Dutch Cyclist Falls from Ramp, Bends Elbow Backwards

Dutch Cyclist Falls from Ramp, Bends Elbow Backwards

During a national time trial cycling championship in Emmen, The Netherlands, Dutch cyclist Remco Grasman fell clumsily from a ramp, and landed bending his elbow painfully backwards.

42 year old Remco Grasman is an experienced time trial racer decorated with several medals. But you seriously couldn’t tell judging by this performance.

Props to Best Gore member flodder for the video:

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  1. Some people have some really weak bodies. Like they are made of balsa wood. That wasn’t even a hard fall. No joint strength at all.

    Puts arm out to brace for gentle fall, and destroys it.

      1. A little boy on a bike gets arrested by a cop Riding a horse. The cop says: – Did you get this bike from Santa? The boy answers: – Yes…The cop says: – Well, next time, tell Santa to put a light on it, cause it’s dangerous…And he hands him a (small…) fine. Then the boy tells the cop: – And you, was it Santa who gave you your horse? – Why? Asks the cop…
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    1. When something as bad as this happens to you, your body goes into a shock and releases adrenaline so you don’t feel much anything when it happens. But yeah, afterwards it hurts pretty fucking much. I’ve broken my hand like this and another time my collarbone broke into 3 pieces while skateboarding :d

      1. The only time when you actually don’t feel any pain related to these massive injuries is when your brain interprets that it is better for it not to. And it has nothing to do with adrenaline, mostly, contrary to popular belief.

        You only feel what you brain thinks you should feel. As I said, if your brain thinks you would fare better if the pain didn’t hinder you in some specific situation, it will just ignore the nervous impulses it receives. Since the cyclist knew he was out of the time trial, he probably felt the pain instantly.

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  3. I still think he’s pro, you don’t fall like that and have that kind of trauma without caterwauling. This may be the result of not eating properly, if you’re going against time you’d want to be light as possible when on that bike and that includes not eating prior to the said event. That arm bending like that didn’t help the fall either. But still achieving and fighting for records at 42, much respect for the old man.

    1. I think the way they train is it. When on a bike your arms are almost continuously bent (unless you are rushing) so that’s how the muscles are trained and strengthened. There is probably no muscle for that position. Plus he has more slow-twitch vs. fast-twitch muscles.

    1. @kjazzw, if you look carefully just before he is about to start the descent he wobbles and grabs hold of the bar at the side; that means there is something wrong and he should not have been riding.

    2. Dunno, probably something to do with starting in a high gear, so not being able to make much speed from the start. Then somehow he gets out of balance, steers to the left and is not able to put a foot down because they wear special shoes which click into the pedals of the bike. He tried grabbing onto something and push himself back, but failed.
      Shouldn’t have been a struggle, but Shit happens. Even ‘pro’s’ fail

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    Great bicycle riding.

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    1. I thought that is what cycling is, amnyc. Whoever crashes and burns first wins. Injuries on the way to the course don’t count. That’s what makes this time trial so impressive. That time is going to be tough to beat!

  5. This exact thing happened to me, not falling of the ramp like a pussy.
    I had the same kind of break in a car accident, my arm bent backwards in the same way, breaks like that usually require surgery.

  6. Remco Grasman is actually a good sportsman. The year before, he ended at 3rd place at World Championship cycling at only 1,4 seconds from the World Title , and the same year he became Dutch champion Elite without Contract.. Also he was a successful runner at athletics.
    That day he fell from the ramp, another cycle runner ( a female, Marijn de Vries ) also fell from the ramp . So now everyone blames the organization, and the ramp. Make of it what you will.

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