Foot Deeply Slashed in Sea-Doo Crash

Foot Stitched Up from Top to Bottom

Foot Deeply Slashed in Sea-Doo Crash

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @solucky8, who got his foot deeple slashed in a sea-doo crash:

This was a little over 2 years ago in Parker, Arizona. My friend an I were riding Sea-doo’s and we got disoriented after doing some donuts. Then next thing I knew, we were both coming straight at each other and ended up colliding. The plastic body of the one I rode on got wrecked, and we concluded that was what sliced up my foot. I now have minor nerve damage in my foot but everything still works fine 🙂

Many thanks for the pics and the fansign, @solucky8:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. A Flapper. Dealt with lots-O-Flappers in my days as a construction site supervisor and Chief first Emergency response until Ambulance arrived. Now because while the houses are under construction there are no roads but simply about 5 square miles of muddy trails ambulances would not make it on site for about 40 to 55 minutes sometimes. And when we sent one of our guys to meet them, the ambulance would still take wrong tuns before heading-in these muddy mazes. Total Shit-Show Every time.

    1. HAHAHA that’s exactly what I didn’t do, I really should have put more detail into my story but I was drunk and wanted to put my shit out…but basically after we collided I thought my leg was broken so I pulled it out of the water only to see my foot and the skin dangling off, then I was like oh shit it’s really bad then I just called for help cause it was right in front of the house we stayed at.

    1. Great song origianlly anyway and Fucken great satirical video. Funny as fuck and i like the hint of it at the 1min40 sec mark! Do you have others!

      And keep those Kanakas working! Go on ,tell the yanks about the Kanakas. 😉

    1. @hollyeat
      Yeah it is’ a fkn dumb name.
      Not sure but I think the company that makers them is from Canada & was originally called Bombardier ***
      anyHOO they made snowmobiles first with the brand name
      So hence, when they made personal watercraft the name became .

      But now everyone just calls them Jet skis***
      Expensive toys for rich kids that go very fast,
      With no real brakes & wont turn when not using the throttle,….
      Combine that with alkeehaul* and you get many injuries/ deaths !!

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  3. I just came back to see if anyone said Sea-Dont . it has been 4 days! but even so , not disappointed. some pretty funny shit up top

    is sweetie candy that hello kitty character of a few years back?

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