Jet Ski Careens Into Restaurant on Los Cabos Beach in Mexico

Jet Ski Careens Into Restaurant on Los Cabos Beach in Mexico

Jet Ski Careens Into Restaurant on Los Cabos Beach in Mexico

On El Médano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, a jet ski apparently got possessed and unmanned, careened into a patio of a restaurant where beach goers were enjoying afternoon drinks.

A souvenir vendor who walked on the beach past the Mango Deck restaurant was struck head on and died. Two tourists were injured. Their injuries are said to be serious. They were taken to a private hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the CCTV video of the accident. It’s interesting how the watercraft was turning right to project directly onto the restaurant, which it would have missed had it gone straight.

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61 thoughts on “Jet Ski Careens Into Restaurant on Los Cabos Beach in Mexico”

  1. Its either Hollywood was filming a scene from a new jaws movie typical stunt man fell off jet ski got away and it went on a murderous rampage or this was a creative hit by a hired assassin calculating the target, location and speed of which the jetski will turn and hit him then BANG. I got him boys.

    1. It’s a cheap Ghost Rider knock-off where they put him on a jet ski. The shit these people come up with… this is why most modern movies suck ass. I’d rather watch the original Alice in Wonderland.

  2. The safe havens of lush Mexican tropics(Where the cartel and FAGS ooops meant FEGS) leave you alone from beheadings and torture to enjoy your beach trip – Opps, wait spoke to soon. ‘Anything’ and I mean anything wants to kill you in Mexico.
    Jets skis included 😉

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    1. For sure, I can’t see a rider at any point in the video. No clue why anyone would do it, but I think they hung the life vest over the handle bars/ throttle, then jumped off. Thus, launching the ‘drone’ jet ski into the beach.

    1. Yeah for sure. This has to be intentional. Pretty creative if you ask me.

      Look at the end, you can see the life vest draped over the handlebars, I suppose holding the throttle and steering. They must have had the ‘kill switch’ key plugged in or it wouldn’t run like you said.

      It’s almost as if it was launched from that group of boats in the background. You can see a slash of water from behind the umbrella in the beginning, but you don’t see craft enter the frame from the edge. At no point can you see a rider on the craft. It was a ‘drone’ attack lol

  3. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning and winning the lottery at the same time than dying by a rampaging murderous jet ski. Yet here we are. At least you are in a festive location when the lights go out. That takes some of the sting out of being killed by an inanimate object. Also props to the guy in the chair who was nearly buttfucked by the jet ski. He didn’t spill a single drop of that overpriced beer.

  4. If you’re going to be a consequence of drunkin negligence, I would say Mexico is the country for you…. bystanders ran to help immediately….. Rather than some other places where people casually stare and walk on as if they are phone filmers on a movie set instead of granting assistance to the injured.

  5. About the comment above,”If it went straight…” PWC are designed to turn either left or right and idle back around to the rider, if they fall off. Seems like the safety key was not around the riders wrist, this should be pulled out of the safety switch, if the rider comes off and render the craft to idle back to the rider.

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