Fishhook in Eyelid

Fishhook in Eyelid

This is not the first time we’ve seen a fisherman getting a taste of what it feels like for the fish to get their face impaled with a hook. Recent video showed a professional angler getting a barbed hook through the lip, and earlier we had photos of a fishhook being removed form a person’s eye by a surgeon.

What happened to this young fellow is rather similar – a hook went through his eyelid and possibly also the nigh indestructible eyeball. It’s not very clear from the video, but I think it’s his friend who hooked him cause the victim appears to be standing with his end of the line in the water when the accident happens.

When I’m out in the wild, I fish on occasion too. I’m always very careful because I don’t have anybody with me but seeing what happens to other people, I think I need to invest at minimum in a protective eye wear. Getting one’s lip impaled with a fishhook must suck, but getting it in the eye – that’s a serious situation right there.

What happens to me sometimes when I do river fishing is that my hook gets tangled up in the aquatic vegetation and I have to play tug of war with my rod. When you do that, your line either breaks and you loose your lure, or it springs back and flies uncontrollably toward you. I’ve never been so unlucky as to get hit, but such situations do have disaster written on it all along.

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  1. My older brother Dan went on a fly-in fishing trip near Hurst Ont. They stayed in a rented cabin next to other rentals in this fishing resort. On his first day of fishing, he got himself hooked deep on the top of his head. After trying to remove it all day, he decided to go to the cabin next door to see if anybody had extra bandages, the gentleman asked why? my bro explained what had happened and the man started to laught asking him how long he had been trying to remove this hook as it looked fairly angry by then. He then told him to come in (his cabin) & removed the hook in about 10 seconds. He then told him he was a surgeon, and informed him why he was laughing 馃檪

  2. Anyone else think fishing for sport is pointless? It’s probably the longest, most draining thing ever to just sit there all day waiting for a bite. Only for it to get away with your bait, or worse, to get it caught on a rock and have to break the line.

  3. I have been fishing my whole life. Never had it happen to me yet but I also use barb less hooks for that reason. I have seen a guy slam a huge single hook through another man’s arm. Wish I had pictures of that, it was all the way through his muscle. Mother nature has struck me down in other ways while fishing though!

          1. I know @mama! I didn’t know what a pearl necklace was, still don’t really. Didn’t know what motorboating was, still not sure what FAP is and now these. Being clueless isn’t cute! :/

      1. Errr eh, not something I would try on you dear Mama, unless of course you wanted me to. Disclaimer: I am only telling you this for educational purposes. It works best in the doggie style position. The male forms a fish hook with an index finger and inserts it into the side of the female’s mouth and pulls back stretching the side(s) of the mouth. Some guys do this to humiliate the woman, I do it mostly for the yuk yuks. Gosh now I feel all dirty having to explain this to someone named Mama.

          1. Okay then gore sister, like Se?or Piggy said it works best in Doggy Style, um I’m finding this hard to say…. The guy puts his finger in the chicks bumbum until there’s a chocky build up, then he reaches over and gives the nice lady a poo mustache.

          2. Um…wow. Lol. Hmmm, yea.. Well- I appreciate your honesty.Lol. You’re still quite the gentleman in my eyes!! <3 Glad I heard it from you before someone asked me if I wanted one and me being the nice girl I am-obliged..Yikes!

            Since we're on the subject here, lol.. Do men realllllly like to do this?! I'm ALL for some kink- well I thought I was anyhow, but never while I'm still breathing would anyone do this to my asshole-or face! I wouldn'twant shit on my face or under my fingernails and I just gotta analyze this a little more! Do people really REALLY do this?! Omg.. I'm the most prude freaky girl you'll ever meet I guess! Lol. Ooh well.. Haha

          3. Hey Juicy I’m hoping it’s just an urban myth, but who’s kidding who, there’s some seriously strange crew out there, the dirty Sanchez sounds pretty funny though. I don’t think anyone who has respect for the one they’re doing the rumpypump with would do it, the Dutch oven is one of my favorites for a laugh

          1. 1 girl: I’ve always considered the Dutch oven to be even you pass gas while lying in bed with someone, pull the covers over their head where there’s no escape and let them experience the aroma lol

  4. I love fishing. Never hooked myself ( or been “fish hooked” lol ) but it is satisfying to be able to catch ’em, clean ’em, and cook ’em! Add some hush puppies, fries, cole slaw and a glass of sweet tea….dinner’s ready!

  5. I fish all the time and have been hooked a few times. Mostly in the hands and arms, but in the eyelid… FUCK that. See, that shit was hard for me to watch. That’s why you have those $300 sunglasses my friend, not only do they look cool, they keep your eyes from becoming bait.

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