Light Fixture Falls on High School Wrestler in Madison, South Dakota

Light Fixture Falls on High School Wrestler in Madison, South Dakota

A high school wrestling event held in the town of Madison in South Dakota took on a wicked twist when a light fixture fell from the rafters directly on top of young wrestler on the mat. The annual wrestling event which is called “Madison Square Garden” only shares the name with the famous venue in New York, it does not take place there. South Dakotans put on a great show at their Madison Square Garden event, complete with loud music, dimmed lights, glow stick and falling light fixtures. Take that, Manhattan!

Michael McComish, senior wrestler for the Madison Bulldogs from South Dakota later tweeted that he was OK with only a gash on his forehead that required stitches. He also tweeted a picture of the aftermath. This is actual wrestling – an ancient combat sport, not the gay parade of roid tagging jocks.

Crazy shit right there. Props to Best Gore member leelord337 for the video:

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57 thoughts on “Light Fixture Falls on High School Wrestler in Madison, South Dakota”

  1. Wow that was perfect timing if you had wanted to get knocked on the head with a giant light fixture. By the way it came down you might think someone dropped it intentionally. One second earlier and the other wrestler in the mount position would have been the receiver. All in all i would say it could have been much worse as in a live wire exposed and then your toast.

      1. Yeah, but boy love was okay by Greeks. Sucking your dad’s cock and having hot cum shot on your prepubescent prostate was how you became a man back then. “Here, little Darius, make sure you swallow all of it, so you grow up big and strong like daddy”.

  2. the (mainstream big corprate) wrestling of today is more a combo of wrestling and drama theatre, the greeks would be proud to see such staged drama yet furious to see a little mexican jump off a rope and tea bag some oxycodone addict mid-air while thousands of 5 year old wiggers flash their premature man tits. I would be lying to say it isnt entertaining, though.

      1. No its a WWF thing you know “The Rock” the wrestler turned bad actor Dwayne Johnson he use to say that a lot of course me personally I’m a Stone Cold Steve Austin fan hea from Texas so naturally he’s a badass but this was way back when I was in middle school that I use to watch WWF now I don’t even know wtf is going on with wrestling in fact it seems quite retarted to me even tho back when I use to watch it I knew it was fake it was more entertaining…fuck John Cena or Ceda or whatever the fuck his name is.

          1. Wrestling fake…jk but this video seems kinda staged, why the fuck would he go and kneel the exact fucking spot where the light just so happens to land on him perfectly.

          2. Thanx for the info @Rider. Learn somethin new everyday, huh. Kinda sounds like jabberwoki (spell it?). Your young but when i watched wrestling it was hulk, piper, ventura, and junk yard dog! lol

  3. Can’t believe there were this many comments on this video. I mean, some of them, it was like they had nothing to say at all! Just rambling on, nothing really to talk about, meaningless, jumble, drivel and nonsense really. You started to wonder if they were ever going to stop, know what I mean? Seriously…how long can you keep talking and still say nothing? It could be a serious problem…finding all kinds of ways to keep talking and still not add anything to the conversation….why do you suppose that can keep happening. You just pray for it to stop after a while…

  4. I must have a sick mind. In the smaller intro picture I swore the way his hair curled on the left side of the pic that it looked like there was a bump on his head that looked like a boob and nipple! On further review it was just the shadow and the way his hair curled ha!

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