26 Year Old Boxer Frankie Leal Dies from Brain Injury Sustained in Fight

26 Year Old Boxer Frankie Leal Dies from Brain Injury Sustained in Fight

During a boxing match between Raul Hirales and Frankie Leal held on Saturday, October 19, 2013, Frankie Leal lost the fight to TKO in the 8th round. The blows to the head he took caused a brain injury and made the 26 year old boxer go comatose. The athlete never regain consciousness and passed away a few days later.

I read somewhere that the numbers of boxing deaths has increased since the introduction of boxing gloves. When they used to box bare knuckles, they couldn’t continuously go for the punches to the head, as they would damage their own hands. As a result, most blows were body shots.

Video below contains all 8 rounds of the match. Skip to the 38 minutes mark to just watch the winning knockout, which is hardly a knock out at all. Young Frankie’s brain must already have been swelled and hemorrhaging.

Boxer Ray Mancini was a huge advocate of shorter boxing matches. His bout with Duk Koo Kim also caused traumatic brain injuries to his opponent who also entered a coma and never woke up. His death then led to the suicides of Kim’s mother and the fight’s referee. Emile Griffin felt the same after he killed Benny Perret with a barrage of brutal punches.

At around the 43 minute mark in the video, after Raul Hilares is declared the winner, his face shows no sign of, only concern. I’m sure every boxer wants to win, but nobody wants to kill the opponent. It must feel terrible for an athlete to learn that his opponent died.

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  1. I would argue that today’s athletes are much stronger and more proficient due to modern diets and training methods. I’m surprised more deaths haven’t happened, specifically in the full contact fighting.

    1. I disagree with you. I feel as though with the introduction of so many chemicals into our food/water and GMO filled diets we have lost a lot of our true capabilities. Has there been progression within certain sports as they become more popular? For sure. But we are indeed lacking in the physical and mental department as of late:(

      1. Especially here in the US @KJ! Corn is so stepped on and GMO that you can’t even really find authentic seed anymore. Everything you buy in this country is laden with corn and unless you’re buying grass-fed meats, you’re getting GMO’s ALL the way around! It’s pitiful!

  2. After reading the previous article this is a perfect example of reality. This stuff does happen and there’s nothing anybody can do, but we must be aware that this is the way it is. Life isnt perfect and were all got the same ticket. We just depart on different days.

  3. He was taken out on a stretcher and almost killed a year ago in the last round of a 10 round fight. Since then, his handlers fought him 5 times, the 5th being this one which cost him his life. Only even happened because it was held in Mexico, where getting a license is a joke (no MRI or extensive physical required). Fight doctor and medics on the scene were a joke, no oxygen administered, neckbrace used, and wasn’t even secured to the stretcher. Plus the last couple of punches looked like illegal rabbit punches to the back of the head, although they did appear unintentional. Took the perfect storm of greed and incompetence to kill him. RIP Frankie Leal.

    1. @ Amnyc Agreed! With every brain injury you receive, the chance you get another one, twice severe is doubled (I think), each time. So once you get the first bad concussion or brain injury, every time after is literally a grenade waiting to go off. But you touched on the real issue: Greed and pride!

      Damn near every athlete out there when asked if they would have zero problem playing football or box, even though it could kill them, they would all say it doesn’t matter. The same is true with performance enhancing drugs like steroids: When told that it will shorten their lives considerably, they simply don’t give a shit because the draw of money is too strong.

      In this boxers case I’m certain it was both greed for money on his and his promoters part; though there’s a failed system that would even allow him to continue after his first serious brain injury. There should be people there that will step in and say “no way”, considering they know damn well the athlete will not step in and walk away the majority of the time.

        1. You are absolutely right cutie. I am a Amateur mma fighter It’s not about money. It’s about pride it’s about the rush of being in the Cage. It’s the excitement. Of ripping apart your opponent. Knowing that you are number one. All fighters Are very gentle compassionate intellectual people. But once we step into the cage We become Bloodthirsty monsters. And I haven’t the slightest idea why we choose such a barbaric sport To participate in. It’s like genetically we are programmed to fight.

      1. Greed? @Frodogore The hell you talkin bout mate? Thats his job, and looks like the only one that he could find that paid him good. Last time i check Mexico wasn’t the “dreamland” of getting an education, degree, family with two kids, and a big ol’ house

    2. it was a joke. The announcer said I’m no medic but shouldn’t he be secured on the stretcher? The Mexican boxing committee is gonna be under fire for this. The second I saw him retreat to the corner I knew it was a problem. That was a sign of his body giving out on him.

  4. Sad to see him lifeless at the post like that. When I saw him slipping away. Made me wonder if he were my family if I’d want to just run up there and talk to him and make him come back even though he couldn’t. It’s little shit like that that gets me every time something is sad to me. To just watch life slip away and there’s nothing you can say or do to change it! I have a hard time grasping that aspect. He was gone before he ever left the ring. I think it’s sad and while I can’t change it- I think a lot more than he himself lost that day.

        1. I’m one of the sweetest most caring girls you’ll ever meet! Don’t let my love of gore and usual commentary- fool you! I’ll take the shirt off my back and food off my plate for someone in need and won’t EVER expect something in return! That’s real talk!

          1. I love your avatar Avangelice…I’m not in that level anymore..but since my actual son died and i diagnosis with iih shit man my daughters the only reason why I’m here leaving funny comments vs a vid for y’all…i always told myself that if I’m actually gonna do it imma tape it..tell my besty where it’s gonna be at and have her upload it to y’all…those are big dreams though…lolz …don’t do it hun…just keep suffering..there has to be a reason we’re going through all this bullshit right……….right???

  5. Everyone knows the risks, you just never think it’ll happen to you. I agree with @gunkgirl, there are things that can make boxing safer and protect the fighters. It’s just a matter of them being used in the ring.

  6. I was checkin out the old fight between ray mancini and doo koo kim…now THAT was a brutal fight! I couldn’t believe how kim just kept getting up! That was one strong guy…too bad it cost him his life. I also noticed how attractive ray mancini was…hehe….for some odd reason Italians are very interesting to me lately…must have been the spaghetti dinner I had the other night..

  7. So tragic indeed..

    As far as today’s athletes being superior to athletes in the past this is without a doubt the case.

    Proof? Just look at all the records that have been broken as of late. Athlete performance has, is and will likely continue to improve over time.

    There’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest GMO’s are diminishing performance. The GMO fanatics like to blame GMO’s on everything wrong on the planet. There’s just one problem with this. Where’s the proof?

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