Friendly Arm Wrestling Between Co-Workers Leads to Broken Humerus

Friendly Arm Wrestling Between Co-Workers Leads to Broken Humerus

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @gorefather, whose friend filmed a friendly arm wrestling match between co-workers, which lead to one of them’s snapped humerus (upper arm bone):

So my friend was at work and saw that this Muslim was about to arm wrestle this guy. Having seen him try to arm wrestle before, he knew that the Muslim was fucked and something bad would come of it so he recorded it and got this footage of him spectacularly breaking his arm.

Something funny about it is that once he got to the hospital he refused to be helped by a woman doctor (because he’s Muslim) so he had to wait 5 days to have a male doctor fix his arm.

Many thanks for the video and the x-ray photo, @gorefather:

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76 thoughts on “Friendly Arm Wrestling Between Co-Workers Leads to Broken Humerus”

      1. That’s an oblique fracture of the humerus.
        RVH doesn’t make much sense for a radiograph of the humerus. The writing after the RVH has been redacted suggesting personal identifying info.
        The W & L may be referring to width and length being within normal limits?

    1. Yeah this is what happens when you don’t drink your milk, motherfucker… The funny part is that at the point where he broke his arm he was winning… Apparently this guy had more muscle than bone

    2. Oh !! you want a male doctor…??? Yeah that’s going to be a problem… We don’t have any… But if it’s that important to you… I tell you what… You come back next Thursday and we’ll see what we can do… But until then try not to move it… Stupid fishy. =dum bass

  1. Good gore here!!! The Fatherfuckers arm got CRUSHED hardcore. Why did he have a swimmers cap on his chump SKULL???

    And look at the other two homosexuals “are you okay?” “Hell yeah! I am fine. I just got my fucking wankers arm CRUSHED for the giggles you weak small pathetic whoreson!”

    But your friend who filmed it is ace. And the champion too. But the other two dwarfs and the piss sipper who gor his arm CRUSHED are beta males.

  2. Get back to work you lazy muzzie. And stupid too for putting all his weight on one arm. Stupid is as stupid does. Dumb muzzies. Waiting for a male nurse pfff. Lame excuse to take 5 days off!

  3. Loved how they both jumped back, like it was the table that broke his arm.

    And then the awkwardness among all of them after it happened. Standing around like dumfucks, not knowing what do do. Call the hospital??? Bahahahahahahaaaaa

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