Kite Wraps Around Kid’s Neck and Takes Him Flying in Taiwan

Kite Wraps Around Kid's Neck and Takes Him Flying in Taiwan

Kite Wraps Around Kids Neck and Takes Him Flying in Taiwan

In Taiwan, a kid got to experience what it’s like to be Batman, when by some freak accident, a kite got wrapped around his neck and hoisted him up.

Not even a bungee jump delivers this level of a thrill factor. He got thrust hither and thither, ragdoll be damned.

He’s either gonna be scared of heights for the rest of his life, or will become Taiwan’s youngest BASE jumper.

Props to Best Gore member @billieeilish for the video:

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          1. what’s amazing to me is that americans actually believe their country is the best in the world, mainly because they’re so self involved they know nothing about the rest of the world.

      1. Yes it was live. You saw it like all of us and it was live at that time you viewed it, whatever time that may have been. Obviously you couldn’t have seen it’live’ had you been asleep, but when the incident ‘actually’ occurred that was when it truly was live.
        Hope that clarifies things for you MA.

      1. Maybe it’s one of them new fangled Chinese kites I keep hearing about. They have the child assemble the kite in a Chinese sweat factory then they staple the child to the kite and then they send the child on their merry way. Far far away. Often screaming as the kite finds a thermal and is catapulted into the stratosphere.

        I hear these kites were initially designed as a way to decrease the population density in certain parts of Shanghai. My friend George Chinaman told me this story. I think he was lying, the bastard.

  1. That’s The Closest thing to actually free flying that he’ll ever get.
    That’s unless he has a couple of dreams like i was lucky to have in my early teen of being able to fly. The rush, and experience of freedom that i had felt in these dreams were so life like, i felt close to God like never before. I Remember flying to School, and landing on my feet perfectly. Only to start running, taking a leap & going up again. And while flying around the whole schoolyard, i just suddenly woke-up seemingly for no reason whatsoever and man,,, that sucked 🙂 Have any of You ever had dreams that you were flying, as it was Epic, and i’d love to hear your stories related to it.

      1. @Artful Dodger
        Lol, lol. Is that when your Mom because a pro at Artfully Dodging doing your sheets when laundry time came around??
        Or was it around the time where she decided to teach you how ta do do your own laundry, lol? 😉

    1. I have lots of flying dreams as I lucid dream from time to time. I was a superhero in one dream flying around a smoldering metropolis during some kind of Armageddon event. Another time I was trying to get away from a giant monster so I simply flew away. Etc

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