Kitchener Strongman Craig Bongelli Crushed by 360 Pound Boulder

Kitchener Strongman Craig Bongelli Crushed by 360 Pound Boulder

Craig Bongelli, 22 year old Canadian athlete from Kitchener in Ontario was crushed by a 360 pound boulder while competing in the Bavarian Strongman Challenge held during the Oktoberfest in 2012. Craig was on the fourth and final boulder in the atlas stones event when the strain of lifting the boulder made him to black out for a few seconds. He fell to the ground with boulder crashing on top of his chest from head high.

Incredibly, while this had the potential to kill the man, Craig Bongelli not only survived the crush, he got by with only a few bruises and scratches. Doctors took him in for precautionary tests and x-rays but found only minor injuries and released him 2 hours later. This weightlifter died after a barbell crushed his chest from significantly lesser height. Somebody should test kryptonite on Craig Bongelli cause he’s a fucking Superman or something.

Despite the accident, Craig Bongelli finished fourth in the atlas stones event and third overall in the Bavarian Strongman Challenge. In a later interview, Craig said he was not in his best shape because previous injury had put him off competing for a year.

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