Compilation of Best MMA Knockouts of 2012

Compilation of Best MMA Knockouts of 2012

If you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, prepare for 15 minutes of awesome. This compilation is the best that the world of MMA brought us in terms of knockouts. The only shit thing about the video is the association of Mixed Martial Arts with the stupidest music ever. I don’t get it why rap and its various offshoots which are each equally lame get so frequently associated with the finest sport of men.

Other than the background music, there are some hard core knockouts in this compilation. Some were lucky punches, but some were well aimed destroyers that would bring anyone down. The slo mo replay at the 1:10 minute mark I think shows a fighter who took the most hard core beating. He was already knocked out when the opponent handed three consecutive punches that each landed square on his face. His head was on the mat so there was no room for it to bounce back. That was some brutal shit.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Compilation of Best MMA Knockouts of 2012”

    1. By far the most entertaining sport of today. Man if this was around when i was a kid it would’ve been This., not boxing my dad would’ve made a part of us.This is best., i envy these guys.

      1. In my eyes Fedor Emelianenko from Russia is the greatest mma fighter of all time he went 10 years with out a lose then towards the end of his career he lost 3 fights its say 4 on his record but one dose not count which was in a organization were if you got cut you lose the fight so thats not counted in a lot of peoples books.

        1. Fedor and his brother are some fucking badass ruskies real killers not wannabes.trained in special forces. Systema is a russian nerve based martial art. That cover all sorts of hand to hand combat. Largely disarming armed men brutally a few fist fights do not scare them lol. They should be better than most mma fighters.

  1. mma is quite entertaining but it breeds a race of gel’d up hair, skin tight clothes wearing (with various designs consisting of smoke lines, skulls and old english font words) tards. Yet they get infinite amounts of pussy… Fuck my life.

      1. For some reason in the UK a lot big macho men like to dress up as women for the craic. Traditionally it was rugby players but cage fighters do it as well now. There are some really funny vid’s of out there of arseholes trying to start fights with them and getting fucked up.
        (by the way, unfortunately this wanky behavour is typical of any city centre on a Saturday night in the UK).

  2. This is some pretty awesome stuff! I trained in Taekwondo since I was 5 years old, I’ve learned most of these things, but it’s different seeing people use them to kick someone else’s ass. I’ve always liked the technique that last guy used for a 1-Hit KO. Using that in a sparring match is a great way to win. Makes me wish I got into MMA.

  3. Hate to admit this but my favorite part was the Gangham celebration at 5:30. Impressed by how quick the refs are to prevent some major injuries. Doesn’t seem very sporting when your allowed to hit a guy who is semi conscious on his back.

    1. This is why: it’s about more than just being a brut and overpowering your opponent and beating them senseless. It’s about technique/skill, pacing yourself, and timing. These fighters train a lot, and you don’t have to train if all you do is fist-fight, you don’t need to train for that. It’s a very technical sport.

      1. Sport? Where? One fighter is knocked unconsciousness and another jumps like animal on completely unconscious man, kick him hard and he will continue i guess ’till he kill the man. Thank God there is a Judge. Without him i don’t see any differences from arena in Rome.

  4. In most of these Knockouts the victor just would have kept punching at the unconscious opponent if it weren’t for the referee jumping in.

    Is there no punishment for beating a defenseless opponent?

    All this sport does is teaching lower class youths to keep punching at a downed oppnonent. And guess what? We are seeing more of that in subway battery attacks.

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