Argentinian Footballer Emanuel Ortega Dies After Slamming Head Into Barrier

Argentinian Footballer Emanuel Ortega Dies After Slamming Head Into Barrier

Emanuel Ortega – Argentinian footballer for San MartΓ­n de Burzaco fractured his skull by slamming his head into the concrete barrier around the pitch after he was tackled by an opponent. He was taken to the hospital Lucio MelΓ©ndez in AdroguΓ©, but due to the severity of the injury, he was transferred to el Sanatorio de la Trinidad Mitre in Buenos Aires.

After 11 days in ICU, the footballer died. He was only 21 year old.

Shoulder barging is a common foul in football. The opponent (from Juventud Unida) likely did not mean to knock him into the barrier, which is in place to prevent hooligans from attacking players.

Out of respect for the footballer, all professional football matches in Argentina have been called off this weekend.

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      1. True that, 21 year old kid kicking fucking balls, earning more in a month than a firefighter in his whole life risking his life everyday and saving people clearly deserves more media attention… and the medias call those ball kickers “heroes”… fuck logic…

        1. Hi, Im from Argentina.
          This guy play in a minor league in Argentina so he doesn’t earn a lot of money,he plays football because he loves to play it,he doesn’t do for the money.
          I hope you can understand what I say to you because my english is not very good.
          Goodbye my friend πŸ™‚

    1. Ha I hate soccer it’s just for simple minded people,they just stare to the tv watching a guy kick a ball I mean they can’t even grab it,somebody touch them and they cry like babies,it’s a totally worthless sport πŸ˜€

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      2. Ahah, true. Hell i dont like football either, but its worth watching for things like this. πŸ˜† I saw one of them dying from heart attack on tv one day, and i laughed when people were crying like if they were crying fpr the fucking pope or the second coming of jesus or something on his funeral… πŸ˜† You dont even need to hit them, you just need to blow wind in their general direction and they fall… πŸ˜†

          1. It just pisses me off when people treats them like gods and defends them for “earning more than you dooo… booohoooo…” For fuck sakes, dont they fucking understand that the football industry is as corrupt with mafias as fucking governments are? What the fuck is wrong with those people!? 😐

          2. Yeah just like box and well any other sport,some people no matter how smart they are fail to realize this,it’s saddening πŸ˜€

          3. Yeah,what bugs me more is when a lot of people die/get killed over sports,I mean I don’t care if they die but for what? it doesn’t make sense at all,I used to watch wwe but just because it was funny to see how they pretend πŸ˜€

          4. @hanabi

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      3. Umm its not Soccer! Its football and if you dont know shit! its better if you dont say anything. Its a game of stradegy in all parts of the field each player has a special function. The amount of stamina and self discipline it takes to be a pro athelete Is nothing you will ever know if you are not living it! Football is one of the most famouse sport all around the world. By the way argentina is one of the worst places to play pro football as the pay sucks, nothing compare to other country’s so they dont make as much money as you think. Simple minded? Far from it! It also happens that people who are not good at sport dislike football as it requiers talent to handle the ball. Or if you are a jew than its pretty clear why your hating.

        1. “It also happens that people who are not good at sport dislike football as it requiers talent to handle the ball. Or if you are a jew than its pretty clear why your hating.”

          Congratulations for your pathetic display of faulty logic there. So if one doesnt find sports as a contributing gear to society, or just doesnt see the point in it, its because they fail at sports or are jews? Really? Are you a libetard or something? Because you really sound like one with your pathetic “I hate everyone that doesnt agree with me!” logic…

          Now please, explain us how is “strategy” to have 95% of rigged matches, and have millions or ? flowing through the player’s pockets (not to mention referees), when ticket prices and advertising revenues dont justify those? Quite a strategy implemented by the corrupt mafias behind FIFA.

          1. hanabi i have never bought a football shirt or paid for a ticket i watch at others homes or i stream online . so there blows your fantasy that i ‘spend’ shitloads on the beautiful game ! what a foolish little peasant you must be. you open your mouth with no real insight or information in anything you say you are actually worthless as fuck and its you i feel sorry for. and yeah you probably are a fat bald twat from the uk pretending to be some exotic slanty eyed half mexican 18 year old girl. you sad sad person. oh and football is the worlds most popular game so billions of people are wrong. your shit at sport thats why you diss on thsi post you absolute mug.

          2. 95% of rigged matches !!

            What a load of utter bullshite.

            There are thousands of registered teams in England alone, from grass roots kids teams upwards. The game grew from communities, hence the majority of stadiums being bang in the middle of those communities to this day.

            I’ll tell you one thing I do know for certain. It takes more skill to play any sport than to play a shitty Xbox game.

          3. @ewestomper , that was 100 years ago, when football grew from the community. The FIFA mafias now runs the shows. You just have no idea how corrupt football is because you, among million of other fools, are too busy being entretained and trowing money at it.

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          1. @hanabi this site is open for any kind of opinions, the fact that you choose to write shit about something you clearly have no idea of or how it works, was enough to recive some kind of respons good or bad. And bragging about having money? Really?on this site? Fucking childish. @obli not at all! People just tend to talk out of there ass like if they know every little thing….

      4. You basically just described every sport ever. Ultimately pointless, and the salaries are shamefully and disgracefully obscene. No moronic athlete should make more than our teachers or civil servants. This world’s priorities are so messed up.

    1. No kidding and if your going to put concrete wall there put some sort of padding on it. Plus it be good to put it at least 10 yds out of bounds to give some room. When I saw the title I was expecting to see something like Washington Redskins Star QB Gus Ferote when he sprained his neck headbutting the wall after his TD run.

      1. It would be safer to pad the walls and extend 10 ft., however anyone with construction experience would know and factor in the costs of both improvements, or, common sense. This is a 3rd world venue. That’s genius.

  1. In European football they do the complete opposite, they usually play dead until the paramedics get on the pitch and work their magic, then and only then do they rise from the grave to claim their free kick.

    1. That’s very true of the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese leagues. The German league is similar to ours in that the roll around like I’ve been shot by a sniper trick, is nearly always performed by foreign players. In fact, we’ve been had by this ghastly behaviour on several occasions in big tournaments.

      It’s just not in our make up to cheat in such a pathetic, sneaky manner on a football pitch, which, ironically enough, has cost England dear over the years in big games.

  2. Hmm, barriers put in place to stop spectators attacking players. Or from invading the pitch so they can reach the opposing fans. Either way, brings back memories, not good memories either. RIP 96.

    I bet there’s a fair few injuries caused by slamming into that concrete in a season.

          1. The place went up like a tinder box.
            I read recently that some believe it was started intentionally, a bloody arsonist at a football MATCH !
            Not sure, but it was a damned tragedy.

          2. @ stinky, ewes and bob –
            here it is from start to finish (with a convenient counter onscreen).
            Yes stinky, the speed certainly is beyond belief.
            you know what ewes?, that “stafford Heginbotham” guy who was chairman at the time – he “had” eight suspicious fires at businesses owned by him between ’67 and the time of bradford fire,.. apparently this fact became a bit of a tongue in cheek joke between people who knew him (before the bradford deaths, of course).
            i watched a program the other night, in which it was claimed that the actual guy who dropped the cigarette that apparently started the fire had been tracked down – he had moved to australia, then back recently…they went into this whole story and named the bloke – in the program there was even this whole “passing a piece of paper with the name of the man responsible” scene – i personally found it all very over dramatic and therefore unbelievable.

            @ anyone watching the video i linked to — as well the burning people seen on the pitch, most of the deaths occurred under/behind the stand, at an exit gate (or turnstile?) where people had tried to escape but had become trapped… bodies found piled up there when the fire had burned out

    1. Even a couple of advertising boards placed between the pitch and the wall could have prevented this. Trouble is, I doubt many companies feel inclined to pay for advertisements in the lower tier of the Argentinian league.

  3. Put a wall up to protection the players… Riiight… No one stoped to think,”Hey, ya don’t think there needs to be padding on the concrete wall so no one accidentally hurts themselves? ” Oh well. I’m glad they didn’t.

  4. I wonder if he shit himself when he died? In fact im literally taking a big hard turd in my leggings right now as im looking at this. Im a freak but shitting myself feels so freaking amazing!

    1. Yes, even your avitar looks just like you and your fantasy……there are even some tape worms wriggling around in that big pile of poo pretending to be arms…….how did you manage that?q


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