Young Man Crudely Castrated by Having Testicles Cut Off with Knife

Young Man Crudely Castrated by Having Testicles Cut Off with Knife

Hope you got your fag hat on. And a butt cheeks clencher.

The video shows a young man getting crudely castrated by having his testicles cut off with a knife and some kind of box cutter. It looks like the cutting was done by the guy’s buddy, who performed the Do-It-At-Home castration without wearing any sterile gloves or anything of sorts.

The castration didn’t go as smoothly as the now-eunuch would have liked, I suppose, but in the end, the ultimate goal was achieved. Not sure if his pecker is next, or has already been done. The shkinkage is real.


The video has been removed upon request by the owner. I apologize for the inconvenience to all the readers. Best Gore respects the intellectual rights of property owners and when proof of ownership is provided, it is quickly acted upon. I further apologize to the owner for the unintentionally unauthorized use of his video.

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198 thoughts on “Young Man Crudely Castrated by Having Testicles Cut Off with Knife”

      1. Why would he do it …. does he not want the be a man ??

        And give women what they want and derserve ??

        maybe he was tiny down there and was like I’m done being a man I wanna be a it and get anal the rest of his life?

        1. @mrspock The Urethra does not extend into the scrotum. He’ll be stuck on *Band-aids brand. Cus *Band-aids stick where you don’t Pee…. Try getting that jingle out of your head. It’s not bad compared to the *Oscar Mayer Wiener jingle where they make little boys sing how much they’d like to be a wiener. He hs his wiener.

          1. W that fucking home made debauchery??!! This idiot doesn’t ever deserve to piss again. total infection and he def had to go to the hospital no way he didn’t. Also when he comes down off his acid trip. Yep you still have a homemade pussy fool !!

        1. Some people, like the guys in this video, are into very extreme body modifications. Cutting off their dicks, balls, nipples and tits is how they spend their free time.

          I don’t get it and will never get why people do this kind of shit.

    1. I’m going to interrupt this first comment because it is Fucked up and it looks like the tip of his penis has been cut off previously. Another observation is that there is a die on his abdomen, above the fag stamp [tattoo]. I wonder if this is some sort of … of … Russian Roulette comparison game for the dark web gay thingy? Anyone else not look at the testis being sliced to notice? WTF??? This is just not completely fucked up, it’s just FUCKED UP ROYALLY!

      1. Indeed my gore friend.

        That chapter is over. No POWER PISSING for him anymore.

        He will be beta for life.

        But how the fuck will he piss now??? Or jizz???

        WTF am I doing here????? Siiiiiiiiick!!!

        1. This has got be really fucked up.
          Why would someone want to be castrated? What a homo!

          If his MOTHER knew the shit he was letting happen to himself, she would be VERY FUCKING UPSET!!!!

          Beta for life, indeed.

          1. I could beat up everyone involved with this video, cause my balls my unit be it as it may, don’t like what happened at all, whatsoever. This things fight or flight response is nill. In the apocalypse these things will know the wrong they have done. -951-

  1. Can’t breathe. Not kidding. This video hurts. Ohhh man. No beheading. Wait lol. Wait lol. Thought I didn’t have limits. I have limits!!!! Now I do!! One visual that cannot be unseen!

    1. The BG girls are probably LAUGHING at us guys because we can’t watch this shit, without squirming in our seats, contorting our faces, and CROSSING ONE LEG OVER ANOTHER!!!


      1. @mrspock. They can laugh all they want. This is something us men just don’t fuck around with. Our cock and balls. Well some of us do. Most of us would never ever ever ever ever ever ever. This video takes the cake. Thank god i have the best otterbox for my iphone. Every time I attempt this one it just flies out of my hands. Lmfaoooo!! @13lunt420media. You finally got me !!! I’ve been got. Lol

      2. @Mrspock Try giving birth without pain meds. The pain doesn’t go away for a couple of hours and when do you give birth, you think that it is over? Noooooo my dear friend. Then you have to deliver the after birth which is just as painful by natural birth. I understand that being hit in the gonads is painful. Try … morning sickness … try having your ribs being pushed out so far in your last trimester, that it feels as if you have cracked or broken your ribs for at least 2 months. Try getting out of a chair … Try varicose veins … Try stretch marks … try boobs that are so painful that you would rather have them explode, edema, high levels of progesterone, inflammation, difficulty breathing because your intestines are where your lungs should be, hip pain as your body separates the symphysis from the pubis, sciatica, farting uncontrollably, lack of bladder control….. Hemorrhoids!!!! Heartburn, It goes on and on…. However, when women are experiencing lack of sleep as there is no other way to sleep but on our backs, the man takes it as a sign that the woman wants sex. ????? WTF! “Honey, here is a sock from the hamper that you wore all day in the sweltering heat and a bottle of lotion.” I understand that to have a child is only an orgasm to a man. SUCK it up for a couple of hours and men, suck it up… You really don’t hear of women complaining so much about pregnancy. Men only hear the bitching and swearing during child birth. I didn’t hear that man even get close to what women say in a delivery room.

        Then again Mr Spock, you after all, suppress your emotions as you are half human… GUFFAW! ~wink~;)

  2. I think this guy is some sort of transgender-faggot who can’t affort a proper surgeon. I hope he’s gonna get a nasty flesh eating infection. That’ll give him the vagina he always wanted.

      1. You’re a sharp observer, Illegal. Nice one haha. I saw the feminine tattoo but my brain did not really register it (if you know what I mean). Perhaps as soon as I saw the clip, I realised the guy has to be an absolute faggot anyway to want his nuts cut off, whatever else my eyes noticed didn’t really matter.

        1. I’m glad the videos gone. I don’t need to see it ever again. Happy we can still shoot the shit about it though! Wish we can get an update of what really happ after the at home removal.

      1. @DestinationDeath.
        What would YOU call this knob magnet pictured above? Does “cock sucking transgender faggot” sound better? Is that the sensitive, tolerant terminology?
        You people can attach 100’s of sub-genres or whatever, but the bottom line is this. There is male and there is female. There is regular sexual(cuz I’m proud of my ignorance) and there are faggots. Disputing that is ignorant.

        1. I don’t think it’s a sensitive PC thing. Just transgender and faggot are 2 different things is all. It seems most transgender don’t quit liking the opposite sex. And a lot of transvestites are straight too. It’s weird.

          1. @itsplaster
            Let me see if I got this ‘straight’.
            A transgender person who was born as a male anatomically and who is attracted to females as you suggest, but, wants to become a female who is attracted to females involves no faggotry of any sort? Is that a fair interpretation of your assertion? I get it. It’s still a man brain so attraction to females is not queer. Here’s where my claim of dirty faggotry comes from. Who is he gonna fuck and why? Either way, if it is sexually active with other humans there will be some deviation from traditional heterosexual pounding involved in there somewhere. No?
            Also, I stand corrected. I didn’t use the term PC but it was strongly suggested. I feel like making the distinction between trannys and homos is splitting hairs but I’m not an expert on such things.
            Anyway, I just wanted to clarify my harsh reaction to the labeling distinction and why I think that being a homo is a huge factor in this persons decision.

      1. There’s been numerous cases of White women and girls getting raped in England by “Syrian” refugees while the police turn a blind eye…

        Get out from underneath that rock you live under… πŸ™„

        1. @gnat i arm the women i care about with lock knives and home made pepper spray cleverly concealed within a cheap perfume bottle. Plus my lady wife never leaves the house without our wonderful German Shepherd Blondie. So my rocks nice, warm and comfortable cheers mate

          1. “Muslim rape gangs in England”…

            Search it if you don’t believe me…

            Other than that… I commend you on your survival instincts…


          2. @UncleJim.
            Those precautions seem a bit drastic considering how safe white women are while walking the streets of England.
            That’s not to say that I wouldn’t do the same.

          3. @unclejim ‘Home made pepperspray’ yea good luck with that! How’s about a machete? A gun? A knuckle-duster? You sound more like a pussy than any Swedish faggot could ever do. Ever kicked a Moroccan guy’s ass? I fuckin did. Words don’t get you anywhere tough guy.

        2. @gnat Thank you. When you love somebody no amount of forethought and preparedness for their safety/happiness is too little or over the top in my opinion. You are right of course about rape gangs i was just baiting the swede whilst enjoying a post working all weekend so i can sit on my arse all week scotch or 6 lol. There are subhumans everywhere we missed the boat in the 40s for our racial salvation.

      2. I’ve seen videos on Facebook where pisslims march on London streets in flocks shouting allah snack bar while all the white people do is just stay away & stare at ’em helplessly. I’m not an Englishman but even I feel bad seeing you guys having to bow down to those camel piss drinking goat fuckers like that. Looks to me like you guys don’t have much time before it gets outta control mate.

          1. @unclejim WTF are you talkin about dude. Only my name is Swedish. I don’t know any Olaf plus I’m not an alcoholic like you are. Like I said, have another drink buddy. Keep talking shit I like it like that. Let me send you a friendship request.

        1. @trigormortis not me daddio I’m a psychologically unbalanced 6ft burly skin head with tendencies too violence (i.e I’ve admitsterd and been subjected too more violence than most and am not shy from giving a wog my size 12 boots in his ugly mongrel raping face) I hide very well through manipulation & a 146 iq so i can work a few hours a week at a professional white collar gig and enjoy my teenage wife and living in my own home bought for cash debt free whilst enjoying life.

          1. @dan-a-conda. Fuck it pal id rather take precautions i don’t need too than neglect these vital things and become the weak victim ZOG wants us too be. I love my family and would die for them in an instant that is a real mans duty in this world

        2. @trigormortis I don’t feel sorry in any way. They voted for this so let them have it. ‘Stare at them helplessly’.. I kicked some of them underdeveloped apes their asses and it felt fucking great. How they go running when they are alone. Get them while they’re isolated.

        1. That was exactly what I said. Dick. What’s your fucking problem? Oh yea you live in the fuckin UK.. Good luck with that buddy keep reflecting your shit on others. We all know UK wants to get fucked in the ass. Accept that muzzie cock. Accept my friendship request you English cocksucker.

  3. I like how the perpetrator has a tube map on the bed like they are already planning their escape from the eventual crime scene after the aids ridden faggot spills its poised blood out until the vile creature shuffles off this mortal coil. I really hope the 1st responders wear gloves when sticking its diseased carcass in a meat sack (ironically also what the wife calls my ball bag). If i had too go within 6feet of the sissies riddled corpse id demand a full Nuclear Biological and Chemical warfare suit. Hope it suffered before it died. Burn the body scatter its ashes at the dump.

  4. shoulda used a cutco brand knife and two 30mg blue roxy pills and a cover up tat over that one saying i use to be there with a real life portarait of ron jeremy being really sad cross armed, I’m sure they don’t have resources to any of this

    1. Unless it’s a 10 yr old boy it looks like it has been taking lady hormones for some time. A grown mans junk cannot be that goddamn small without manipulating hormone levels.

        1. I’m no that’s sure that I understand why you’re asking this. If you’re addressing my comment, I was talking about the subject of the post. No subtext.
          If you’re seriously asking me to give you the names of all the people who regard faggots as gay men, I can’t answer that.

    1. @zen suffering. Maybe its boyfriend rolls them too see how many chubby shit stained fingers it will probe into the deep bloody and soon too be infected (We hope lol) hole where its tiny faggot testicles used too be. They both deserve too die for crimes against God and Man.

  5. Geez ya just can’t change a faggot’s mind . Most faggots have it in them not wanting their own genitals but that of the opposite sex so if its so let them have it
    He likes getting bobbitized . This faggot hasn’t got a fair notion that the nuts removed and the cavity formed thereof won’t be of any use . BTW those tattoos are a big invite for a wild anal sex with this male whore .

  6. Apparently this was done by a Homeopathic Dentist who convinced the guy that this was a cure for toothache. He had previously remedied an ingrowing toenail problem by a deep hot meat injection in the guy’s anus. This is what happens when we turn our backs on proper Medical Science.

    1. Gone in less than 60 seconds… but a lifetime to regret at one’s leisure.
      I once foolishly decided to shave my knackersack for sexy purposes and nicked the wrinkled skin bag with the razor. It was quite a heavy bleed but healed up okay without needing medical attention. However, the awful thing was the jaggy stubble for weeks afterwards which itched like Hell. The stupid things you do on stupid whims. I had thought it might make Lady Wankflash want to linger longer around my ballsack and love cannon and deliver lengthy blowjobs. Nothing could have been further from the truth… the spikey stubble brought her out in a chin and face rash. Things never really recovered after that if I am honest.
      If I had been there with this guy I could have warned him of the possible negative outcomes. You live and learn.

  7. I’m so glad this got removed before I could watch it, because I would and it looks painful to watch. I have no problems with beheadings and all that but cutting off dicks or testicles is too much for me to handle. Please.

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