17 Year Old Indonesian Boxer Tubagus Sakti Dies After TKO

17 Year Old Indonesian Boxer Tubagus Sakti Dies After TKO

17 Year Old Indonesian boxer Tubagus Sakti was pronounced dead today after losing a fight to Ical Tobida at the TVRI studio in Jakarta yesterday. Tubagus Sakti suffered convulsions after the January 27, 2013 bout for the vacant KTPI junior flyweight title and was rushed to a hospital where he died of a brain haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain).

Tubagus Sakti lost by TKO in the eighth round. The boxer raised both his hands in the air, clearly unable to carry on with the fight which was correctly recognized by the ref as such. Ical Tobida however managed to land a few more blows to Tubagus’s head before the ref could break it up. RIP, young boxer.

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54 thoughts on “17 Year Old Indonesian Boxer Tubagus Sakti Dies After TKO”

  1. Not murder at all. Combat sport fighters are trained to keep fighting to the bell or until stopped. Not the classiest of moves but far from dirty or illegal. Kid was already hurt anyhow, those punches didn’t do anything. Look at his face, he looks as though he knows something isn’t (feeling?) right before taking them. All just opinions of course. Still such a shame for a 17 year old to die participating in a sport. Condolences and such to the fam and kinfolk and such.

      1. Yeah, I trained for 5 yrs. in Kensington Philadelphia, i live 5 mins. away from where rocky was filmed, I would have to say that most of us from here has been in training one time or another, some of my buddies made it like Eddie Alvarez but before you step in the ring, you get yourself in a different state of mind cause the other guy wants to fuck you up just as bad, he tried to knock him out after his hands were up, you can tell cause every punch landed on his chin, its hard to snap out of that mind state when or all hype like that, not intentional

    1. I don’t know about that, not murder for sure, but the slaughtering of another man, yes. Not only are these athletes trained to keeping going till the bell rings, but they must also be taught how to correctly identify when their opponent submits. He threw some very vicious punches when the other guy had his guard down at the end, and even after the ref came between them he tried to go back and hit him. Seems like a bit of rage within him if you ask me. He explodes once he knows he won, and has no regard for his opponent.

      1. I’ve been training JUDO since I was a kid, with a lot of success on the international competitions as well. The thing I will never understand in boxers is that they are just stupid. I can tell you something; I, as a well trained judoka, am expected to obey the rules of honour and respect, to take a responsibility of what I am. It is all about respect in japanese ways of teaching no matter what you do. Judo is full of contact and also painfull technics can be performed. But never, if you send any sign of disrespect to your opponent by not bowing him neither to referees commands and decisions – you are disqualified straight away and that is the way it should be in any discpline. Look at hockey, football or box, when the players, fighters usually have to be forced to stop performing. Not Us, judokas, because it would be a shame. So to above comments, to reply I wanna say that you have to be also trained to control you mind and do not blame your “beast mind state” for making you act this way. To me this young guy just saw too many big wow older guys fights, so he only thought he was one of them in front of the public with aplause. Now he will learn, pitty the other had to die for his lesson.

        1. I agree. Someone who cannot control themselves should not be allowed into a contact sport. When I fight an opponent in Jiujitsu I don’t want to kill them or even cause them pain – I want to match my skill against theirs and see who emerges victorious. I have been in a hard fight before when an opponent started limping, so I stepped back and asked him if he was okay. He wasn’t, so the fight ended. I COULD have just used that moment of vulnerability to lay into him but I didn’t because there’s no honour in hitting a man who is injured. Unfortunately, with the rise of MMA and other similar sports, people are taking the tradition and respect out of contact sports and the result is disgusting displays of disrespect at best and death at worst.

        2. Boxers aren’t stupid douche. I was in boxing and I always stopped hitting my opponent when I saw he couldn’t fight back or put his head down. The ones that keep throwing punches are just dirty fighters…like mayweather who elbows in his guard when the other boxer goes in the attack

    2. Correcto! The other fighter did NOTHING wrong. The injury was cumulative and watching several times those last few punches wouldn’t have been anywhere near fatal. Easy to say he was dirty fighter from outside the ring but while you are there its a different world. Go back and watch Ray Mercer vs Tommy Morrison KO. Mercer hit Morrison with a brutal punch when he was half way through the ropes. THAT is dirty.

  2. I’m big into Wrestling and Judo.
    A huge group of us (about 30) went to Thailand for a tournament that could send some of our guys to the Olympics. One thing that was incredibly prevalent in Asia was that if another fighter saw someone get injured ALL those fucking Thai pieces of shit would attack.
    They see someone get hurt, or if they see bruises/cuts on an opponent, they go for the kill. I love combat sports, but I fucking HATE Asians when it comes to such. They’re such fucking shitbags who are 100% intent on HURTING their opponents rather than a competitive SPORT.
    I see a group of Thai/Asian martial artists where they shouldn’t be, I’m unloading a gun in their direction. Fucking scum.

    1. I hate to gor for tendencies, but You are absolutely right about that. I can tell from my own experience; have fought few times asians, heard many stories about them from my colleagues, and when I had one japanese got my knee fucked up once, he kicked me at any occasion till I got really injured after the fight was over. They are so fucked up all in combat sports.

  3. Those dudes were putting on a pretty entertaining bout….I’m a pretty big boxing fan and this type of situation isn’t that uncommon (Im speaking of dude getting rocked by not “protecting himself at all times”)…it goes with the territory…

  4. what’s the matter? can’t take an ass-whippin’, bitch?
    i once got thrown down a flight of stairs and then got repeatedly kicked in the side of the head and i didn’t even loose consciousness, i got back up and broke that niggers hand before the other guys in the house split us up…

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