Female Hiker Taking Selfies on Mount Oykha Falls to Her Death

Female Hiker Taking Selfies on Mount Oyha Falls to Her Death

Female Hiker Taking Selfies on Mount Oykha Falls to Her Death

In Russia, a group of friends went for a hike in the mountains. One of them, a 34 year old woman named Eugenia, mother of two, wandered away because she wanted to take more dashing looking selfies to share on social media. She ended up falling off a steep cliff. She died.

The incident happened on the Oykha Mountain, about 10 km from the village of Kochergino in the Kuraginsky district in the west of the Krasnoyarsk region. The drop-off where she fell is vertical 50 meters.

Props to Best Gore member @darksebastian for the video:

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188 thoughts on “Female Hiker Taking Selfies on Mount Oykha Falls to Her Death”

        1. I have to agree.

          Women “generally“ have less skill in the bush than men. And yet I see women/girls today trying to do crazy stuff because the liberal compliance in TV /movies and popular culture shows skinny women throwing much heavier men around in fight scenes etc etc.

          Even for the tiny percentage of female humanity that makes it to UFC combat, it’s totally lost on most females that these are exceptional women, and not at all representative of the whole.

          You can’t fool evolution no matter how many equality laws you dream up or how much you evangelise that there is no such thing as second place, everyone’s a winner.

          That said, I look at some of the so called men coming up, and I wonder if all genders will be equally sliding of hilltops all over the fucking place in the not too distant future.

      1. Yeah that was incompetent. Even if she climbed up/down the wrong way, she should still have made it safely. How like a girl, no real physical hand/foot/eye co-ordination, instant reflexes or strength.

        Now…if she had stayed in the kitchen, making lunch for her 2 children, she would have found more fulfilment lol, than in taking selfies. I blame Feminism for this shit.

      1. Yea recall that, the short introduction, all selfie’ style
        Talking his goodbyes
        Then over he goes,
        With his I phone.
        Falling face up.
        Real Rock Star,
        he was, wasn’t.
        His long hair flowing
        in his face,
        The I phone, skittering across the pavement,
        camera still filming.
        Only immortal recognition being uploaded here.
        I Thought it was live fast,
        Die young,
        Leave a good looking corpse.
        Not smash yourself
        into pieces,
        Across the Concorde…

    1. Yes, I remember that one. It was a lady in Portugal who got blown off by a gust of wind as she set on the ledge taking selfies.
      She was still clutching the selfie stick even at the bottom.

  1. These kinds of deaths are almost always female I tend to find as whenever selfies resulting in death comes up 9 times out of 10 it is women.

    Narcissism is stronger in women it would seem, which is not that surprising really all things considering.

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          3. No mate ,I didn’t know she cheated on her ex-husband nor did I know she tried to justify it nor did I read her autobiography. I normally read autobiographies and bios of people that take my fancy , so I don’t know how that slipped passed me. I guess I ought to keep my big mouth shut.
            **Sad face**

            I just thought she was nice from what I saw of her and her ” little girl , butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth face”.

            Did you read it? Can you pls tell me more tidbits then ? Was she really the town bike in her youth?


          4. Ha har, once again the Nemisysko Kid. Has an interest in the picture Avatars.
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          5. Yes Nems I’ve noticed your affection of the visual arts, part of my degree was art history.
            Not the whole of,
            one chooses a time period, era, or genre(s).
            I stopped painting and using organics over 20 years now, preferring to keep my hands clean experimenting with graphics, digital, 3D images and models etc. Finding that more rewarding so.
            Yes maybe I’ll show them at some point.

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            Sexy dancer was Brazilian Princess or something like that. I remember the dumb, blank stare on her face while she was dancing.

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    1. Women have boob jobs, lip jobs, bum implants, botox. They do everything they can to look young. Have you noticed how women can’t pass a reflective surface without taking the opportunity to admire themselves?
      Men, i mean real men not wayne rooney, let themselves go bald, lose their physiques and grow old because it’s inevitable. We are pragmatic. It is what it is.

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  2. I don’t speak Russian but I think I know what the guy’s saying..
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    1. Get out of there faster I say
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  3. I’ve been known to take similar risks to get a better look at intriguing fossil-bearing strata… but to take a selfie? NEVER.

    Hmmm….wonder if they named that mountain after the sound people make when they fall off of it…?

  4. Ok i read the whole thing as well as i could, sooooo. Where the fuck did this happen, because i cannot pronounce any of those words. K outside of K on the island of K just north of the K land village on the K coast.

  5. I Have always found people that take selfies retarded self-centered idiots. Take A Nice pick of nature instead, and don’t spoil-it with your ugly mug Man,,, or in this case Woman, lol.
    I Wanna See “Nature” Not “Manure” when i look at Pictures Man.

    There was way too much Vodka Ingested beforehand for those Russian Sheeple, me thinks!

  6. Okay, I don’t get these kind of women and I’m a woman myself.

    Like how can you NOT see going over there is a bad idea? The area just screams “don’t wander off on your own or you’re gonna die, bitch!”

  7. This one is just plain silly. Like most women these days she cared too much for likes on Instagram and social media. Could she not have just been content with simple pic that has the panorama with her in the foreground? But no, she had to go for the money shot.

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