Girly Arm Breaks While Arm Wrestling

Girly Arm Breaks While Arm Wrestling

Girly Arm Breaks While Arm Wrestling

This video is of a female and a male arm wrestling. I have seen time and time again women, who clearly cannot beat a man at arm wrestling, arm wrestle men anyway. The dude in this video is clearly a giant douche bag, and I pray to god that beating this cutesy bimbo will help him sleep at night. It probably would have until he broke her fucking arm…

He bends her arm further and further until oh snap it breaks. Now I’m sure she didn’t mean for her arm to break like a twig but why would she try so hard to beat this asshole knowing she wouldn’t be able to.. And her reaction is priceless. “Oh my God I broke my arm” like yes girl we hear and see that thank you.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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        1. The fact that you can shoehorn your personal political agenda into a comment about a video that literally has nothing to do with it, tells everyone else that you’re the one who’s brainwashed. Perhaps brainwashed by your own willingness to believe the lies from any politician on any side.

          1. @gutsackflayed, you are totally wrong! Vileness is spot on. Woman like that lezbo freak from USA soccer Morgan ( I deserve this) whatever her cunt name is points out the feminazi agenda at every turn. So when Vileness reacts to what people like her spout then somehow he’s the villain? You want equal pay and all that other rotten garbage? Well first off you are not Man and don’t deserve Men’s pay. This is just more proof of that. The bitches arm just snapped like a twig. Equal my ass!

    1. Not true. “Milk. It does a body good.” That slogan was made up by the milk industry. It actually leads to osteoporosis in women. Humans should only drink milk as a last resort. She probably drank milk daily, which may have weakened her bones. The food industry has totally misled the public. They are killing us, and the planet.

      1. My work and other places ere going g “economic friendly” with paper straws and boxes and portion cups. I laugh cause trees supply us oxygen and they will be depleted even quicker now.. sad really. It’s better than plastic, but come-on.. there has to be a better way, but “they” don’t want to

          1. All these hoes walk around with their esthetically pleasing silicon straws but none of them will stop using hair spray for the polar bears!! Don’t get me wrong, I use hair spray, but I also shove straws up turtle noses and I don’t pretend to be an environmentalist to be trendy. I hate milk.

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  1. She didn’t break anything. Her distal biceps tendon detached from the strain. When that happens, the long head of the bicep muscle rolls up into the upper arm like a shade rolls up on a window. You need an operation to fix it.

          1. When we used to go paki bashing it was quite common. A paki is a man from pakistan. I find it even more fun since they became more outspoken and brave. I like reducing them back to fear. Violence is a beautiful thing.

  2. i thought ‘whamen’ had this ultra high pain threshold because of childbirth ? thats what they love to ram down your throat anyway, “well us whamenz we give birth m’kay and its be a recorded 17 million decibels of pain on the threshold meter recorder thingymajig” “we whamenz can tolerate so much pain m’kaaaaay”

  3. You ain’t supposed to break a pretty girl’s arm you stupid ass, you are supposed to love her and fuck her real good until she walks like a cowboy that’s been riding for days non-stop and you only shoot air out of your cock, that is the secret to happiness…

    1. Since crack already happened and after initial shock, the brain stops pain, moves whole body into survival mode and that’s why she didn’t feel nothing and therefore, she toked it like champ.

      She is in sea of it now, believe me.

  4. First arm rule wrestling:
    Keep your arm close to biceps as that connects muscles of both parts of the hand together.
    You must keep it that way or, both parts of the hand will work separately if you keep it further.

    See his hands and see her’s..

    How the hell will they fix it?

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