Idiot Falls Trying to Perform Swing on Stairwell Railing

Idiot Falls Trying to Perform Swing on Stairwell Railing

An idiot, probably a show off before the girls, attempted to mimic a high bar circling swing on a stairwell railing, but slipped and fell square on the railing one storey below. He probably managed to crack his pelvis, squish his testicles and cause trauma to internal organs, but hey… it seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

I don’t know where this happened, but there’s a lot of young people around so it could be a university or similar setting. Ouch:

29 thoughts on “Idiot Falls Trying to Perform Swing on Stairwell Railing”

  1. For some reason this video reminded me of how awful that show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is.

    If this video was aired on the show, the host would probably make some dick comment and the audience would go “Oh” and laugh because guys breaking their nuts is funny.

    1. Its like those guys that do videos of themselves kicking each other in the nuts and other stupid stunts that involve getting slammed in the nuts. The only thing i hope with that is that they damage themselves enough so that they can’t procreate. Don’t want idiots like that having children, that would no doubt turn out to be idiots themselves.

  2. i cant help feeling these morons would have become extinct considering Darwin advocated the weak,slow or stupid would die out.

    now we are up to our armpits in defective idiots….i wonder if our society is geared towards protecting the hidden flaw and outbreeding intelligent offspring with cretans?

  3. He may have died later on from internal damage.
    This is an old vid, i saw a slightly longer version where you seen him fly fall past a storey below so he fell at least two storeys down. Drunk idiot.

  4. That looks like the same place that a girl, who looks more like a suicide, flips herself over the same rail. She is knocked out by the fall and her friends are freaking. She is alone when she flips over the railing, so no showoff stunt.

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