African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men

African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men

This video is from a small town of Kafue, located about 210 miles (338 km) from the famous Victoria Falls in the southern region of Zambia. It depicts the abuse of a woman who was beaten unconscious, after which a group of men take turns to sexually abuse her by touching her private parts and inserting objects into her shaven slit. This incidence occurred on 26th of June, 2016.

Best Gore member @african-angel provides an insight:

After doing research on this with an aid from a Malawian counterpart who understands the chewa/nyanja language spoken throughout the video and helped me with translations, this is what I came up with:

The victim was identified as Nagaad Saad (her name sounds strange in this region of Africa though). She’s in her early thirties. She was beaten by her 24 year old boyfriend who is a Disc Jockey. His name is Chishimba Chibemba, but he goes by DJ Chichi.

According to the information we gathered, DJ Chichi was informed by an associate who observed his girlfriend whoring herself out, that she’s flirting with other guys.

I concede that the woman is a whore, judging by her not wearing any under pants under her miniskirt.

In the beginning of the video, you can hear the woman and other spectators pleading “osamumenya” (do not beat her) with the attacker.

Later you hear a guy shouting: “inunkila elo ichosa na manzi“, which means the pussy smells sexy and it’s dripping water.

After the video in which he was seen assaulting her lover went viral on social media, DJ Chichi went into hiding. He was apprehended in January 2017, and appeared in court where he pleaded guilty to the charge of assaulting and stripping his girlfriend.

He was sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour, despite pleadings from the victim not to prosecute him.

The other five retards who sexually assaulted her have been already arrested and identified with the help of incarcerated DJ. They have been charged with rape, sexual and indecent assaults, which carry a minimum sentence of 18 years with hard labour and no parole.

Moral of the story is: when there are no white women to rape, black women will do, I guess? Thank you for the video and the insight, @african-angel:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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286 thoughts on “African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men”

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      1. Am I wrong to say she just urinated herself from being kicked so hard in the head that she was starting to have a seizure from the brain swelling causing brain damage? She had quite a bit of blood on her face, eyes wide open, couldn’t move by herself and towards end of video she appeared to be shaking as if seizing while urinating herself.

        1. It looked like one of them used a taser on her vaginal area which caused her to piss herself.
          She was most likely shaking from the shock.
          As for seizure, it is possible, but not likely the source.

        2. i box, i have done since my early teens and you’d be surprised just how many people piss themselves after being knocked out, seems to happen more in street fights in my experience but happens with fits to. some have even shit themselves

    1. Being a woman, I still don’t understand the concept of rape. If you’re under age, maybe. If you’re too shitfaced to know what’s going on, perhaps. But if you knowingly and willingly go with some dude to his pad, even though you brought your own car, on your head be it. As women, some of us have thinking, reasoning brains; it’s just too bad that we refuse to use them. I believe the woman is just as responsible for the consequences of her actions as the man is. Going with a man to his place is tacit acceptance for whatever he wants to do to you. End of discussion.

        1. Roosa!!! this girl did not deserve any of this shit. Wtf are u saying?? I’m a man. I love my mother. Would never lay my hand on a woman unless she’s beating me. And even then I run cause I’d kill her one punch. They’re fragile. These guys hate their moms for abandonment or something in that manner. Ladies first question you ask a man is do you love your mother. He says no bounce quick. How the FUCK can he respect you? Same for us. Two things I do on the first date. Ask her if she loves her father? Second I raid the medicine cabinet to see if there’s any Valtrex. You’re not getting rid of herpes. Or a deprived of a father woman. This is great advice!!!

          1. Ok but what if your mother is crazy and used to tread you realy bad as a child?( like mine did)
            So your statement doesnt work. Even so i would never hit my girlfriend or any other lady for that matter.

          2. Can’t bring myself to love a man who sexually assaulted me as a child. If that makes a man not want to date me it’s his loss lol. That’s an insane assumption to assume a person is crazy or somehow unworthy because hey have an issue with a parent. Doesn’t mean they have an issue with that sex or gender. I don’t hate men because my birth father left and step father ( man who raised me) assaulted me for years as a child. Glad both are out of my life sure, but I actually like men more than I do women. Have more issues with women than me , an y relationship with my mother is wonderful. Of you base your love life on the fact that a woman may have a bad taste for her father you may be missing out on a great woman.

          1. These MF’s will burn in hell. That poor woman is suffering atrocious dreadful gruesome extreme appalling shocking treatment by evil shit stain excuses for men. BURN IN HELL YOU ASSHOLES!

      1. My question to you is; what is it called when a man is drunk and the woman is sober? Is that still rape? What about female school teachers having sex with underage males? Rape? How about single mothers circumcising newborn males-which by definition is sexual assault, is that rape? Is what about females who psychologically manipulate males into “not being scared of this pussy” ,is that rape? Serious question…..And to all the mangina, white knight douchebags who think this is a joke- Hurry up and die. #MGTOW

        1. if I make a baby, the last thing I’d do is allow circumcision without me there. some guys are just too lazy, checked out, stoned, ptsd, ambivalent, scared, hanging with the bros, watching tv, stuffing face, jerking off or having strange women over to rape to care

          1. Dumb typical cunt. Your dismissive attitude towards males is indicative in your language. You only think women can be victims. You have no concern for male rape victims. That is why you bitches are getting the karma….

        2. Being a man and a lil shit at one time. I wish my teachers molested me. Ride my lil dick at the time. I would have been king is my English teacher through me down and blew me. She was hot. I know this sounds sick but it’s every KIDS dream. Wtf u think I was doing in the bathroom for all hours of the day when I hit 12. My mother thought I had Chrones disease. And there were never any tissues. There was a FRIGGEN shortage LMFAO. Lololollll

          1. Stan. I know it sounds sick but it’s diff for men/ boys. We are horny as hell. When you’re a kid it’s just walking lil hornball. Just wishing u had a woman/ girl / teacher. Everyone of my friends say the same shit. it just happened recently here. Lil kid had two teachers and hot ones. And how did they get caught. You can’t hold that shit back at school. You just FUCKING got molested not by one hot teacher but two. Gotta tell everyone that u are king and deserve royal treatment forever. Lol

          2. @goreddict Kevin It doesn’t sound sick to say that’s every boy’s dream. It’s an extremely common dream and guys who do have sex with their teachers usually brag about it. That’s how it usually comes to light. It doesn’t come out because the boys are crying and falling apart. And when these items hit the news, comments from men usually say “Way to go” “Lucky fucker” “I wish I’d nailed my teacher” However, in the eyes of the law, it is rape so she must do the time, which is fair. But the jail time is to technically uphold the law. I think if a guy had sex with his hot 23-year-old teacher at age 14; it will be a story he’s still enjoying telling when he’s 50. Men who are aggravated with the system giving women a pass bring up the female teacher raping young boy as a means to point out that women are also rapists. However, (except in a few cases) it’s a technical crime. The victim always seemed quite proud of the sex.

          3. @kevin that happened to me.
            I studied in a Christian school as i’m a christian , i was molested by my Female principal when i was 13 years old. although i was scared to shit at first, later i got addicted to that 35 years old pussy for almost 3 years when my parents found out and left the city.

          4. @shekar4evr

            Dafuq??? This shit happens in India? The closest I had was my 5th grade English teacher. She was quite young, probably 22-23. Good looking although not spectacular. Very thin so her tits were small. She was quite whorey though and she flirted with me all the time but never made any direct sexual remarks.

      1. what i said bout not taking shit seriously here.
        Btw I don’t support rape and would always try to stop if i ever come across one. I just wanted to make a funny comment bout that whore and yeah I didn’t like the part they were beating her.

        1. Why is she a whore to. That is the problem with this site. Most men see a woman beaten or stabbed to death and say she was a whore or she must have prick teased them so she deserved it. You call the women all sort of names but know fuck all about why she was killed.

    1. I’d honestly never touch a black woman, no matter how desperate I was. I’m probably the only one that doesn’t find black or dark skinned women in general even remotely attractive. Maybe I’m just wired that way. I don’t know lol. But even if a black woman took off all her clothes and begged me for sex, I would not get an erection.

        1. Nah man. I honestly, don’t find any of them attractive. People say Beyonce and Halle Berry are attractive but they do nothing for me. Also, I don’t find the East Asian (Mongoloid) women attractive either. Maybe, the furthest I’ll go is acknowledge that they are cute or something but I wouldn’t want anything to do with them. I’m only attracted to the normal Caucasoid faces, I suppose.

          1. I prefer Caucasian ones also, but would settle for East Asians, especially as many women there seem to be modest, with exceptions naturally, while Caucasian ones seem not to be as modest on average.

          2. Same here. Never got into the whole hype about east Asian women, although some central Asian are nice (some Hindu and Paki women). Negro women are ugly by nature and if they are attractive it’s because they changed their natural looks by bleeching their skins and dying their hair blonde.

            White women are the best looking, shame most of them are nasty arrogant cunts.

          3. @officerofthewatch

            Yeah, Central Asian women are indeed much more attractive than the average East Asian women especially Tajik, Uzbek, Kazakh. But that’s because they mostly look like a mix of Caucasian and Mongol and I do believe they have significant Caucasian blood in them.

            Some Nepalis and Indian Mongoloids also look like mix of Caucasian-Mongol and are quite attractive.

          4. @hindustan. I’ve been W all accept Indian. Priyanka chopra!! Omfg so stunningly beautiful. She’s super nice too. That’s the kind of Indian woman I want. Wishful thinking. Gotta aim high lol.

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          1. @hindustan. Yes a lot of them mostly yes all I’ve seen are dark. NOT attracted one bit. However chopra. She’s a star correct from India. Famous Indian actress. Correct ?? And she’s gorgeous. Sick body. That’s another thing you do not see Indian women w big tits and a for basketball round ass. Same if I see an Asian chick w big tits. I go NUTTTTS. LIK. Fucking hitomi Tanaka pornstar from Japan. U don’t see this shit ever lol. Yes I know my Women haha

          2. @hindustan. Yes a lot of them mostly yes all I’ve seen are dark. NOT attracted one bit. However chopra. She’s a star correct from India. Famous Indian actress. Correct ?? And she’s gorgeous. Sick body. That’s another thing you do not see Indian women w big tits and a fit basketball round ass. Same if I see an Asian chick w big tits. I go NUTTTTS. LOl. Fucking hitomi Tanaka pornstar from Japan. U don’t see this shit ever lol. Yes I know my Women haha. Oh yeah shakar4ever if you’re reading This. I couldn’t comment. We had no more room for that epic conversation. You are king that you fucked your teacher in my eyes and every other dude that’s straight on here and all reading. Yes. You too. Ha. That’s awesome for you not the teacher unfortunately. She goes to jail. But you are a lil SHIT hero at the time ha

          3. @suraj-adh

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            Aishwariya is okay. I like her grey-green eyes but the appeal ends there.

            There are better looking girls in my town than those two. Lmao.

          4. Yes, she’s black and soooooo ugly. I don’t know how can anyone find her attractive. Seriously, dude is everyone around you so ugly that you find Deepika attractive? I’ve seen better looking beggar girls. Fuck that bitch. Whores like her only get into the industry by sucking cocks.

            Now, about that whore Sunny Leone. Yeah, she might be a dirty slut but she’s like miles ahead of that ugly, dark, piece of shit – Deepika.

            Now, women like Kareena Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Vaishali Desai, Zoya Afroz, Pragya Jaiswal, Zarine Khan, etc. these are the attractive sort. Note: Not all of these are spectacular but they are beautiful nonetheless.

            One of the most beautiful women, in my opinion is Urvashi Sharma. And Katrina Kaif (she’s half British so maybe count her out).

            These are attractive women not UGLY, DIRTY, SLUTS LIKE THAT DEEPIKA. She should be killed as soon as possible. She must not pass on her ugly genes. Maybe go outside. You will find better looking women than that dark bitch.

      2. Hindustan you mentioned that you are only attracted to white or “light skinned” indians. all ethnic indians are dark brown to light brown. There is no such thing as white indian. there are a few white skinned “indians” but they are immigrants from persia like parsis like Freddy Mercury and some bollywood actresses, or maybe armenian/ other immigrants in India.

        and to be honest to most non-indians, indian women are not really attractive. and i wouldn’t worry about blacks as most black women don’t like indians either.

        1. @persian

          Lol what a joke this guy is. Persians are brown mostly and none of them look white. I’ve never seen a Persian that can pass off as white and no Indians came from Persia. The ones that did like the Parsis, are mostly dark themselves. You should look up Amyra Dastur. She’s a Paris and looks nothing like white. Indians look more white than Persians or Arabs.

          You should look up the actresses, I mentioned above. There are Indians that are full pale white like Europeans.
          You forget that, even the word Aryan which Germans used for their Nazi propaganda comes from Sanskrit. And Indians referred to themselves as Aryans before the word ‘Hindu’ came along. The historical name of North India is Aryavarta or Aryana, meaning ‘Land of the Aryans’.

          Lol fuck off Persian wannabe white. Armenians look like brown pieces of shit too like that whore Kim Kardashian. BTW, I’ve never heard of any Armenian community in India.

        1. Why, does your husband gets you ”by surprise” at times, otherwise you should wear it, unless you scratch yourself a lot as it itches down there and you could fuck up your fingers. Although you’d have to seek a device to protect against sodomy…

          1. @undergroundweller I actually think that belt is a good device. Especially if someone drunk attacked you. They’d have hell figured the belt out. I don’t think that’s a bad idea if you’re truly paranoid but like the ones that slice and dice, those shouldn’t be allowed. Too easy to hurt an innocent person. I personally wouldn’t wear any of them but I meant women in areas where rape is prevalent.

        2. Deth are u fucking serious w this?? Like the movie teeth. Fucking girl has teeth in her Pussy and bites off all cocks. If women find out about this they’re gonna start wearing this shit married. Get into a fight or get caught cheating. She throws in her FUCKING teeth lol. Omg deth stop this conversation. No woman needs this device.

          1. Well, if it’s above the knee it has some risks in my perception, even if you cross your legs while sitting you sometimes have to change the legs, although I understand you have sensitive skin. Just as a curiosity, on so called funk balls (baile funks) here in Brazil, women without underwear don’t pay (just like the girl above), and you know why…

        1. @dethbyplaster…I have a sensitive cock…maybe we’d be a good match.?…by sensitive I mean if your pussy is really wet, I’ll cum quick…but in all seriousness I think this was pretty disgusting behavior. Guy kicked her square in the face! she pissed herself from having convulsions and unable to breathe,and they all laughed sexually harassed her.
          It’s such an awful double standard…guys want to fuck and treat women like whores,but when a woman acts or dresses lil slutty,or even gets mistaken for being a whore,Man instantly chastises,or ostracize, or goes berserk…tho secretly would beat off to them in second.

    1. I think she means one of those chastity belts, that’s basically like a cage for the pussy. The husband is supposed to hold the key to remove the device; its supposed to keep the woman chaste until he returns.

      And believe me, it won’t work. When it comes to pussy, us guys will find a way to get at it, one way or another, even if it means having to blowtorch it off. What’s a few singed pussy hairs compared to heaven?

          1. @happy Your logic is, since women aren’t really at risk like men are, making a video leading them to believe they are at risk is wrong. And I think “what does it hurt to have a awareness?” I don’t think that particular video is a good one because of the material but that’s not the issue, right. The issue is that it’s catering to women, so to speak. I just don’t think telling a woman to have her guard up is wrong even if it’s overkill. Because although it may happen to men more, that’s not a reason for women to think nothing will happen to them. Who does it hurt for a woman to be cautious and aware? Women should do that and men should do it. Since there are videos that point out women as victims of rape, why doesn’t somebody make videos to make men aware and use caution? Just because no one is making videos regarding men’s safety is not a reason to begrudge a video for women’s safety. Somebody who gives a shit about men should get off their ass and do something. Put out information. Make videos.

          1. Giving a re-watch to the video above, I think it’s more disgusting than the YouTube video. The video was propaganda. The BG video was a chick getting busted in the face, pissing herself while having some kind of seizure and guys touching her pussy. It was real; not political.

          2. Ahh, the good ole Strawman fallacy. That’s why Best Gore’s front page states that the content featured on the website is disgusting, etc. This is not and never has been for debate, but what does it have to do with the female in the video shilling for female privilege with complete bullshit statements suggesting that it’s dangerous for women out there, when just by virtue of having a pussy, one stands only a miserable chance of getting hurt in any way compared to the opposite sex. Men are the primary victims of violence by a vast margin. That includes sexual violence.


          3. The devices are OK (some seem uncomfortable and bulky), a woman should have the right to protect against diseases and bad sperm, but I can see how some badly intentioned women could use some of them, especially the condom and the tampon to harm some men, let alone the accidents which could be caused, especially by that jacket which could shock anyone who would touch that girl…

          4. Strawman again. I was talking about the woman making claims implying that it’s dangerous for women out there, when men are the primary victims of violence in all forms and by a wide margin. Not about women not wanting to get raped.

            Can you see what you’re doing yet? You’re only proving what I have always been stating – that facts are a cryptonite to feminists. You have never been able to counter any fact with anything that could hold up, so every counter argument you use is a strawman – you make up an argument that is not advanced and attack that made up argument, to create an illusion of refuting the original argument.

          5. Just because she said that it may be dangerous to women out there it may not necessarily imply that it’s not even more dangerous for men out there. I personally don’t see a lot of negative things in that video, ignoring the stupid language and immagery which is expected from any video from that channel, as rape happens, what I find worrying is the lack of videos presenting other points of view (at least by mainstream channels, as you can find some on less popular ones), like a top 10 false rape accusations, etc. My point of view.
            I found this video of ten false rape accusations, but the channel has around 1 million subscribers (The Amazing Atheist), while The Richest has more than 6…

          6. @dethbyplaster I’ll just criticize one thing about your comment, and that’s your point that no one is doing videos about men. I’d say that at least mainstream channels aren’t, and that’s because of the lack of money for it, as mainstream channels have more funds, and probably liberals and bad charactered rich people (many chosen ones) sponsor these, to put forward their agendas. Also there’s more pressure towards female protection information, so to speak, as we live in a feminist society, in which these videos are more welcome, as cases of rape, and propaganda about rape awareness, have always been shown on TV, but false rape accusations receive much less attention…

          7. @undergroundweller I often say things like that mostly looking to the MRA, MRM, mgtow crowd. I feel like they have a stage but instead of using it to actually elevate men, they use their platform (YouTube mostly) to talk about how shitty women are. If these popular YouTubers would put the energy they put into making literally thousands of videos about women and made some that talked about men’s problems, they might have a voice that would generate some change. As of now, the loudest voice for real men’s rights (and not talking about whores and gold diggers) is Karen Straughan.

          8. No, the enforcement of the idea that women are somehow victims is what the purpose of that statement in the video was. If that wasn’t the purpose, the statement would simply say in general terms that it’s dangerous out there for everyone, and not that it’s dangerous for women. The fact that specifically women were highlighted when talking about threats of physical attacks, tells you the video has an agenda.

            @undergroundweller the shine of your white armor is blinding…

          9. @happy I think the only acceptable thing I can say is women are not victims of rape/crime very much and should not present such a video. For the few that are attacked – they’re in the minority so it doesn’t call for a video acting as if they are in danger that often. That sounds like what you believe and want to hear.
            I have many more opinions on this but I know when I’m wasting my time. I know how you feel about, um, “female privilege.”

        1. I always considered obesity to be the best, most effective anti-rape measure as evidenced by the fact that the fat, purple haired women on tv that they always bring on to discuss rape issues never seem to talk from experience.

          1. @empty-soul lol i can see your humor, but have you seen the size of women these scrawny niggs chase after? With the high rate of rape by blacks, whatever extra weight packed on will only make them slower and easier prey lol

        1. @dethbyplaster I’ll never understand why!?lol I’ve known a lot of beanpole skinny black guys that loved morbidly obese white/black women and a common answer when asked why was ‘mo cushion’.lol I’ve noticed that im not being notified most of the time when mentioned by others, seen a couple from u while reviewing comments later on. Has it happened to you much?

  2. Man, I was actually getting a little turned on until the camera focused on her bleeding face. That made it clear she wasn’t just surrendering to their torture, that kick must have dazzled her. #BlackLivesMatter

  3. When you go on BS before school then contemplate if you wanna ditch the whole day because life doesn’t really fucking matter when cunts like these live in the same world you do.
    I’d like to see how they’d like it if someone sexually tortured them! Then whose laughing you pig fucks.

    1. Young boys in the U.S. Are continually forced to pay child support to their rapist who conceived their child through that rape…..that is torture hun. Lots to learn huh? Start on my YouTube channel. Click my profile and start learning….,;P

        1. Yet when a women decides to bring a fetus to birth, even when she knows she can’t afford it, she can still opt for safe haven laws, adoption, or welfare all to allow her to not be held accountable for her reckless decisions. Meanwhile a male gets no choice comparatively and no opt out option. So yeah you sexist bitch I see through you.

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  5. I would have see them be raped and beaten like this, f*cking apes.. It hurts a lot to watch since both my mother and one of my sisters been raped and think it could have been them that got this >_< No women deserves to be treated like those cunts do to her 😮

  6. We should be thankful for everytime a boat full of Niggers sinks in the Mediterranean, it means less apes like these ones get to come to Europe and turn our place into a shithole, just look at the places populated by Niggers, from Detroit to Africa, from Haiti to La Courneuve(Paris) and ask yourself, Do I really want my place to look like these shitholes in a few years when Niggers take over it? Look at this video and ask yourself, do I really my daughter to be raped like this by a bunch of Niggers?

  7. Everyone watches a video of a 12 your old white girl kill herself my hanging: “OMG THATS SO FUCKING SAD THIS IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED”

    African woman gets beat and raped: “HAR HAR HAR FUCK THIS NIGGER BITCH!!”

    Goes to show how fucked people are mentally.

        1. @undergroundweller That doesn’t even come close to deserving that treatment. Flirting, being sexy, dancing sexy for other guys etc. Those things deserve getting dumped. There is not even the slightest chance that her behavior deserved being legit knocked out and hit hard enough to piss uncontrollably and be penetrated with whatever (it just said objects in commentary) and raped by several men.
          That should be legal because she was “cock teasing?” That cannot be justified.
          Ah just saw reply to divineinsanty and my convo and you stand by this.

          1. @dethbyplaster OK, in a sense to turn around and say goodbye may be the best thing, it would avoid a lawsuit by a biased feminist court. But on the other, you may discipline her and keep her or discipline her and dump her. In the former you’d be opting for a Pavlovian conditioning, just like a child, in the hopes that the threat will stop her from cock teasing. Many women (if not all) are cock teasers to one extent of the other, so to dump one and go to the next wouldn’t be, in some situations at least, as logical as disciplining her. In the latter (disciplining and dumping), it could have a similar effect (as a father who beats the child might generate fear of authority in general), although it would be necessary that a change in the attitude of society in general be effected. There is another option which is killing, in more serious cases (adultery), like Islam does. I don’t know if it’d be fruitful, it may keep women from committing it by setting the example.

    1. Nothing wrong with a decent rug @Andrew. As long as you’re not averse to getting the odd stray pube stuck in your teeth, a decent growth is a good thing. And just as beards grow more the more one shaves them, well, you get my drift eh?
      Mind you, Afro or bald?. I’d go with the latter on that one, like this unfortunate woman did.

  8. This is sick. These dudes touching all on her as if they’ve never seen a real life vagina before. I can’t seem to grasp that when some men refer to a woman as a whore, slut, tramp, etc etc or claim they’re sleeping around, why would they want to be anywhere near the woman and even more so, her vagina?

    1. @divineinsanity The comments section is close to frightening. It’s weird because “rape culture” is a feminist term and I’ve NEVER seen it or bought into it. Then I come to place that hates feminism but is the only place I’ve actually ever seen anything resembling rape culture. How ironic is that? Lol Laughing about a woman being beaten the hell up and raped – Check. Saying how she was acting caused her rape – Check. Saying she was raped because of her clothing – Check. Degrading the victim rather than the perpetrators – Check. Are these guys secretly feminists? Because they are bringing to life the myths that feminists say exist. Again, so totally ironic. They’re playing right into the feminist agenda. I don’t get it. Shed the stereotypes; don’t embrace them.

      1. @dethbyplaster Call it what you want, rape or not, but the case above is different and shouldn’t be treated as the same when a guy approaches you on a dark alley and fucks you at gunpoint. Feminists want things such as you’ve seen above qualified as rape just to justify their sexual depravity, so they can go around cock teasing without regards for any of the consequences.

    2. @divineinsanity This is what @undergroundweller said (I copied and pasted). Grab a garbage can. You will puke your guts out.
      “It’s rape according to a dictionary definition (which is often times a distorted one), but it shouldn’t be so as it wasn’t immoral and shouldn’t be an illegal act, she was being disciplined for cock teasing while she had a boyfriend.”

      It wasn’t immoral and shouldn’t be an illegal act. – I could repeat that 100 times and my brain will still process it as criminally insane thinking.

  9. I’m going to keep it real, I hate rape of any kind. Too many women use it as a weapon against men, accusing them of rape knowing they will be raped in prison.

    I feel bad for this girl, it’s not cool to violate others. Unless she accused someone falsely of rape, in which case I hope they work out her asshole next

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