  7. come on guys what is that bad comments .. no one is fair …

    i agree with you that this are totally abad actions and it annoyed me as an egyptian

    but not all of us like those .. and our islamic riligion prevent this actions . and it told us to take care of women .. just read about islam in islamic sites or listen to your muslim neighbour

    try to see movies about your selves that speak about your murders and rapeness

    try to make acomparison about how many women raped in america and in egypt or islamic nations

    if threre is an area like that in video without police in america i agree that this women will killed and raped not just sexual harras . but in egypt good men try to help her . some take of his pants to give to her and cover her

    just be fair in your judge

  8. Yeah, well, most of us in NY just consider it “a typical ride” on the subway. Boy, I am tired of hearing other women crying about, “Some guy put his hand on my ass”, or some equally frivolous thing. Really, I think “being a victim” of any kind of sexual attack is all in your attitude. Bad shit happens. Suck it up and move on. Women these days act like one night can really “destroy your life”. Unless there are severe, and/or permanent physical injuries sustained during the attack, you, your life, and everyone and everything in it, are exactly the same the next day.

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