Horse Racer Dies Slamming Full Speed Into Concrete Pole

Horse Racer Dies Slamming Full Speed Into Concrete Pole

Horse Racer Dies Slamming Full Speed Into Concrete Pole

This seems to be South America, possibly Chile, but I had no means to verify for sure.

The video shows a horse racer die after slamming into a concrete pole at full speed. It seems to be a street race, and thus presumably illegal. Got to love that the jockey took the full force of the impact, while the horse completely avoided it. For once the animal got off unscathed, and the human perished.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Horse Racer Dies Slamming Full Speed Into Concrete Pole”

      1. Yay! Horse won, human zero! I don’t think this guy was a very good rider, I can’t see falling off like that, n why he didn’t turn his horse? Wtf? I did some crazy shit on my “ponys” n rarley ever bit the dust

        1. haha! Humans always have to choose between speed and control.
          Anything that is too fast cannot be controlled let alone something without a steering wheel.
          That applies even to abstract concepts like our own civilization…

  1. I’m glad that it wasn’t the horse that got injured this time. More often than not, it’s the other way around. These illegal racers don’t give a shit about the horses. Legal racers may look fancy, and high class, but if they really cared, then they wouldn’t be racing horses either. I saw an episode of animal cops, where a horse broke it’s legs during an illegal race, and the owner killed it with a chainsaw. Another horse witnessed the incident, and the look in its eyes was sheer terror.

    1. All my own horses are ex racehorses, one was on his way to the butchers when he was picked up by a charity 🙁 They make damn good event horses. I love being able to give them a second chance too instead of ending up on my neighbors plates!

    2. I used to work at the race track exersisi g the horses ect. They ride them way to early. Lock them in a box for most of the day, drug them, run them with injuries ect. If u r a gelded horse n u get hurt, u r fucked. Better hope someone buys you for more than the insurance pays

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