Amateur Tries His Luck in Wrestling, Breaks Arm in Seconds

Amateur Tries His Luck in Wrestling, Breaks Arm in Seconds

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @pinkfloyd2120, who, long before the age of digital cameras, filmed a video of an amateur athlete stepping into a ring to try his luck in pro wrestling:

I used to be a pro wrestler in the early 00’s. Every now and again, some idiot always showed up to an event saying they were trained and wanted to be on the show. So my manager would have them try out a match to see what they got. I just happened to be bored, and after seeing SO many fail over the years, I decided to record. The following video is the first 10 seconds of the match…..

Thanks a lot for sharing your video with us, @pinkfloyd2120. This is gonna be considered a classic soon:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Amateur Tries His Luck in Wrestling, Breaks Arm in Seconds”

    1. Believe me. Many of them are….. It’s a shame I didn’t have a camera rollin the night one mofo did the “tickle ur palm with the middle finger” while shaking hands. I bet he’s still pulling beer bottle glass out of his scalp. 😉

    2. Svensk you are the gay BG member here.

      Are you more the giver or taker when you have gay Sex you AIDS addicted insecure sheep?

      Wrestling from 1998 until 2001 was ace.

      The Rock, Triple H, Stone Steve Austin, Mr McMahon, Kurt Angle, nWo, Buff the Stuff Barwell, etc. Pure entertainment you sitcom watching sissy!

      Bug chaser!

        1. You talk about shit, you beta male? I bet you dropped a SCAT directly on your hand and pressed it hard and sniffed it. You get high of this???

          Mighty long time? Relative.

          You have no money for a 80″ UHD TV like me?? You beta male.

          Watch at youtube for the golden era of Wrestling you whoreson. Do you have at least internet?

          I bet you are a dishwasher too. Sad.

        2. Sorry Svensk.

          I thought you are one of these trolls.

          Of course you can your opinion about WRASSLIN! LOL!

          I grew with those BIG heroes running around the ring and CRUSHING opponents and smack talks them on the mic like Y2J or The Rock.

          It was very entertaining!!! Steve Austin against Mister McMahon, nWo, etc. Funny.

          I apologioze !

      1. Lou Pearlman this is the first time you comment something worth commenting.

        I started watching WWF in 1999 and never missed a show up until Rick Flair and McMahon split Monday’s RAW and Thursday’s SMACKDOWN.
        Or up until WWF became WWE.
        The Big Red Machine was my favorite wrestler followed by Hunter 3×H, the Rock, Undertaker, Benoit, Kurt Angle.
        The most badass wrestler of all time undoubtedly is STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

        Back in the early 2000’s every Monday and Thursday night was a main event at my spot, me and my friends would go buy sodas and snacks and even roll big TV out into the yard for a good time watching wrestling. We would often have little sessions of backyard wrestling in between the infomercial breaks and mostly everyday. We enjoyed emulating the hardy boys.
        Speaking of which I don’t know why when I think of @itsplaster it brings Lita to mind you know the one Mexican girl with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

        Good job popsy dilfy staying in topic and keep your filthy SCAT coming!!
        You whoreson!!

        1. Hey, cool compliment!! Thank you! I love Lita. Maybe you think of her because she had red hair? But she isn’t Mexican, just a white chick. She was a badass. She took some hard bumps. I saw her at ComicCon in Austin, Texas in 2015. She was very cool.

          1. @itsplaster you’re right she’s not Mexican, I was told by one of my aficionado friends that she was and that she even spoke Spanish and I never cared to verify info, so all this time I did actually believed she was from Mexico.
            I feel kinda dumb but it’s all good I don’t have to know everything.
            It’s not like if that info where shes from has an impact on my life of any sort.
            But yeah, I just checked her out for the first time in more than 12 yrs and she looks hotter than she did in the early 2000’s.
            And yeah, I think that not only her red hair in my mind is associated with you plaster, I kinda picture you and her as having more than just the hair in common.
            Idk maybe style and attitude. Idk but thats just me.

        2. @hommicydal you son of scat!!!! Indeed.

          I grew up with actually Hulk Hogan, ultimate Warrior, Big Biss Man, The rockers in the 80s.

          But 1998 until 2001 was ace!!!

          And yes. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN , Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Y2J Jericho, Shane O Mac, Mister McMahon, nWo, Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair, Big Poppa Pump, Buff the Stuff Bagwell.

          It was a great time watching wrestling. I really miss this era. Now wrestling is PC and sissy. No more blood or brutality. Family friendly.

          Anyway, thank you for the nice memory. Butt, instill drop a pressie on your chest now. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  1. Just another expert in wrestling……who’s seen it all……
    Who beat his sparing partner André the giant in a blink of an eye…….every single day over and over again…!
    while on a splitting hangover……!!!!!
    Makes my day.
    Life is good.!!!

    1. I predict it will be boring as fuck and probably end in a tie so they can set up their next big cash grab.
      Best boxing matches are no longer in the “main events” anymore, plenty of small fish making big waves instead of these mob owned “prize fighters”.
      Too bad all the small frys won’t make it to the big show.

  2. Pink floyd was for tripping to like meddle and before. D side of the moon was the end with R Waters turning into a pushy egotistic straight with no high consiousness anymore and Gilmour went along with it! What a sell out! Nasty arm snap!!!!

    1. The Final Cut was the end since Roger wanted complete control of the album and got it even if the other 3 didn’t agree. After TFC, The Floyd didn’t have a rock n roll bone in their body when Roger left. They became The Pink Artsy Fartsy Floyd.

      1. Dude. The Division Bell is a solid record. I love The Final Cut, as well. People don’t give non-Waters Floyd enough credit. Both A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Bell are great records. Division Bell being poles apart, as it were, from AMLoR. I’m a bit of a purist, I guess.

        Also, Rick Wright had nothing to do with TFC as he had already been fired from the band at that point.

          1. Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
            In a world of magnets and miracles

            Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary

            The ringing of the division bell had begun

            Of course I love Roger…. But Gilmour was fucking amazing on these tracks. Especially the solos on high hopes….

            That song has so much meaning to all of us that most miss….

      1. I trained from ’98-’99 broke into biz in 2000. I actually took my time, learned the craft. This knucklehead said he was trained by Dean Malenko the “man with 1000 moves.” …. I guess he missed cross body day at the gym eh???

  3. @pinkfloyd2120 Thanks for the vid. I’m a pro-wrestling junkie. While I do go to a lot of WWE shows, I’m happiest at indy shows. I’m having to go to WWE now because Vince finally got smart and started hiring indy guys! It’s weird seeing Jon Moxley who I used to watch at CZW now as Dean Ambrose but it’s awesome too. He made it. Tommy End got picked up and my favorite lady Kimber Lee got picked up to NXT. It’s great. I love my indy shows and Lucha Underground. And your vid was great fun!

    1. Ur welcome. I enjoy watching a lot of the guys I trained and work with make it. IE: The Shane Twins (Smackdown), Jet Jaguar, Scoot Andrews to name a few.

      I got hurt a couple years in. Was suppose to be a high spot, suplex onto a guard rail guy was suppose to turn drop me belly first. Onstead, I jumped for a suplex and he simply let me go flying… landed back first on the rsil. SNAP…. broke 9 discs and 3 vertebrae in 1 stupid second.

      Damn a camera wasn’t Rollin for that lol

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