Man Lands Hard on Ground After Attempt to Jump Into Water

Man Lands Hard on Ground After Attempt to Jump Into Water

It would appear that this video is from Panama. This wouldn’t surprise me as we’ve seen similar fail from Panama before.

The video shows a young man attempting a long jump from a cliff into the water. Except that the water is so far away, in spite of his pretty decent leap, he fell short of reaching a reasonable depth and ended up faceplanting hard on the ground.

The video ends rapidly after the landing, but this level of noggin tap along with neck snap may be difficult to get over.

Props to Best Gore member @slavicguy for the video:

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159 thoughts on “Man Lands Hard on Ground After Attempt to Jump Into Water”

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          1. Wait… I’ll give you a proper handshake man to man, so inevitables won’t think we’re nerdy white guys just giving eachother jumping highfives. J/p glamorous, I wouldn’t be suprised if you were a 20 -30 year old white guy just trolling this site for shits n’ sharts. If that’s the case you might just be a legend.

    1. Ugh, don’t get me started on “mud” bugs. That was a huge epidemic in Maine at one point. Had to deal with those fuckers twice from people bringin’ em to my house. No fun those fuckin’ little vampires are.

      1. He,he, lol, Aww Brother! I Am an Asshole, but for telling him to go jump-off a bridge, but the fucker wouldn’t listen ta me, and decided to jump into tha-drink, “shallow drink” instead! lol. 😉

  1. Its very hard to understand the logic of an idiot! How the fuck could he feel so confident to not only jump out far enough to hit the water but also jump out far enough to avoid the shallow bank! Anyway it would have been nice to know the outcome and the injuries sustained! I’m guessing he fractured many bones including his face and I’m not even sure if the idiot is still alive! Maybe even more brain damage besides the brain damage he had before he jumped.

  2. Lol, this years Darwin award goes to this stupid brazilian moron.

    If you’re sittn right in front of your computer, do some klick’n on the timeline. Klick it at about 0:2 s, that’s really funny. Someone could make a nice remix on that.

    1. yeah i rate the landing highly.

      ive tried to post this on facebook cos i think its fucking hilarious, yet to see if its ‘allowed’ by master Suckerberg and his faggot tree puppets.

  3. This guy is actually well done, because he took his life (hopefully) without involving anyone else, unlike those fuckers who kill themselves on the road and taking innocent people with them.

    So, round of applause for him. Next one!

  4. This stuff is called Tombstoning. Don’t do it. If you miscalculate you will end up either as a brain in a glass jar, or inside a plastic bodybag.

    I heard the crunch at the end of his fall. He definitely broke something.

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