Nasty Horse Racing Crash Takes Out Two Horses and Jockeys

Nasty Horse Racing Crash Takes Out Two Horses and Jockeys

During some unspecified low level horse racing tournament, a leading horse tripped and crashed, sending his jockey to spin along the track. The horse behind them tripped on the crashed horse, and also crashed, sending his jockey into a flight through the air, and stepping on the jockey from the other horse.

When the dust settled, both horses and jockey were in rough shape. First crashed horse visibly broke his both front legs, while his jockey remained on the ground apparently knocked out. The second horse was unable to even get up, though his jockey was able to crawl.

Nasty… I decided to share this video because these horse racing accidents tend to happen, but we have never really had any posted on Best Gore. If it involved just horses, I wouldn’t post it, but with jockeys flying through the air, I thought it would fill in the gap in and contribute to the variety of material on Best Gore.

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69 thoughts on “Nasty Horse Racing Crash Takes Out Two Horses and Jockeys”

      1. For real though, I live near Louisville, KY and home of the Kentucky Derby. Your post reminded me of the fate of the 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner, Ferdinand. He was sold to a breeding farm in Japan in 1994. It was later found out that he was sent to slaughter there. Yup, ol’ Ferdinand ended up as dogfood or steaks for human consumption. No big fanfare for his demise. No notification to his previous owners etc.

        He was a long shot in the Derby the year he won. I won money on him too. Sucks that he ended being a can of Alpo.

        1. Yeah, for real though. According to wikipedia there is now a “Ferdinand Fee, an optional donation program to fund keeping old racehorses alive, and Friends of Ferdinand, a nonprofit group formed in 2005 with the goal of transitioning retired racehorses into second careers.”

          But i don’t know what good it would do when they’re shipped to places like Japan. Sheesh, I guess horse steaks are a delicacy there.

    1. It’s fucked up that I cringe more at those horses than half of the other content on BG, knowing good and well that they live their lives to work their ass off to please their owners just to have something like this happen and get a bullet through the skull afterwards anyways.

    1. “Probably”?! More like “most definitely”.

      In fact they likely became somebodies dinner: even extremely well-bred race horses who retire without major health problems(very rare!) are typically sent for slaughter, nevermind all the cripples the industry produces, these guys included.

      ETA: IDK why this wound up here, I meant it to go to the first comment, lol, I fail, sorry ><

    1. You feel “more” bad for the horses? I actually felt bad ONLY for the horses. Those midgets totally deserved every bit of the pain. Matter of fact, those midgets are the reason why the horses died. Midgets should have been killed in the accident.

    1. Damn brutal crash. I actually feel bad for the horses,and don’t give a shit about animals.stupid fuckin Mexicans and shitty track had too much sand in the dirt,causing the horses gallop to sink in and trip over it self. I doubt anyone fool actually had a slug shogun with them to end the poor horses suffering instantly.

  1. “………And we’re off. To a strong lead, we have man flattened by horse. Followed a close second of retard catapulted from horse. And the winner is ……. not either of them but rider lucky enough to stay on board”

    I only feel bad for the horses πŸ™

  2. in france they have restrants that serve only horse meat. we always had horses and a broke leg you do put them down they just dont recover very well at all it makes them lame. in racing these things do happen but jockeys die more often than the horse s do i herd that from a guy i worked for who owns several race horses he has inshurance on them thats way way more than my life ins. crazy stuff but they make out well the owners i mean, jockeys get paid per race and a percentage of the prize money. the horses eat fine food and have central air in summer and heat in winter good for a horse. death of a jockey they get a standard sum of money or there family and horse can be sold for meat but owner makes out in millions if a champion horse with wins, when to old to race they stud them out for 100,ooo.00 to 250,000.00 a shot. those jockeys are small guys most dont exceed 150 lbs and are 4 foot 8 to 5 foot 4 in

  3. hurts me to see animals harmed because of us the filthy fleshy virus. i love all nature its so beautiful and varied, i wont even kill an insect il always try to release it if possible, and if i accidentally step on a slug/snail il always lean down and apologise to the little soul. at the moment im really raging about the chinese and their dog festivals .. almost gets me that mad that i want to go out and smash the fucking teeth in of a random chink. really makes my rage meter go off the scale. i despise all fleshy virus that harm animals and nothing makes my day more seeing a video of a bull killing a human or a dumb fuck getting chewed up by a majestic big cat in a zoo because they should NOT be there in the first place.

  4. holy shit those poor horses lol. I appreciate this though because you never see shit like this and its not like intensely gory it was actually reallyfuckin funny to see ol guy fly like that i bout spit out my coffee

      1. They probably smell better than you, given the likelyhood that you’re probably just another disgusting douche of a person that thinks spraying a can of chemicals all over yourself makes you not smell bad.

  5. Poor horses. It left me strangely disturbed and saddened to see the horse with both front legs broken. I’ve seen some fucked up shit on here, glad and with not even a flinch, yet hurt animals, such as this mangled horse, make me sad. I just hope the riders are dead πŸ™‚

  6. Me, just like all of you, feel so much more sympathy for non human creatures. Just makes me wonder then, how there can still be so much animal cruelty in the world. On a positive note, Australian state of New South Wales has just banned GreyHound racing, with the other couple of Aussie states to soon follow. The ban followed some recent scandals here, where trainers used live possums and piglets to make their dogs run faster. Also several mass graves of greyhounds were discovered with their heads bashed in, essentially because they weren’t fast enough and human economics calculated slow animals can’t be supported. Also even champion dogs seemed to be slaughtered once they began to lose races. I just dont understand how any FV could be so cold. So fucked up. The slogan of the campaign to ban dog racing was, “Dogs deserve better”. After Oz bans it, greyhound racing will only be legal in 7 other countries. Hopefully soon, they will end it once and for all……..

  7. I can’t even watch the video when it involves animals, specially domestic ones. Poor things, no crimes or bad thoughts in them, just the will to live, mate, and take care for other beings who care for them. RIP, little horseys.

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