Boston Celtics Player Gordon Hayward Breaks Ankle During His First NBA Game

Boston Celtics Player Gordon Hayward Breaks Ankle During His First NBA Game

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward fractured his ankle on a rebound in the beginning of the first quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was Gordon Hayward’s first big NBA game. The Celtics signed him after his successful season with the Utah Jazz. Talk about shit luck after you finally make it to where the big boys play.

According to ESPN, Boston Celtics Coach confirmed Gordon Hayward has a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia. He may be out whole season. That Leprechaun outfit did not bring him any luck.

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86 thoughts on “Boston Celtics Player Gordon Hayward Breaks Ankle During His First NBA Game”

        1. Nice Pott’s fracture! That honkey will be out for more than one season, he’ll be out probably for good. Least he won’t have to smell all that Coco-Butter and Ass body spray in the locker room anymore. Theres always a silver-lining to any bad situation.

  1. Twisted ankles leave me sympathizing with Peter Griffin and the skinned knee noises….for the ladies Lois…when she skins her boob.
    Think that’s the type of injury we have all had at one time or another…easy to relate to.

    1. I hear they booty fuck injured players in the locker room to see what they nasty of!!! The sound of horrified “NOOO!” screams are drowned out by slaps on the hairy ass, laughing, n WHOOTS n whistles…..he’ll do plenty of work…trust me….n in about a year a press conference will disclose the very things his ass hole was nasty of!!!

    1. Same here. I was so looking forward to watching him this season. Fucking Jae Crowder… I give I.T. credit. He went to the Celtics locker room and stayed with him the whole time. 5 min and 15 sec and his season is over..

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  2. Someone is out for the season.

    I witnessed one of my friends and my best friend collide during a softball game when we were kids… my friend’s radius and ulna snapped completely in half between the wrist and the elbow. It took an entire year to somewhat heal. It was brutal as fuck.
    … 25yrs later, the scar from it is still visible as if it happened last year.

  3. I was there saw the whole damn thing….. Cavs are my team have been since LBJ ( The King ) was drafted!!! It was just horrific but really fucking cool to watch.. I know i am a sick man but that’s why i am here right!!! I love Blood gore and see how much the human body can take it is really unbelievable!!!!

  4. Mark, love the NBA gore on here. Was actually watching the game live. It was his first game as a Celtic, not his first big game. He signed as a free agent in the off-season after spending his first few seasons on the Utah Jazz. Just FYI

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  6. I have never jacked off to a basketball game, however I can totally understand seeing a guy break his leg could make one bust a nut way too early in the game. The dude watching the game must have blown a pint load and then slept like a baby that night.

  7. and to think, this dude has millions left on a huge contract and he’ll never play the same again lmao. same thing with kevin ware when his leg snapped when he was playing college ball at louisville.

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