Maria Steinmayr Has Parachute Malfunction BASE Jumping from Hotel Bali in Benidorm

Maria Steinmayr Has Parachute Malfunction BASE Jumping from Hotel Bali in Benidorm

BASE jumper Maria Steinmayr had a lucky escape and survived after a parachute malfunction slammed her into a building. The Austrian participated in the BASE Jump Extreme World Championship in Benidorm, Spain but her leap from the roof of Hotel Bali – Europe’s tallest hotel standing at 210 metres was foiled by her parachute opening the wrong way.

Maria Steinmayr went legs-first through a glass pane of the 10th floor balcony, narrowly missing the concrete beams on both sides. The smash through glass left her bruised and bleeding but while medics were on the way, she was assisted by a British couple who stayed down the hall and overheard her banging on doors for help.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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