Drag Racing Accident – Chick Falls Hard on Her Ass, Busts Her Tailbone

Drag Racing Accident - Chick Falls Hard on Her Ass, Busts Her Tailbone

Something a little different from Indonesia.

During a drag racing event, a female racer flipped her motorcycle due to greater rate of acceleration than she could handle and fell real hard on her ass. The landing busted her tailbone, although sustained spine damage may have been far more serious than it seems from the video.

The description I got with the video said that the accident was fatal. There is nothing in the video to clearly suggest that that was the case, but that doesn’t mean the complications couldn’t eventually have lead to her death. There is an audible crying later in the video when the medics show up – which who knows how long it took them to. I presume it was the victim crying with pain, but it could also be someone who knew her and witnessed her being badly injured.

It’s tragic for something like that to happen, one way or another:

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  1. Maybe, she was wearing her Hijab under her helmet and it interfered with her vision.

    On a completely different note; I just found this entry regarding Indonesia; I think that it is meant to be satirical:

    JM ? MAR 8TH, 2013

    An Islamic city council in the Indonesian province of Aceh, which follows Sharia, has banned female citizens from passing gas.

    Sayyid Yahia, mayor of the city, told media that a ban was needed, as farting does not go well with the Islamic values of modesty. ?Muslim women are not allowed to fart with sound, it?s against Islamic teachings,? he said. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Feminists Association told local media they will attempt to block the smelly law as they deem it discriminatory.

    Talking to The Wadiyan, mayor Sayyid Yahia said the law aims to save people?s morals and behaviors. ?When you see woman fart loud, she appears like a man. But if she sit sideways and pass it quietly, she looks like a woman,? Sayyid said.

    Although the proposed law does not ban ?quiet fart,? passing gas with sound is actually not uncommon in Southeast Asia, particularly for women consuming potatoes and peas. Obviously, women maintain that they feel healthier, farting loud. Fathima Khan, a medical doctor at the Al Banni Islamic Hospital in Aceh?s capital is critical of the proposed law: ?There is no need to question this practice, let alone regulate it, because people do it for their health and safety,? she said.

    The mayor declined to give The Wadiyan details of what the punishment would be for violators. While another member at the City council, who wished not to be named, said if convicted by the sharia court, the offender could receive 20 lashes for small farts and up to 3 months prison time for larger ones.

    On another note, the local Islamic scholars were mostly divided over the law. Well-known Muslim activists like Bshar Abdulla voiced his objection, ?How to pass gas is not regulated in Sharia. There is no mention of it in the Koran,? he said on his Twitter account. However, ?the Islamic tradition and the values of modesty does not support women farting loud,? said Mehmood Hussain, a scholar and stenchy supporter of the law.

    Under the new regulation, the mayor says that only women in the public space are going to be monitored. ?It will be the responsibility of the husband to make sure that his wife upholds Islamic values at home?. He also argued that there is no scientific evidence supporting health benefits of passing gas, in Koran.

    The City council will be evaluating the regulation in a week, after which it could turn into a by-law.

    1. @GoreFan16, I was in a motorbike accident a few years ago and one of the injuries I had was a fractured tailbone. That type of injury in incredibly painful but there’s really nothing they can do aside from letting it heal on its own.

    1. I remember one girl who drove a motorcycle in my town, and she managed to break his leg while standing on the spot, just did not withstand the weight and balance of the motorcycle.

  2. Aren’t the suppose to wear a but protector to exactly protect the coccyx? If she did die it must have been from some internal damage that might have caused her to bleed to death internally.

  3. So these Indonesian folks build up this piece of crap bike and the rider doesn’t expect the wheel to come up quick? Or compensate for positive clutch lockup by fanning the clutch? What’s with this place.

  4. A moped. Centrifugal clutch set up and still I concur, Asians suk at piloting anything motor related. They build em and we represent them in world circuits. I was the last mechanic to work for Freddie Spencer after Erv Kenemoto retired. I’ve seen a lot in my 12 yrs of motorsports.

  5. Yup it was the girl herself crying, all right. In the first part, she was screaming not to touch her (when the first few guys came over and did just that), in the second part one of the guys was telling everyone not to anything to her, and in the last part (with the crying) she kept saying it hurts, it hurts (and not in a Japanese porn sort of way)

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