Base Jumper in Portugal Dies, Parachute Fails to Open

Base Jumper in Portugal Dies, Parachute Fails to Open

Base Jumper in Portugal Dies, Parachute Fails to Open

50-year-old German base jumps off a cliff at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. The old man was with friends who shared the same passion for base jumping.

After making a crater on the hard ground below, one of his Norwegian friends asks, “are you okay?”

161 thoughts on “Base Jumper in Portugal Dies, Parachute Fails to Open”

  1. Hahahahaa…. That’s fucking priceless.!!
    I need to check my kegs, I think I’ve just pissed myself a bit.. Either that or it’s the drink of tea I just snorted out.!
    The way his parachute opens up after he hit the ground… C’mon.. Tell me that isn’t some ironically funny shit.!
    It’s like a real life roadrunner cartoon.!!
    And then his mate shouts down to his obviously dead mate asking…..
    “Are you okay”.?? As though him saying it will make it so.!
    Thank fuck for stupid cunts.. Without them sites like BestGore wouldn’t exist & normal people like us would have nothing to point our fingers & laugh hysterically at.!

          1. @caRnAGE
            How do you figure brother? I Haven’t even commented on this thread Yet,,,, Yet the comments just seam to keep coming, and *As Always* follow me around whether i,m here or not, lol.. So Like WTF Man, lol.

            So Does That Mean That Maybe,,, Just Maybe,,, You’s Actually *Do All Love Me* After All??? and so much so,, that You’s Just Simply Cannot Get Me Outta Your Heads, No Matter What The Topic Of Conversation is, or, If The Post Itself Has Any Relevance To Myself Whatsoever, lol.

            Cause If That’s The Case Then I’m all Good with It Cause I Also, Do, And Have Always Loved My B G Sibling, And Dearly even though we sometimes/oftentimes fight like real Blood Siblings, lol. Oh, And By The Way,,, Your “”Snickers Comment:” awww man,,lol, I Must Admit,,, It Actually Was Quite Funny Dude, lol, 🙂

    1. Well, yes, base jumpers are stupid. I do skydiving myself, but I would never attempt a jump from a height that won’t allow me to deploy my second parachute in case the main one fails. And here it was a partial fail, because if he had more time, it would eventually open.

      Base jumping is the alternative to russian roulette, while normal skydiving is no more risky than taking a flight on an airplane.

      1. @Andrew256

        You seam to know your shit where Parachutes are concerned. Which begs the question,,,
        Have you ever Parachuted before brother?? Cause Yours Truly has never done-so, and never will because i have seen way to many accidents online. And furthermore,,, i would probably have a massive heart-attach before i even hit the ground, lol. So this,, 😉 Would turn-into this,, 🙁

      1. Aaah yes… the eternal regrets. But as you so astutely point out… so little time to cram them all in… what with Gravity being what it is these days… now when I was a lad it was all fields around here… I once fell out of a tree and it took me the best part of five minutes to hit the ground.

        I blame pollution and food additives myself… but I also think the negative attitude of the German People doesn’t help. Why didn’t they just pay Greece the WW2 reparations they were ordered to seventy years ago and get on with it. Instead we had the German Euro ram-raid on Greece’s last family silver, a run on Greek Banks and suddenly all of Greek’s Airports and Teacher’s State Pension Funds are owned by the Deutsche Bundesbank and Sauerkraut is being munched on the steps of the Parthenon.

        It might take a while (though as you point out… it doesn’t take each one very long to hit the ground) but if Germany keeps up the work this man has begun… Austerity could end in Greece by the end of the next Century.

        lots of love

        Obergruppenführer Wankdust

        1. I guess what we saw was the German way to go… with life great but still shooting for the stars. Greece long became a third world, an enormous amount of old people purposely jumping to their death to avoid surprise poverty and so late in life. I heard it’s a custom on the east… If your kids don’t help you out, you are 100% screwed 🙁

  2. it almost looked like his dumbfuck friend threw him off his parashooting game. like he got distracted and didn’t pull in time. maybe not, but that would be something. …still laughing at “are you alright?” 😀

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