Indian Footballer Peter Biaksangzuala Breaks Neck Performing Somersault in Celebration of Goal

Indian Footballer Peter Biaksangzuala Breaks Neck Performing Somersault in Celebration of Goal

23 year old Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala died after a somersault he performed in celebration of a lucky goal went wrong. Peter Biaksangzuala reportedly attempted to mimic the signature flip stunt by German footballer Miroslav Klose, but landed on his head and fatally broke his neck.

The tragic incident happened during the game between Bethlehem Vengthlang FC and Chanmari West FC. Peter Biaksangzuala was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Doctors cited severe spinal cord damage as the cause of death.

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          1. I’ve scored many nice goals In semiPro f?tbol, and a goal didn’t matter to me unless we won the game. Other wise stick to playing in dirt with a ball made me rags.

  1. He came so Klose to landing it too. In American football he would of gotten a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration. You can’t let that shit slide, broken neck or not. Muslim dude got one for falling to his knees and praying a couple of weeks ago.

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    1. From my perspective, you feel the moment of impact. After your spinal cord, and or neck is severed you really cant do much but breathe the little amount of oxygen you can possibly breathe to fill in your lungs. Must be a sucky way to go.

  2. Sports are dangerous when you go that extra mile to celebrate or protest, bad shit happens. I’ve seen football players break their legs spiking balls over the field goal bars and who can forget the Serbian basketball player Boban Jankovic who head butted the basketball net pole and broke his neck ? Good sportsmanship means learning how to lose as well as learning how to behave when you win. And as we all know the worst offenders are the fans who aren’t even a part of the contest.

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  3. Surely, in a country where you have excelled at a sport from young age and competed against 1 billion (one seventh of the entire world population) other sports crazy hopefuls with the same dream to be the one chosen to play professionally and earn some ridiculous money for yourself and the family, you have the right to celebrate the small stuff. It makes heaps more sense than sweating the small stuff, like so many do in the western lands of unearned and false entitlement.

    Celebrate your achievements……..

    Nothing is going to go wrong 99.989% of the time.

  4. He seemed to be moving around a little which is the worst thing he could have done with a broken neck. Obviously he did not know his neck was broken but that movement is probably ehat killed him. It is posdible to survive but everything right has to fall into place.

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