Fatal Zorbing Accident at a Russian Ski Resort Dombai

Fatal Zorbing Accident at a Russian Ski Resort Dombai

I got this video yesterday but decided against posting it but come today, a good two dozen people sent it to me so I took it as a clear sign that it probably should be posted.

Zorbing is a recreational activity whereas a person is rolled down a hill inside a large, inflatable rubber ball called an Orb. I suppose the experience of zorbing is similar to those of a roller coaster ride or bungee jumping in the level of adrenaline and rush it delivers. The catch with zorbing is that there is no fixed, pre-defined path you will be taking and there are no braking mechanisms to stop you so to ensure you don’t get off your path, the the slope is manned with spotters.

This video is from Dombai, a ski resort in Russia, near a border with Georgia. Two people were inside the orb bounced down a ski run but their spotters messed up and the orb went down a cliff on the side of the run, hitting several rocky outcrops along the way.

I think the fact that there were two people inside the orb may have contributed to irregular roll, careening the orb off its path. The orb eventually stopped on a frozen lake about a kilometer from the run. 27 year old Denis Burakov died from a broken neck. His companion – 33 year old Vladimir Shcherbov survived with a concussion and multiple lacerations.

Can you imagine being trapped inside this small space while you’re being spun and bounce around till you don’t know where up or down is and the space just keeps spinning and bouncing and spinning and bouncing? Being locked inside a washing machine has nothing on this.

Props to a whole whack of Best Gore members who sent this video to me. It’s already posted so please don’t send it anymore.

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63 thoughts on “Fatal Zorbing Accident at a Russian Ski Resort Dombai”

  1. They travelled a little bit longer than planned, excellent explanation to phrase ” dumb and brave, dumber and braver, dumbest and bravest” , I have seen them doing this in a wooden barrel, there was 1 dead and another wounded @ that incident as well.

  2. What a weird death to have to explain to family and friends.

    “Did you hear? John died…”

    “Oh, really? How?”

    “He was in a big ball rolling down a snowy hill, and he broke his neck.”


  3. I’ve done zorbing in NZ, great fun although the out of control feel can be unnerving. I can imagine being in that zorb and how scary it would be to know you are completely out of control and unable to do anything about it. Its also disorientating as fuck in a zorb, you don’t know what is up or down. Combined with that last shot which showed the zorb rolling over rocks at a much higher speed than it would roll usually makes for one of the most terrifying ways to go!

  4. Russians… I consider them my brothers more than I do the Yanks (Is that a disparaging term to Americans?)

    But he’s not a brother I’d want around a lot..

    The language annoys me and raises my anxiety. No, no, it’s not cold war mentality – It’s the phonetics of the language. It just sounds hard.. chiseled, rough.

    Plus, they can’t drive. Anything.

  5. That guy who tried to stop the orb and got knocked down twice deserves hero status in my book. He could’ve got seriously hurt himself and chances of success were small but he gave it everything he had to save those guys anyway. MAJOR props.

  6. Oh my fucking god how scary

    I went zorbing in New Zealand and it was honestly the scariest thing I’ve ever done.
    You feel like you can’t breathe and you can’t see anything outside.
    It was a rush but I would never do it again.


  7. Good Lord Darwin is working overtime! Never heard of Zorbing until today. No thanks, I will pass. Is it true that these Russian Retards fell one MILE to the bottom of the chasm? Damn, that is one long ass drop to oblivion. Probably screaming all the way down. I hope some physics person can calculate the rate of their fall. Sort of like the 9/11 jumpers in NYC.

  8. Hi everyone, new member here!

    I read about this earlier, apparently the Russian authorities are ” trying to establish whether it was caused by ‘providing unsafe services’ ”


    Also, the 3 men in charge of the zorb are said to be on the run…… In a giant zorb ball, I hope…..

    1. Btw, has anyone read or watched a video about some russians who died misteriously in the mountains? It’s been a while since then, l think it is called the Dilatov pass incident. I read, watched pictures of the corpses and did some research about it, but it is a very complex and interesting story. I could not sleep that night trying to find out what could have actually happened to them.

      1. @asinya, I looked it up after you mentioned it, listed as Dyatlov Pass incident. I’d never heard about it, as you said very interesting story! Now, I’m wondering what really happened to them too!! Strange events…Thank you for that!

        1. The Dyatlov Pass incident is absolutely fascinating! I’m currently doing a degree in History and have researched thisparticular case quite extensively – I can confidently say that most of the evidence points to Nuclear Weapons testing by government/military. Basically, the group were the very unfortunate victims of a military opperation testing new weapons of unknown potential. It remains unclear why they were chosen, if indeed they were chosen. It could have been that the army were not aware of anyone on that particular pass on the mountain at that time. Either way, a horrific way to die, and the cover up afterwards was on a mass scale – so much so that not thar many people outside of Russia are even aware of it ever happening!

  9. Cool, l am glad you liked it 😀 . l was listening to a band called Der blue Riter and it was cold in my room, of course not the -30 Celcius that those folks must have suffered, but l guess that added a perfect atmosphere to the reading. And did you reach any conclussion or theory about what might have happened? My theory is that these folks were scared the shit out of them by an alien, that might explain the strange coloration of the bodies and why the russian military got involved and important evidence dissapeared. Personally, l have never seen any alien or UFO, l only saw something like that thing people call Foo Fighters, those colorful spheres moving at high speed and manouvering throughout the trees. l have experienced that twice, but one was while l was in the mountains camping and shit, and since l had been smoking weed and had some beer, l just said WTF.. l always wanted to record something like that lf it ever happened to me, but l just run and got back in the cabin as fast as l could, l was so scared that almost shit in my pants, l didnt even remember about recording the sphere at that moment. later, some other people told me that they had seen the sphere too, like searching for something high on top of the threes, perhaps it was only a voyeur extraterrestrial xD.

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