Inexperienced Snowboarder Tumbles Down 500 Feet of Steep, Rocky Side

Inexperienced Snowboarder Tumbles Down 500 Feet of Steep, Rocky Side

Schlasman’s lift opened in December 2008 on a challenging 300 acres and 1,700 feet of steep terrain at Bridger Bowl, a ski resort in Bozeman, Montana. The slope’s gnarly ridge attracts daredevils and keeps patrols really busy – rope rescues are a regular occurrence.

This inexperienced snowboarder with kiddy size snowboard decided to descend the ridge with GoPro mounted on his head. Once he came upon a rocky slope, he realized this was beyond his novice skills and dismounted to walk around it. As soon as the snowboard was off his feet, the fellow slipped and tumbled down 500 feet of steep, rocky mountain side.

The tumble rendered him unconscious and knocked the camera off his head, which stayed on throughout the rescue. A ski patrol picked it up and put it in his pocket but even though the view was obstructed, the patrol’s conversation with the victim can be heard.

The snowboarder broke a C3 (Cervical 3) vertebrae on his neck, narrowly missing the nerve connected to the diaphragm that could have stopped his breathing. Because he was not wearing a safety helmet, the fall also lacerated his head with a 6 inch gash that exposed his brain, but miraculously, brain itself sustained no damage so there will be no long term consequences.

The video is raw straight out of his GoPro. Skip to 4:30 for 30 seconds of action because from 4:59 until 11:25 the lens is obstructed by snow. Then the camera gets put in the patrol’s pocket so from that point on it’s just red stuff. Unless you feel like listening to the conversation between the victim and rescuers.

One thing to keep in mind is that the camera was set to record in super wide angle mode and that doesn’t do the canyon he was facing justice. The slope was much steeper than it appears to be from the video. He broke too many snowboarding rules and should be lucky he’s not dead or paralyzed.

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36 thoughts on “Inexperienced Snowboarder Tumbles Down 500 Feet of Steep, Rocky Side”

  1. This guy is a fucktard. I see gapers like him all the time here. “Hey look at me I have a board from 15 seasons ago that has a sweet grafik on it bro. Let’s fuck shit up.” The worst is when these fucks ride through the park and use the lips on the rails as fucking jumps. Oh my shitballs. It makes me mad…
    Usually, they wear some sort of gay hat instead of a helmet. Like a santa cap or some shit.

    1. @KJ-You ALWAYS make me laugh! I shit you not! I’m laying in bed in black sweats under 3 blankets with freezing ass feet, stuffed fucking nose, head feels like fish dude with the gash, sinus swollen looking like a bloated retard, killer cramps and i sound like a dude that is about to hack up a lung. Tipsy off the Excedrin and nyquil that I’m taking shots of- yet, you can hear my crippled ass literally laugh out loud! Thank you for that! Smooches!

      1. I only speak da troof! These lil niggaz be cluttering up my mountain and I don’t like it. I’m all for people learnin a new sport but don’t act like a fucknut doing it. I don’t drive racecars, but you won’t catch me driving across the lawn of the indy 500 in my Subaru so I can learn with the big boys. Gahhhh fucking morons. This kid got what he deserved.

  2. Snowboarding is just ridiculously difficult if you try to learn it as an adult. I used to take my son when he was young and he’d be off no problem. For me it was just one bitter and painful humiliation after another.

    1. Right on Mama! I tried to snow board once, and it went like this: glide five feet, fall over on my face. Can’t get up with feet strapped to snow board. Someone helps me up. I try again. Repeat process about thirty times until the bottom of the hill is reached. How humiliating.

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          Hot monkey sex. Not so great for the monkey.

        1. Mmmmmmm Mmmm! Good shit….
          Nahhmean? Isn’t the rest of it somethin like “poke your finger in the hole. Now you got a tootsie roll.”? Damn the shit you learn as a kid.
          But anywho,
          “Call me chef Ramsey baby cuz I’m bousta TOSS YO SALAD!” Heavy metalllll.

  3. I must be ignorant about snowboarding, as I always thought that snowboarders were supposed to get on the snowboard BEFORE going down the mountain.


    On a different note, I don’t understand why this video had to be a half-hour long, but whatever. It would been cooler if the guy had actually fallen down the mountain for a full half-hour.

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