Baseball Player Bryce Harper Smashes Face Full Speed Against Wall

Baseball Player Bryce Harper Smashes Face Full Speed Against Wall

I find baseball even more boring than American Handegg so I can imagine supporters at the stadium must have appreciated the little face smash – something exciting at last.

Washington Nationals player Bryce Harper smashed face first into a stadium scoreboard while chasing a fly ball off the bat of Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis in the fifth inning, earning himself a gash that required 11 stitches to close. Despite the violent impact, 20 year old right fielder did not suffer a concussion.

Bryce Harper is one of Major League Baseball’s youngest players, this is his second season.

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46 thoughts on “Baseball Player Bryce Harper Smashes Face Full Speed Against Wall”

    1. I doubt you can do much better though. As a baseball fan I can recognize the astounding amount of talent and potential someone like Bryce Harper has. I mean I believe he was the only player to be scouted as a future 50+ home run hitter.

  1. I’m biggest handegg fan. I find that Harper runs into the scoreboard very hilarious.

    I don’t know if he was giving it his all, or stupidity. I don’t know how you take 3 steps on the warning track, and don’t expect the wall coming up. He didn’t even need to hit the wall to make the play, the whole thing just looks strange. Got a good chuckle out of it, anyway.

      1. I know, I’m kinda weird about it because we were talking damn near everyday and now all of a sudden she’s gone. She doesn’t respond to her email anymore, not even the birthday one I sent her….wtf? Like, two weeks now, nothing…guess she got bored with me.

  2. What a fucking dooshbag attention whore! He clearly knew what he was doing as he took a full ponsy football player type dive to the floor,,,,, and the gay ass physio stroking his face is just weird!!

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