Four Children Killed, Dozen Injured by Race Car at African Rally Championship

Four Children Killed, Dozen Injured by Race Car at African Rally Championship

The African Rally Championship event resulted in a serious accident when a Subaru driven by an Asian plowed through the crowd of spectators, killing
four children and injuring dozens adults. This, according to a source,
occurred in Tanzania on December, 17, 2011.

After the crowd was rammed, the witnesses rushed to help the driver, while paying no attention to the many injured spectators. They didn’t even mind stepping on an injured child.

That poor child with a broken leg was trying to stand up, and people were ordering him to “lala lala“, meaning “lay down! lay down!” in Swahili.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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100 thoughts on “Four Children Killed, Dozen Injured by Race Car at African Rally Championship”

    1. I didn’t see in this video that everyone rushed over to “help the driver”. Looks like it took the driver a good 5 – 7 minutes to get out of the car. It looks to me more like concern was being shown for those spectators hurt in the accident. It appeared that they were trying to lift the car to retrieve a body beneath the car itself.

      And if they were ordering someone to “lay down”, maybe it was because keeping the injured as still as possible might just be the best thing for him.

      Time and time again we see these sorts of off-road spectator events, and the result is always the same: one car’s driver tries to correct, ends up over-correcting, resulting in the driver going off-course and slamming in to a crowd of people. Being at these events is part of the thrill. Part of the thrill is being able to say, “Yeah, I was there, and a car flew past me missing me by just five inches!”

      Some of the people in the video could be seen clustered around trees, in the hopes that the tree would save them from death. That might be the only thing there to save them, since there are clearly no guard rails.

    2. Yeah does anybody maybe think about not standing in the possible path of the death machine you are (not paying) to watch?

      I actually respected the efforts to help flip the car over, but maybe if they hadn’t stepped all over a living child to do it.

      Also I can’t believe all those kids are lying dead or broken and nobody seemed to even be with them or taking care of them.

      The one with his pants pulled down was the most sad for me, lying dead in the dirt and nobody even cares. Fucking so lucky in a way they aren’t living in Africa but in the paradise that is America compared to this shit

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    1. Maybe you’ve never seen a rally race before? There’s plenty of videos of white people standing just as close with no fence at a fucking turn you dip shit. God, I’m white and know how fucking retarded you sound.

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  2. Poor lil nigglets. The fuck was an asian race car driver doing in Africa? Well some of those spectators were doomed from the get go, standing that close to the passing cars though letting an asian on the track didn’t really help their odds of survival much either. Meh, serves ’em right.

  3. The thrill of speed and the car’s gas paddle I think the driver was all adrenalized .
    He seemed like a newbie on that narrow stretch of road and yet the morons who stood by to watch that close never did know what was to anticipate .
    Of and on they moved about disregarding danger on the track
    I could clearly sense with the hush that loomed over after the 2nd car whizzed past ,that there was Death waiting to happen for a couple of them ……………

  4. Ok the people lifting the car did not step over the kid. They lifted the car to pull that kid out. The person you see getting out of the car could have been the co-pilot/navigator. Those cars are right hand drive.

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  6. I would love to race in a rally event one day. Hopefully I don’t kill anyone but it’s hard to think about anything else but winning when you’re behind the wheel. I feel for both the driver and the victims. Worst thing i’ve done is get insane understeer and hit a 50k track car in Laguna Seca haha

  7. This is awful. Those poor children. It is because of the stupidity of the parents that these children died. I wouldn’t take my child to see this. I know that this can happen and I wouldn’t put my child or myself in harms way.

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