Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes in Coma After Being Struck on Head

Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes in Coma After Being Struck on Head

25 year old Australia batsman Phil Hughes is in a critical condition after being struck on the side of the head as he tried to turn away from a bouncer at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The short ball by fast bowler Sean Abbott missed Phil Hughes’ helmet.

After being hit, the cricketer collapsed and was helivac’d to hospital where he was put in an induced coma due to severity of his head injuries.


After 2 days in a coma, doctor’s switched Phil Hughes’ his life support off. He died 2 days before his 26th birthday. The trauma doctor said that the medical team did everything they could to save his life, but the blood vessel was basically crushed.

Phil Hughes was widely tipped to have been selected to replace Michael Clarke in the Australian test team the week after the incident. Mark Waugh confirmed in a radio interview that the selectors had Phil Hughes and himself “penciled in”.

The side he was playing against was his former team, which means the accident was witnessed by many of his friends. His mother and sister were also at the ground, watching the match live.

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  1. Being an Aussie, I heard a bit about this. Apparently it hit him in a crucial spot behind his ear and just below his helmet, if it was 1cm either side of where it hit him he would have only just had a bruise and a sore neck but it just happened to be on the sweet spot I guess.

  2. Phil is well regarded as the nice guy of Australian cricket. You don’t want this to happen to anyone, but it is always worse when you can’t help but like the guy it does happen to.

    I haven’t played since school but I can tell you that helmets are fucking annoying and no one would wear them if they didn’t fear for their lives. They stop you from seeing properly and moving your head around quickly to watch the ball. If the helmet came down below you skull you wouldn’t be able to move your head properly and would stand greater risk of injury from body shots etc. Unfortunately it is a trade off between protection and functionality.

    You are told as kids in school cricket to never turn you head away from the ball, which is like telling someone to let a person hit you in the face with a stick without flinching. Instinct takes over.

    Half the readership probably has no idea who Phil Hughes is or gives a damn about cricket, but I don’t care, I’m more than happy to say I hope he pulls through and can one day play again and even make a test team. He is a nice guy who doesn’t have a big head, despite his profile.

      1. Some people just rub me the wrong way and you are one of them. I don’t know what it is but every time you respond to one of my articles or comments I feel like killing you, which isn’t like me at all.

        Kudos to you.

  3. The temples are the most fragile and dangerous side to get a hit in the head, it can result in instant KO or even severe brain damage if it cracks and pressures the brain… So, yeah, he will be extremely lucky if he survives that.

  4. Never in my wildest nightmares would I have thought cricketmwould the be the cause of someone ending up in a post on BG ! But now that it has happened I wouldn’t be surprised if our government doesn’t ban the game now because someone has been injured and playing cricket is good fun. So it contains the perfect combo to suffer a ban……….( for those of you that don’t know, Australia, bans anything that is even a little bit fun). It is the Nanny State Extraordinaire.

    I love cricket and I love Phil. I call him Lucky Phil. Get well soon Lucky Phil.

    As someone who only 4 months ago, whilst on holidays alone in South America, suffered a head injury ( I was pissed and fell down some stairs), went unconscious on a plane, that then got rerouted to Bogota, where I had emergency brain surgery, was put in an induced coma for 2 days and woke up in an intensive care unit and then got medi- vacked to Santiago, Chile with a piece of my skull, where I spent the next three weeks waiting for swelling to resolve before being returned to Australia. Im almost good as new, except Im not allowed to drive for a while. So as a bit of an expert of the subject, i know Phil can recover from it too ( although I was trey lucky)……

    1. You were lucky mate that’s for sure.
      When I think back to when you were on your travels, I got a strange feeling that something was awry. In fact I think I commented along those lines, that you had run into some sort of bother.
      Anyways, all’s well that ends well. πŸ˜‰

        1. They sedate you to give the brain a chance to recover, to reduce stimulus that needs to be processed. Using morphine, midazolam ( a benzodiazepine) and ketamine ( an tranquiliser/anesthetic) they essentially give you an overdose of morphine which causes unconscioussness. The patient requires a ventilator to breathe for them because opiates knock off your respiratory drive ( which is what actually causes death in heroin, oxycontin etc overdoses).
          A patient can stay in this state for literally months, as long as they have life support including ventilator, fluids, TPN ( total parental nutrition – intrvenous food), good nursing care and being turned every four hours to prevent bed sores.
          To wake the patient the rate of the sedation infusion is turned down and stopped.
          That is how it was explained to me anyway…….

          1. We’ll put and quite correct just a bit picky. A catheter for removing urine and plain old pads and wipes for the other end. If it’s for a prolonged period then they require physio ALS to help slo muscle wastage but duck spot on the money.

  5. I fucking flinched like a pussy whenever I even played cricket with a tennis ball as a kid. Same in goal for soccer. I just hate having objects aimed at my face. I can see them altering cricket balls after this. Medieval leather missiles.

    Not a cricket fan, never began to understand it.

          1. @my cunt : Yep, gotta agree.

            I think people know what comment you are commenting on by doing the @ as seen in below example.
            “@dutchy: yes your comment is 100% correct, as per usual. You really are such a terrific bloke !!!! To be as smart, good looking and have such a large penis as you – well some people just have it all. But you deserve it though, my good mate… Have you ever considered the job of Prime Minister? “

  6. The blasted thing never touched him! he jumped back, stood there for a few seconds then (obviously) fell to the floor (unconscious) on purpose. I think its absolutely disgusting what these sports stars will stoop to, just to get some compensation or to try to get a few measly days off. I for one will be sticking to watching darts and snooker thankyou very much.

  7. Cricket is my favorite sport and I simply couldn’t stop crying last night, it’s so sad and my thoughts go to his family and all concerned.

    It has been reported that he had earned his way back into the Aussie test squad and was to be picked to play in next weeks test match.

    “Hughesy”, you are a champion.

    R.I.P – Phillip Hughes 1988 – 2014

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