Ear of Female MMA Fighter Leslie Smith Busted Open at UFC 180

Ear of Female MMA Fighter Leslie Smith Busted Open at UFC 180

During her fight against Jessica Eye at the UFC 180 event in Mexico City on November 15, 2014, female MMA fighter Leslie Smith’s ear pretty much exploded after a right hook from her opponent.

Jessica Eye dominated the first round, and after she punched Leslie Smith in her cauliflower ear in round 2, cageside doctors ruled the latter unfit to continue fighting. Leslie Smith protested the loss by TKO, requesting the referee to let the fight continue but, as she was full of adrenaline and could not see how badly her ear was busted, the TKO decision was clearly right.

Here’s the video of it:

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    1. Yeah I thought thats what it was! I checked out sherdog and MMAfighting but there are no articles about it. I did find some other sites that questioned it but it doesn’t seem to be an “official” story.

      The weird thing was is that it didn’t happen in the many guillotines he got caught in. It happened standing right after an accidental cock shot he gave Benitez.

      I guess when you got to go you got to go.

      1. I never understood why some women wanted big muscles and six packs when they worked out. I think a woman’s body should be toned in certain places and soft in others. I guess some men find it attractive because these women must be getting laid.

    1. Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano, Miesha Tate, Felice Herig, Julianna Pena and Michelle Waterson. One of these girls may change your mind.

      The majority of women fights have been exciting. Been a few ufc events where the girls have been the highlight of the card. Fight fans like good fights.

        1. @Obli, I just Googled Cyborg because I didn’t know who she was and manly is right. Not only is she ripped with a six pack but her face looks pretty mean. As far as looks go I’d say Rousey is kinda sexy but that’s not what they are there for. They are there to kick ass.

          1. The sad thing is that she was actually kind of hot before she got involved with steroids. I have a pic of her when she was just starting out and it doesnt even look like the same woman…she lost a lot of credibility due to the drug use but she’s paid her dues. I believe she should lose all awards and titles won during that time, absolutely. But she deserves a second chance as she is 100% legit now.

          1. This yea because she only fights fitness models. She is a gimmick and when her hair is pulled back she looks like a fucking squirrel.


            And why should chris have to come down in weight? Make ronda go up. No, she wants to play it safe and rely on technicalities so she can retire “undefeated”. She wont raise her stakes and weight to take on heavy hitters.

          2. Hmmm Cyborg has only fought cans too. The 145 division is as weak if not weaker than the 135 division. If the fight happens between Ronda & Cyborg I would not put money down. If Cyborg can keep it standing then its over for Ronda.

            A squirrel haha. Her mole gives me a boner.

            I would agree with you that Ronda should go up as she has fought at 145 before but the fact that Cyborg got popped for steroids makes the argument difficult. Also if she does go up then it won’t be for the 135lb championship belt which sucks from a promotional stand point. So I doubt the UFC will allow it.

            I hope the fight happens. I don’t care who wins.

          3. Definitely. Lol. Haha come on, dude. You think I dont see Ro nda’s stats? She is a force but Ronda is everyone favorite so naturally that means I have to trash her. Lol. But shit talking aside, yeah would love to see that match regardless of weight division. Cyborg deserves second chance though. Um…im a bit of a Cyborg fanboy. :3

          4. Haha well for the sake of banter I’ll back Rowdy Ronda Rousey 😛

            I’m a Cyborg fan too, mate. Shes one of the few fighters I follow outside of the UFC.

            Super fights rarely if ever happen so I am not going to hold my breath. =( But if it does… then Ronda is going to smash your big tranny bitch into whore juice 😉

          5. Ha! Well you certainly are entitled to your opinion…even if it’s wrong. 😉

            But im afraid rowdy Ronda will become pouty ronda once cyborg gives her a televised hysterectomy.

          6. I can’t stand Rousey. She tries to be the female version of the Diaz brothers with her mean muggin’ but just comes off looking stupid to me. And The Four Horsewoman thing? Please. When half of your “Horsewomen” get shut down in their fights there’s no reason to brag. Now if only Forrest Griffin came out of retirement I’d be one happy monkey!

          7. I was seriously waiting for you to talk shit about Ronda @Mikey lol. She was ok a couple years ago. If Dana White wasn’t so far up her ass she would’ve been done a long time ago. Go Forrest though.

            @Obli Ew, Cyborg?

          8. Mikey got it.

            Thats the issue I have with Ronda;she’s a whore.SShe’sgot more promotion/sponsorship than any female and now she’s an “actress”. If it comes down to challwnging herself or losing money/sponsorship she wont do it.

            Thats why cris has to come down in order to fight her. She shoul devolve as a fighter not worry about her goddamn endorsements. She got too big too fast and now only cares about money.

            Yeah, her mean-mugging is obnoxious too.

          9. She says stupid shit all the time. She said she could beat Cain Vel?squez not too long ago. Unless she is trolling for attention then bravo. She certainly got attention when she said she would beat Floyd.

            I think the Diaz brothers double teamed her and their sperm went to her brain.

            Whenever she does an interview I get the strong urge to hate fuck her.

            I now have a boner.

          10. Exactly @Obli & @Nextie. A few years ago Rousey was legit. Now, between Dana and her need to protect her brand she only takes safe fights. They both know that she’s worth way more undefeated than not.
            Cyborg I’m no expert on. I had heard of her a couple years ago, but admittedly, didn’t start paying attention to her until I heard she signed Tito “The Huntington Beach Old Man” as her manager. I’m not someone who believes that all your wins are tainted because you were caught once doping. Unless your name us Vitor Belfort 😉
            Not that anyone here cares but next month my favorite active fighter finally returns…Johny (I hate how you spell your first name) Hendricks!!!

          11. @Mikey, that makes no sense. Save Ronda from who? 😛 They are either shit or not on her level. That is why people are interested in the Cyborg fight because she is the only fighter who could give Ronda a challenge.

            Hendricks is a beast but I’ll be gunning for Robbie Lawler just because he’s one of the few remaining old school guys left =)

            Going to be interesting see Vitor fight Weidman without the juice.

          12. @Pinch, “Save Ronda from who? They are either shit or not on her level.” (Sorry from writing like someone else :/) But you answered your own question bud. They’re protecting her by only having her fight shit opponents or opponents not on her level. That makes perfect sense. If Dana set her up against a fighter that might actually beat her, especially if they destroy her, then she loses some luster and mystique. I think they should have tried to set her up against Holly Holm in her upcoming debut (until 48 hours ago that is).

            I’m glad you’re rooting for Lawler @Pinch. It’ll make for some fun shit talking between us in a few weeks 😀

          13. Yeah I’ve been waiting on Holly to make her debut before I make my mind up on how much of a threat she will be. Her boxing is obviously a huge threat but if Ronda grabs a hold of her I think it’ll be over quickly. Elite grapplers beat elite boxers almost every time.

            WAR LAWLER! Haha 😉 Then we have the super fight Jones vs Cormier in January =)

        2. Cyborg got caught taking steroids or some form of enhancement drug. She fights against women who don’t take anything. I used to like her until I found out about that. It taints all her wins

          1. Dawn yeah, unfortunately that is true. but not all her wins. it was a brief period and yeah, she should lose all titles and awards won during that period. fair is fair, you know? but she paid the price both professionally and…physically.she’s paid her dues and deserves her second shot. she is 100 percent legit and still a fucking beast.

          2. Yes @obli
            Fair is fair and you are right. If she is indeed “clean” then she should definitely get a second chance. Like I said I personally thought she was badass.

        3. Rowdy Ronda Rousy is always getting her ass kicked??!!? Obli, she’s undefeated in both Strikeforce and the UFC. I admit she’s kind of a 1 trick pony, but you can’t deny the results. As far as what she does outside the octagon, well she’s got the looks and she out there marketing them. I don’t see anything wrong with that. The idea of Chris Justino aka Cyborg trying to model outside of fighting would be great if I needed to puke. I’ll admit that Cyborg would probably beat Ronda’s face to a pulp, but when it eventually goes to ground and pound, that arm bar with a few other judo moves will have Justino in a world of aweful pain. End result …cyborg taps out, case closed!!!

          1. Lol I was just seeing if pinch was actually a fan and not just naming names. I just like talking shitanyway because I cant stand her. If not for her arm lock…I mean arm bar that any jiu jitsu student masters in their first class she cant do shit. Once she beat someone. ONCE without that trick.she’s a gimmick, dude. Sadly I got into the females mostly because of her getting my attention but shes just a money whore and cyborg would destroy her because she is a much more well rounded fighter.

            Why do they all have to be like fucking Gina and make sure they walk away from a fight so they can still do their “look how hot I am, give me money” side jobs.

      1. Ronda Rousey, is she the one who was in the latest Expendables movie?

        I used to like UFC in the early days when it was still bare knuckle and the fighters actually fought each other with a bit of enthusiasm.

        These days because there are rounds and time limits the fighters often slow it right down in order to conserve energy for the later rounds, which bores me senseless I must admit.

        The standard of fighters in the UFC is better these days but I find the excitement to be all but gone.

        I used to also enjoy K1 and Pride FC and even boxing before it became a joke full of dregs and mediocrities.

        Every time I watch a live fight now I know that there is a high possibility it will go to the decision cards and one person will claim victory due to having more points than the other person and if the fight does get stopped early it is usually because of a cut or something, rarely due to knockout.

        1. @Empty, Rousey is in Expendables 3 and yes the UFC was a lot more brutal in the old days. I was always amazed to see a guy like Royce Gracie take on a guy twice his size like Kimo and beat him by submission. There was a lot more blood lost back when it was bare fists.

      1. I used to wrestle in High School and I can tell you that if you wear ear protection you will easily avoid getting cauliflower ear. I could never understand the dumb fucks that wouldn’t wear the ear guards. My ears are supple and soft as a baby’s ass.

          1. Hey I’ve had the same small silver loop on my left ear for the past 15yrs also 😀 actually it’s going on 17yrs now. It’s on the top cartilage part…

  1. As a grownup, don’t know what UFC means, but guess all others do, the world mostly teenagers.

    In any event, it’s disgusting that people would pay money to watch women smash each other. And what appears to be basically with bare fists.

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