Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade Riot That Started War in Yugoslavia

Former Croatian Captain Zvonimir Boban Attacks a Serbian Cop Who Was Beating Up a Zagreb Fan

Occupation and destruction of Eastern Europe also known as Communism which was paired with systematic extermination of Slavic Christians by Jewish Bolsheviks, whereas blood thirsty Khazars ethnically cleansed some 100 Million white people either by direct execution or by sending them to the extermination camps known as Gulags, came to an end in 1989. On May 13, 1990, while no longer officially occupied by the Communists but still together as Yugoslavia, the two top Yugoslav football league teams – Croatian Dinamo Zagreb and Serbian Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) Belgrade – met in a World Cup qualifying match at Dinamo’s Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. The match quickly spiralled into a riot which ultimately heralded the 4 year war in the Balkans.

Tension were high even before the match began, given that only a week earlier, multi-party elections in Yugoslavia resulted in wins for Croatia’s pro-independence parties. While Serbs opposed the dismantling of Yugoslavia, Croats sought independence.

Both Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade were notorious for their fanatical supporters. An estimated 3,000 Red Star’s “Delije” (heroes, or hardmen) lead by Zeljko Raznatovic aka Arkan, later to become a feared Serbian paramilitary leader, arrived in Zagreb from Belgrade chanting Serbian nationalist songs. Dinamo’s Bad Blue Boys (BBB) yelled insults at them in return.

During the game, the Bad Blue Boys started to hurl stones at the Delije. The Delije responded by tearing up seats and hurling them at BBBs. As the tensions rose, the Delije broke loose, smashed the protective barrier that separated them from the Dinamo fans and an all out riot broke out, quickly spilling out to the pitch.

The most iconic moment of the Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade riot happened after then 21 year old Dinamo captain Zvonimir Boban noticed a BBB being beaten by police. He jumped on the officer and delivered a full on football kick to him, giving the fan an opportunity to run away. Photo above is from that moment. The kick made Zvonimir Boban a hero in Croatia.

With the arrival of reinforcements, police deployed water cannons and tear gas to disperse the rioters. After all was said and done, 117 policemen, 39 Red Star and 37 Dinamo supporters were injured and more than 100 fans arrested.

The brawl between the Croats and the Serbs at Maksimir Stadium was a sign of things to come. To this day, many consider it the real start of the four year war that broke out a year and a half later.

Full video of the Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade riot is below. It’s an hour and 13 minutes long video so skip through it if you’re not in the mood for watching the whole damn thing. Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video. Being from Serbia, he himself says the riot was “horn for the war to start“:

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38 thoughts on “Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade Riot That Started War in Yugoslavia”

  1. I love a good Riot ! Gone are the days where here in UK before any match started we had to ‘Take over’ the opposition fans. In the late 80’s / early 90’s I was introduced to football hooliganism and I fucking loved it ! If I’m honest I still do.
    Uk has cracked down on football hooliganism in a big way spending millions on matchdays policing streets and stadiums. Waste of fucking money.

    1. Need to grow up don’t you?? I’m assuming you must be in your 40’s considering you were introduced to it in the 80’s. Grown men who go to a match to fight rather than watch the game. Pathetic!

      1. Not been involved since 2004 when I got my season ticket as I would be banned. I’m 33 (yes very young) and it wasn’t just ‘Grown men’ fighting… It was a family that loved there club and despised anyone who didn’t. Nobody was killed or badly hurt and sometimes we shared a beer with the people we had been fighting. British Football rivalry would not be the same without it I’m afraid .

          1. No thanks! I know plenty of tossers (age 40-50 some of them) who go the match and try to pick fights… even throw drinks over rival fans (women and kids in some cases who have no desire to fight anyone) all because they lost. In my opinion, it’s pathetic. Don’t get me wrong though, if a group of people want to all meet up and fight, you should be allowed to. What I don’t get is doing it and saying it’s part of supporting your team. It’s not.

  2. Last night my Leafs were winning 4-1 in the 3rd against the Bruins in game 7…they lost in overtime. Did we riot, NOOOOO…did we want to riot, YESSSS but really, what would be the point? I just cried and went to bed.

    1. This is probably why our Countries are becoming third world swamps. This kind of stuff is just too ugly for us.

      Well, it’s the kind of thing we’ll have to do if we wish to save our Countries.

      1. No fuck, too tired for that shit. I,m home today, not at work cause my fuckin sump-pump let go. Piss me off or what. I was checking out B-G at 4:30am when i heard that pump running on for nothing &guess what ? yea! prick-pump let go . Almost done though, abs glue is drying and almost ready to install new one 🙂

  3. So where’s the evidence of 100 million whites were executed? I know it happened but thats seems exaggerated thats over 10 times more than the holohoax. Id like to know how 100 million is possible in the time of the war when 6 million was exaggerated in ww2. Id just like a little clarification because I dont always believe everything I read especially on the internet. It would be nice to have sources to go with these articles to make them believable.

  4. Judging by the first meeting since the war of Croatia V Serbia a couple of months ago, the hatred between the two countries is as intense as ever.
    With away Serbian fans banned from attending the match, at least there was no chance of a repeat riot.

  5. AH HA! Now i know where Nico Bellic came from! The game is pretty quiet on clues, i was thinking of the war in Kosovo i was on the right track. Still dont understand why Pom’s and Europeans want to riot or fight over such a poofters game, life must be quite dull and boring if watching grown men ponce around a field trying to kick a ball into a net(and for the most part, failing) for over an hour. And fuck dont get me started on how they take a dive like a shot duck if someone barely touches them in play, what a bunch of fucking sooks. From a guy who loves playing Rugby, a real ball sport.

    1. Bet you love aussie rules “football”. What with the tight shorts and odd shaped balls. You australians are soooo fucking queer that you’d play rugby in speedos if the brits, maoris and springboks agreed to it.

  6. I am from Zagreb, Croatia and unfortunately I can’t tell how it was back then because I was only seven months old. What I heard and you can see it here that it was pretty nasty. This riots are all about politics and religion and none about football, Josip Broz Tito was only man who held Bratstvo i Jedinstvo (Brotherhood and Unity) together, but after his death in 1980 everything went downhill. Zvone Boban’s kick truly made him a Croatian legend and I watched his wery last game on that stadium in Maksimir before he retired along with 40 000 fans and that was a game, not this.

    1. Like always, I will comment when it relates to football/soccer. From what I understand (told to me by my former kickboxing coach who was from Split, Croatia and Heyduk Split supporter) the Serbs were in control of the police during the era of the Yugoslav Republic. Needless to say the two groups never liked each other, and after many years of police brutality Croats had enough. At this match acid was throw onto the metal fence by Serbs to get at the DInamo Zagreb fans. Search Youtube for “The Real Football Factories International: Balkans”. They explain a little bit more and interview the BBB and Heroes of Red Star. I fuckin love Dinamo Zagreb and the BBB as they picked up guns and fought for their people. Say what you want about soccer and fanatics of the sport. Still better than your average fat fuck NFL fan making his ass wider with shitty food and cheap beer at tailgate parties. Currently the BBB are banned from Maksimir due to a conflict with team ownership. Dinamo have now won the Croatian championship eight years in a row, but the quality of play there has gone downhill dramatically since the civil war.

      1. Club, Colours and Community! Why we fight? fuck knows. By the 80’s i’d grown out of all that, replaced by women and drugs, but a football match still remains one of the best places to say “fuck you” to the police and/or government.

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