French Female Weightlifter Breaks Arm in Batumi, Georgia

Female Weightlifter Breaks Arm in France

This happened three days ago in Batumi, Georgia. To inform the ill and feeble, that is Europe not U.S.A.

A 31-year-old, French female weightlifter competing in the women’s 76kg/165lbs category breaks arm in two places while attempting to lift almost twice the weight. Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke attempts to snatch the European championship in Batumi, Georgia.

She fails the first two times to lift the weight -which was broadcast on live television- and on the third time, as they say “third time’s the charm” but that proves not to be true. She screams in agony as her coach and medical rush to her aid.

What we can learn from this? The weight of the world can not be placed on her shoulders. It is better to find Atlas.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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          1. In the theatre……. are you a Thespian Steph? That sounds like a personal question doesn’t it? lol

            You may be onto something there. While I am not purveyor of lifting dumb things and can’t answer your question with any authority Steph….this competitor has taken the idiom of breaking things too far for her own good…we can only hope that she didn’t break wind. If not for herself…then for her long suffering coach.

      1. @doc-undy I can be dramatic at times. In Theater; “I get colic, then the stew sets to rumbling like thunder and finally bursts forth with a terrific noise. ” (Aristophanes’ The Clouds) What does a bodybuilder think before she deadlifts? Don’t Fart….Don’t Fart…..

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    1. Oh ya my sister showed me that a couple days ago. My sister couldn’t look. While my reaction was like “… Nice :/”
      But this video right here made me laugh out loud because of that black trainer guys face at the end of the video.

  2. I blame the systemic racism entrenched within white society.

    As a black woman she was carrying not only the weight of the bar but also the heavy burden of slavery as well as having to reach up against forces that keep pushing her down.

    Her white privileged competition had it far easier.

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  3. Idiomatically speaking she bit off more than , she could chew.

    And as our dear Author @seraphim-serenata. rightly puts it across , when he says , “The weight of the world can not be placed on her shoulders. It is better to find Atlas” . and yes the search for Atlas is still on going .
    Meanwhile this dame went a step further being a weightlifter ; which she’s clearly and surprisingly not . She should have shied away when she failed twice before ; but it seems some folks do not give in that easily its only when some nasty injuries override their ambitions , slapping them hard with unforeseeable injuries ; is when they come to realize how stupid they were in trying out to achieve the,unendurable…. the very word .” impossible” right out of the dictionary..

    1. “The weight of the world can not be placed on her shoulders. It is better to find Atlas” …the watered down translation: Don’t let a woman do a man’s job. Have to point out to all the lovely ladies in the world, it is not meant as attack but truth realization…

  4. Bad form. I could tell something was wrong with her arm before she even tried to lift. 🙁
    She must’ve already dislocated it from the prior attempts, but she ignored everything and will now have to pay for her negligence for a long time.

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