Leg Injured on Pot Plant During Backyard Football Play

Leg Injured on Pot Plant During Backyard Football Play

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @drawaphy, whose Facebook friend injured his leg while playing with a football in his backyard:

A facebook friend of mine was running around his backyard playing with the football and ran into one of his mothers pot plants.

I can see a major bruise in development over the next few days. Thanks a lot for the pic @drawaphy.

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50 thoughts on “Leg Injured on Pot Plant During Backyard Football Play”

          1. Everything gives you guys urges!! Hahahaha.

            And I didn’t even realize that said pot plant @Timmmay! I thought it said potted plant haha.

            So I guess both. 🙂

    1. The ever so woody white widow. Brought to us by Ingemar, the original breeder.
      Great medicinal plant ironically.
      Hit Holland in the 1990s and uses Brazilian genetics crossed with Indian making her feisty.
      You’ll avg. 18pc THC.

        1. It has come to my conclusion that everyone has assumed he ran into his mothers marijuana plants (I know for certain his mother has none of the sort), but quite frankly he did only run into some pot plants (a pot that you put a plant in). Perhaps its an aussie thing to say pot plants instead of potted plants…

        1. I think all medication is bad for you. And drugs can be abused. But if you are responsible with it, cannabis helps with things. Im not saying it cures glaucoma.. but when I have a headache, it vanishes in a matter of minutes.. I’d like to see Tylenol do that 😉

          I’m not saying it should be legal to just hot-box your house for 3 weeks. But you can’t take a whole bottle of Xanax either. You have to use it for its benifits. Not an escape.

  1. He could have at least gotten the bugs off before the picture was taken. They are drinking up that blood. Wait….can bugs get high if they drink the blood of a guy who’s high??? Just a random thought.

    1. Unless they’ve got the same type of neurotransmitters and receptors as man, or animals with anandamide (the neurotransmitter THC mimics) and CB1 and CB2 (receptors THC binds too), they won’t be effected by the THC.
      Can’t answer for other drugs but I find a conscious high unlikely for a bug. 😉

      OT: My dog found my weed stash once. It affected her balance and she walked in to things but overall she was fine, even seemed happier/more puppy like for an hour or two. 🙂 Checked with a vet and she just told me to bath her with a wet towel if she seemed distressed and to call back if she vomits. She never did.

  2. No this is terrible the antimarijuana lobby will use this to show the dangers of pot now they can’t prove any definitive damage it can do to your body now they can use the excuse of they are pointy and can hurt you if you run into one keep it illegal hell they’ll try to ban all pointy plants noooooooooooo

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