Indonesian Football Persija Fan Killed by Persib Fans

Indonesian Football Persija Fan Killed by Persib Fans

Indonesian Football Persija Fan Killed by Persib Fans

Persija Jakarta supporter died reportedly at the hands of a group of Persib Bandung supporters before a Persib vs Persija soccer match on Sunday.

Haringga Sirila, 23, was beaten to death near the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium in Bandung, West Java. According to reports, Haringga was first chased by a group of young men, identified as Persib supporters, who then punched and kicked him in the head. Some also beat him with wooden planks and rocks. Persib and Persija are bitter rivals and their fans have often clashed resulting in injuries and deaths.

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    1. “Pakis”? haha… Pakis would have yelled “Allah hu Akbhar”
      ..but listen carefully, these ones are yelling “La Ilaha Illallah” (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله)
      They are Indonesians, fond of the Shahada

          1. Unfortunately the whole game is a bunch of faggots, I love my footy but it does my fucking head right in when they do all this diving and playacting ……When a player gets tackled he goes down like he’s been fucking shot by a sniper like a complete shitbag…… it’s fucking up the whole game imo, they need to take a leaf out of rugbys book as well. These guys knock the shit out of each other for 80 mins then still clap each other off at the end, most footballers are faggot cunts bro………….

  1. Human beings are tribal creatures and some groups are more violent than others.

    Race, nationality, politics, sports etc are just the medium from which that nature shines.

    Some groups (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) even kill rival groups over fried chicken and watermelon. In this instance it would be the KFCs and Popeyes that are the medium.

  2. What the fuck is up with the rest of the world and soccer….uh I mean football I just don’t fucking get I don’t. Universal sport national pride yada yada, but men playing soccer in the U.S. won’t even register. Yet the rest of the worlds willing to torture and crucify over the shit. I guess we all got something(or somebody ) to torture and dismember over.

  3. Hooray for football.

    What a bunch of fucking monkeys, and that’s football supporters, not just these set of Indonesians – this could have been anywhere, and it is anywhere – this shit happens in London, Manchester, Leeds, Paris, Munich etc etc etc. Fuck football and its utter savagery.

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